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Some Fat Dude With A Blog Is In Big Trouble For Tweeting Miley Cyrus’ Vag

Perez Hilton Posts Lewd Miley Photos On Twitter

A blogger whose name I won’t even bother to write (you know who I’m talking about. That fat guy with the blue hair who cried on the Internet after Will.i.Am beat him up last year) is causing controversy over an image he posted to his Twitter page yesterday. The photo was of 17 year old pop star Miley Cyrus climbing out of a car crotch first, and it appeared that she was going comando. The blogger is claiming that it wasn’t actually a dirty pic saying, “Do you think I’m stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she’s not wearing any underwear down there? Sure I like to be controversial, but I don’t want to go to jail,” but it sounds like his intent was to make his audience believe that that’s what they were seeing.

Although Miley seems unphased by the photo, writing the blogger off as “an idiot” on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning, the blogger’s actions are considered criminal in the minds of many. Even if the so-called “vagina” was just a flap of leg chub, reporting it to be her private parts is just as bad as if it actually was. Putting a pornographic illusion of an underage girl is just as bad as posting an actual beaver shot in my mind.

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  • Eh excuse me, I seem to recall reading this story last night on another site and then googling for the picture to judge it myself, only to find a Miley Cyrus upskirt on this very website in the crotch shot gallery!

    see here:

    Don't you think talking about how he could possibly be in trouble with the law for this – when you posted the same thing (I'm not sure if it's the same picture, but it's still Miley vag!) – is hypocritical in the extreme?

  • Hi,

    I've never seen that photo set before. And that's not “this very website”, it's an uncensored version that I've never seen before and I've worked here for nearly a year. In fact, I'm not even sure where you found that link.

    I personally didn't post ANY photos of Miley's vagina, so I'm not sure why I'm a hypocrite.

  • Evil beet uncensored is a sister site, not sure if its the same people or an unauthorized ripoff (the site design makes me think similar, but I have no idea and its not hosted on

    Still, I made the mistake of clicking over. There's way too much zoomage for my tastes, definitely risking crossing the line.

  • Perez hilton takes this stuff to far sometimes!! he knows that she is under 18 hes fucking sick!

  • I assumed evil beet uncensored was affiliated with evilbeetgossip and did not realise that it wasn't hosted on the same domain. Regardless of that, it IS owned by Sasha.

    I didn't mean you in particular are a hypocrite molls, and it wasn't an attack. More of just a warning to the powers that be (although now that I realise that you don't have access to the uncensored site I have less of a clue as to who they are) that it's not a good idea to have this particular photo online since people are freaking out over the Perez Hilton debacle!

    Also, I accessed this through google (it was one of the first search results for the picture in question) but I have seen links on EB for the crotch shot gallery before. And I'm sure that yesterday if I typed “Miley Cyrus” into the search bar on EB it brought up that photo but it's not doing it now. Hmmmm…

  • great news!
    FUCK perez, he TOTALLY deserves the trouble (but not the extra publicity :P and pedo-traffic)
    karma is a bitch!

  • Looks like the picture is gone now, but curious as to the thought behind that one! (The original picture, maybe, at this point its a legitimate news discussion). The zooms? Not so much.

  • Oh, she probably won't give one. She'll just have other commenters demonize you for questioning her.

    But she's obviously all about the hypocrisy… leavin this site cause
    she couldnt handle it when her readers criticized her in the same way she was criticizing celebs but being totally okay with keepin the site open and just hiring other people to do the same kind of
    criticizing… having them (and herself, back in the day) denounce
    Perez but then often stooping to the same levels as him,especially as far as picking out individual “enemy” celebs to hate on or body
    check… and ya know, denouncing aspects of Kendra's sex vid but thenadvertising it on here… Yup.

    Evil Beets' hatred of Perez–professional jealousy. Not saying I think he's in the right, but a lot of the same shit goes down here.

  • You and me both, MEH!
    I'm so tired of seeing unphased used to define 'not dismayed or disconcerted'. Bloggers and commenters should look up the word 'unfazed'.

  • I would just like to know why the photgrapher isnot in any trouble? I mean he took a picture of un underage girl in a with her privates showing, isn't that just as bad as that idiot posting it?

  • seeing Mileys privates would be a great joy to me.. she may be 17 but I like 17 year olds young slim firm and sexy