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Yikes … She Really Can’t Be Tamed

Did you guys see Miley’s performance on last night’s MMV Awards in Canada? No, I didn’t either, but I did check out a couple of recaps early this morning. And my favorite, by far, was Miley throwing caution to the wind and exposing her own vagina (is it still child pornography, Perez, if the “child” in question wears articles — or rather, non-articles — of clothing for the purpose of intentionally exposing genitals?).

Let’s do some math. Vulva measurement across: 2.3 inches. Fabric measurement for costume crotch-landing-strip: 1.5 inches. I mean really. Because, damn. Girl’s only seventeen, but seventeen doesn’t exempt you from basic math skills, for crying out loud. And also, the fact that I want to find out the name of her obviously-talented Brazilian waxer doesn’t detract at all from the creepiness that surrounds the fact that she’s totally bare.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and be uncomfortable, while making sure that all of my bustier bodysuits have ample crotch coverage. This shit just looks painful.  And embarrassing.

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  • I can't believe you talk shit about Perez Hilton when you pull the same shit. This is exposing Miley just as much or if not more than he did….easy to hate when someone is more successful isn't it?

  • There's a difference between a sneaky up-skirt shot that she's unaware of, and her trotting out her crotch onstage in an outfit that has almost no coverage at all (whilst kicking out her legs and humping air to make sure everyone sees as much of it as possible). BIG difference, basically the difference between stealing and gifting!

  • no there isn't a difference. both times miley knew she was at risk for showing something she didn't want seen…she's still a minor.
    now you're just splitting hairs.

  • An upskirt shot is inappropriate, but a pic of a wardrobe malfunction (or wardrobe deficiency in this case) on a minor is acceptable? I'm ashamed I ever wrote for this site. Haters, rejoice. I'll never be back.

  • People need to wake the hell up. How many girls will go through this before someone says that there is a serious problem in the USA. Forget the party.

    1. Britney Spears: Disney, underage exposure, meltdown

    2. Lindsay Lohan: Disney, underage exposure, meltdown

    3. Christina Aguilera: Disney, underage exposure, desperation (meltdown next?)

    4. Miley Cyrus and her sister: Disney, underage exposure meltdown on the way.

    Most pop stars have absolutely no talent whatsoever. They are young people who are manipulated, drugged and packaged. The image WE are buying is pathetic and corrupt. and yes people WE are the one's responsible for this trash. If there wasn't a market for it that little girl would be forced to cover her you know what.

    I am disgusted. In no way am I conservative but things are way out of control. Lady GAGA, Rihanna. Blech. 10 year old children are buying this stuff. It's just wrong.

  • I have to say I am really shocked by this post too… like others said, Perez was trashed (as he should be) but I never thought EB would go this route. SMH :(

  • oh god let's all go whine and cry and kill ourselves. the dumb bitch (miley) is intentinonally showing her “vagina” in nothing more than a glorified bathingsuit. knowingly. and if you look at a tonfuck more of other websites, you'll see the same photo posted. you are all pathetic.

    and what's funny is that if you look at the comments section in these other blogs, the people in there commenting aren't self righteous douchebags with nothing to do but point the finger. yall are sad.

  • wtf? seriously wtf???? first you post the perez pic on evilbeetunsensored, then you post this? whats the difference? there is none. and sasha you STILL have not provided the explination i asked for in the last post. explain now or i will not be back here.

  • no actually they posted pics from the same set. not that pic that shows her vag. before you start to preach make sure you're correct.

  • correct me if i'm wrong, but you got your start as a writer on evil beet. even though you're doing much 'nobler' things with your time now you shouldn't be so quick to look a gift horse in the mouth. this IS where you got all of your following for your website after all.

  • Miley may be 17, but her vadge is about 60. Her vagina is so used up, it puts Jenna Jameson to shame.

  • Then it behooves her to act like one (or, even less likely, for her parents to mandate that she act like one). Clearly neither Miley nor her parents care if her barely-covered crotch gets splashed all over the place, so why shouls anyone else?

  • The (barely) minor CHOSE a deficient wardrobe for all the world to see. And, please. Overinflated self-righteousness much?? You wrote some of the most bitchy vitriol this site ever saw. I rejoiced when you left.

  • everyone needs to stfu. miley cyrus is a slutty “underage” girl who exposed her OWN vagina. people can blog about if if they want. if she didn't want that much to show, SHE SHOULD HAVE PUT ON SOME DAMN CLOTHES.

  • Man you really and TRULY are a moron. I'm not saying this to be mean…
    If you can not tell the difference between the ignorance of a minor and the exploitation of that ignorance by an adult (whether it be her parents, her agent, or THIS FUCKING BLOG) then you need to take your Huckleberry ass back to special ed.
    Now go write a letter to the internet people thanking them for online anonymity.

  • No they were not. They were on a version of EvilBeet that none of us writers approved or asked to be associated with. The version of the site that hosted them isn't even linked on EB.

  • I used to love this site for its intelligent posts and writers – what happened? Evil Beet seems to have become a receptacle for wholly acerbic spewage – each post is so negative, I'd rather read sputum smeared across my computer screen. And for those of you who are unaware, earlier this morning, the crotch shot was NOT covered by a little black square. I'm not sure what the writer was trying to prove by posting that picture, but the intention was clearly lost on me, as I'm disgusted and will promptly remove the bookmark for this site from my browser forever, which is a shame because Molls's stuff is fun to read. All in all, disappointing and shameful.

  • If that girl humping air, thrusting her almost-bare crotch at the cameras and making orgasm-face at her audience looks to you like she is innocently ignorant of what she is doing, then it definitely takes a moron to know one.

  • You are SO WRONG. This picture was posted UNCENSORED on here until Wendy spoke up and said something and then it was changed.
    Those pictures of Miley Cyrus' vagina were posted UNCENSORED on here ( first. Then when you guys got enough traffic you started making up new sites, taking pictures down and playing stupid.
    Here's your proof:

    You should be ashamed that you have potentially ruined a little girls life.

  • You are SO WRONG. This picture was posted UNCENSORED on here until Wendy spoke up and said something and then it was changed.
    Those pictures of Miley Cyrus' vagina were posted UNCENSORED on here ( first. Then when you guys got enough traffic you started making up new sites, taking pictures down and playing stupid.
    Here's your proof:

    You should be ashamed that you have potentially ruined a little girls life.

  • Now I know you're either not for real or you aren't bothering to watch that video…the “little girl” you are referring to dances like a porn star, nearly naked from the waist down, pouting and snarling sexily at the cameras…yeah, it's definitely this blog and one posted picture that's gonna tear her innocence all to hell…

  • Sarah, Emily and I never saw that site until you brought it to our attention. I have no affiliation with those photos and still haven't even clicked through to see them. And you know what? I would keep telling people that I was cited for child pornography if I were you so that when I take you to court for slander (and have your impostor twitter account @mollymcaleer removed), I can really metaphorically have your balls in a vice.

  • When asked about’s involvement in distributing pornographic pictures of underage minors, site owner Sasha Pasulka stated, “I’m happy to capitalize on some of the drama Perez is stirring up. No one’s getting sued or going to jail for running child pornography — not Perez and not me.”


  • Molly McAleer, Sarah Spangenberg, Emily Trainham this one is for you guys: you guys should just shush about this incident. Let Sasha take the fall by herself, since she is so keen on defending what she did. If you try to defend her, even if this doesn't end up in criminal charges, your names will be in the trash.

  • Hey…Miley stole the wrapping material around her leg from Chachi (his was a bandana though and OVER other clothes)!!! Thief!!! But alas, there IS nothing original about Miley.

  • You just couldn't act like a mature woman and let it go, could you Beet? She basically just put a burning pile of shit on your front porch and now you've run out and stomped on it. Dummy!

  • It is very interesting watching a once great website implode. WTF is going on here? Are you doing it on purpose?

  • come on why are you making such a big deal out of the fact that they posted this picture? she obviously was trying to show it off otherwise she would've worn something else or she wouldn't have such a great waxing

  • Surprise, surprise. Sasha finally admits she's just another paraSITE sucking on the fat ass of Perez, hoping some of his shit falls her direction. I guess if Perez starts wearing swastikas, Sasha's on board with that as well.

  • Well I figured some shit must have gone down when I saw 45 comments. I hate the new format and it looks like you went for the publicity on this one.

    It doesn't matter if Miley shows her stuff to the world-posting the photos is child porn. Or publicity for your site, take your pick.

  • I loved that too…perfect. Maybe *I* can split hairs, but Hannah “Close Shave” Montana sure can't.

  • It doesn't matter if she flashes her sntahc to the world when cameras are rolling, those who take the pictures are child pornographers?? In other words, you would hold GOSSIP BLOGGERS to a much higher moral standards than the almost-adult in question or, more importantly, her PARENTS? Maybe try putting your ruffled feathers where they belong, which is on the “child” who is old enough to know what she's flashing when she spreads her legs onstage, and the legal guardians who approved the whole shebang.

  • Hey Molls,
    Ok great. I am HIGHLY looking forward to your lawsuit. Let’s call that choice A) To magnify this situation of child pornography and exploitation to a federal level. (between states) Drag all of these pictures (including the one that Sarah just posted that I saved) and all of your names associated with it (“I swear officer I don’t know where those drugs came from… it’s not even my car”) through a tunnel of shit and let’s see who comes out cleaner on the other side, you or me.
    B) Beet can apologize on her personal blog (not to me… I’m an asshole and I know it) to all of her readers that have bought her revenue over the years… apologize to the commenters that she has taken for granted and slammed with her hateful snarky posts on her personal blog… Aaand… also… post a picture of her doing 10 push-ups. (ok just 1). And then ALL of the big bad posts and pictures and myself will magically disappear FOREVER.
    C) We can just keep all of these horrible posts and pictures associated with all of your names (including the next one) alive forever in a sea of Google search.
    Let me know… Personally I am super duper interested to know which one Beet cares about more… your names or her pride.
    Because the bottom line is: I might have been an asshole commenter, but I have NEVER posted pictures of a little girl’s genitals online… especially to make a profit from them.
    So the next time Beet wants to call me “pathetic” or post that I wrote some fake “racist letter” to RealNetworks you can tell her the same thing that she told Joe Francis … “Fuck You, You Dirty Piece Of Shit!”

  • I could not care less about Miley Cyrus and whether or not her private parts are exposed, nor do I care about her parents and their feelings on the subject.

    I am only talking about the law-you can't publish shit. The law was designed so that you don't prey on minors-even if they are flaunting their junk on stage.

  • Honestly, you guys who are giving shit to Beet about this stuff…the writer who wrote this isn't Beet. It's some sarah girl. I think EB started going down the drain when Beet stopped writing the posts and started not caring about this site. Also, it makes me sad that Wendie is trolling.

  • I like how when a serious issue like this comes up, you just demonize those questioning you instead of even attempting to defend your stance and actions. Really makes you seem in the right. NOT.

  • ew why is sasha being mean to wendie? I always assumed they stayed friendly. the two of them were always by far my fave writers. catty doesn't look cute on you beet. it makes you look kind of pathetic. OH HOW DARE wendie freak out about child porn on her once work-site. I know you have to defend yourself, but come the fuck on.

    and seriously, I didn't have to see half of a 17 year-old's vagina. jesus christ. I would be embarrassed if I was Wendie as well… or Sasha.

  • “Even if the so-called “vagina” was just a flap of leg chub, reporting it to be her private parts is just as bad as if it actually was. Putting a pornographic illusion of an underage girl is just as bad as posting an actual beaver shot in my mind.” thats Molls words.

    The you go post this. Without the black box. Really?

    And the crotchshot thing asn't that been linked from here like millions of times?

  • Yeah, Beet and Wendy are the writers I liked best too.
    Mean is not the way to be on this.

    I agree that the pic could have been left off completely-those who wanted to find it could, but why post it? I saw the original post with the 'down there' comment. Yuck.

    Get on her handlers, parents and costume designers and refuse to post pics like that on your site.

  • OIC…then in that case, this site is getting as gross as that freak's site that started this. And what is up with all of the unprofessional comments by the current writers for this site? WTH? I agree with the above post that said it was on a downward spiral and and on the verge imploding. Kind of sad to watch. What a waste of a site with such huge potential.

  • Wendie: I know that Miley knowingly went out like that and danced like a hoe on stage. But I too was disturbed by this post. When I scrolled down to the picture, I felt gross. I was shocked when I came back her later to see if anyone felt how I did in the comments and saw that not only did they sensor the picture, but the comment about “down there” was gone too.
    CLEARLY if they changed it, they knew something wasn't right. I think they need to just own up to it and apologize. But the fact that they are trying to act like the black box was there all along and like we are making shit up is pathetic.

  • It's child pornography…that Miley is willingly selling. I don't agree with posting the picture but I think we're all missing the bigger picture here – this sad and desperate girl is parading her underage vagina around and someone needs to intervene. Yeah, she's almost 18 but she's still an over entitled, uneducated, snot nosed brat who can add slutty to the list of adjectives. Where the eff are her parents?!?!?!

  • It's Beet's responsibility to check the articles before they go through, so this is her fault, not Sarah's.

  • That's what I'm thinking too. I agree with the laws regarding child pornography, but Miley Cyrus is probably sexually active at this stage, and nearly 18. I gurarantee once she's legal there'll be a shitstorm for how she dresses. Where's the law on underage girls exposing themselves? If she went to prom like that she'd be in serious trouble

  • You should try out the new shotgun mouthwash. I think the latest flavor is 12 gauge.

  • FFS the whole point of the post was to show how uncomfortable it is to see Miley Cyrus blatantly exposing herself. Personally I think it's a publicity stunt of sorts after all that Perez crap happened. I also hope Sarah doesn't get fired for this, lots of gossip sites are doing the same thing. The blame falls with Beet, but even she shouldn't be reprimanded cos like I said, it's a publicity stunt. You people need to get real. This girl is almost 18, she knows exactly what she's doing, she's not ignorant. If she was younger I'd be concerned

  • The picture was very disturbing, but you and Beet fighting is extremely unprofessional. I know you left but it's in poor taste to bring down the name of where you used to work

  • I still love evilbeet and her website and it's the only one that I visit regularly. Just thought I'd post something positive amongst all of the negative.

  • Exactly. The main issue is that a writer on this blog (and Beet had to have seen this post before it went up on the site), went after Perez for posting the pic and now we see this? It's hypocritical and unprofessional.

  • Wow…what an insane mess. I managed to view the pic on a different site, and while clearly there's some vag showing, I'm not sure why everyone is freaking out so much. Its not like its her clit. >> Also wtf with Wendie and Beet?? And Sarah, this is actually one of your best posts to date as far as the writing goes lol. Anyways, I'mma sit back and watch the fur fly…

  • asshole? why because i said you were wrong when you were? give me a break. that site you just linked was the only one showing the photo previously posted above.

  • I really think. Because, damn. Only seventeen girls seventeen does not exempt you from basic skills in mathematics, for crying out loud. And also the fact that I want to know the name of his Brazilian Waxer talent obviously does not change at all from the Creepiness around the fact that she is completely naked.
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  • Way to lose friends and alienate people. I thought the writers at EB were above something so trashy, but it seems that the 'morals' of this site are plummeting just as quickly as the quality of writing. It's really unfortunate as I've been quite a fan of EB, ZL, and SIAM for some time now, but I think it's time to jump ship.

  • The Daily Mail did actually show the same picture that's being discussed on here, only it has the black box.

  • Oh for crying out loud! It was half a flap. (Yes I saw it before the black bar went up.) They fixed it by putting a black bar over it, there you go. PROBLEM SOLVED. Not the end of the world.

    I'm sick of reading comments about how this site is going to the dogs. It has changed, but it's still the best. If you don't want to discuss the content, go have a brandy and a lie down and leave the rest of us to enjoy the site.

    Blah blah blah blah blah Beet doesn't care, blah blah blah this site has gone down hill. Blah blah blah-dee-blah. SHUT UP!

    You all need a good hard shag.

    A Good. Hard. Shag.

  • Whoops. Didn't mean to like that. You do make a good point, but it's still the fact that she saw it and no red flags popped up. As managing editor don't you think she could be the one to decide what is tasteful or not? That's why I think she no longer cares about ebgossip.

  • i think it's inappropriate to show a minor's vag on a gossip blog, yes… it could have been a simple wardrobe malfunction, but history does show miley being very strategic regarding her new adult image. it all started with that photo of her in nothing but a blanket. she was what? 15? and said she was coaxed into it and then that she was ashamed of it, but you know what – she just kept pushing it further. now she's obviously trying to sex up her act even more – i wouldn't be surprised if this was planned. i had never even heard of the chick before that photo and all this exy minor hooplah.