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Elton John Is The Worst Gay

Elton's Not Sorry For Performing For Rush Limbaugh

We’ve all heard by now that Elton John was paid to perform at the wedding reception of super-conservative, way-homophobic radio show host Rush Limbaugh this past weekend.  Considering he’s one of the most flamboyant homosexuals in the history of man, Elton’s willingness to play for Rush has been called into question. Why on Earth would a proud gay man agree to perform at the wedding ceremony of a man who, amongst other things, believes that Elton doesn’t deserve to be legally married to his long-time partner? The contradiction is glaring.

Elton’s partner David Furnish shared Elton’s sentiments on agreeing to perform with People and quoted the artist as saying, “Life is about building bridges, not walls,” and said he wanted, “to go where people wouldn’t expect [him] to go.” Elton also told his partner, “…maybe if I can make a great impression, people might change their perspectives on life.”

Yeah, I’m so so so sure that Elton thought he was changing Rush Limbaugh. You’re really going to change that homophobic, pill-popping womanizer with a rowdy performance of “Crocodile Rock”, Elton. Please. Let’s just call it what it is: A fat paycheck that overrode whatever morals and gay pride you have.

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  • Unbelievably bigoted and small-minded post. Elton John is more than his sexuality, and Rush Limbaugh is more than his media rhetoric. If I spent my time only with people who agreed with me and my lifestyle, my world would become very small very quickly. Kudos to Sir Elton for taking the paycheck, and (hopefully) having solid reasons for doing so. Maybe he didn't change Limbaugh's views, but what about those who were at the reception or who read about the performance? Life is too short…

  • I hafta kind of agree with Mkalowe, here. I don't like Rush (Limbaugh and the band, hehe, though for very different reasons), but I really do think Elton's taking the high rode here. It's not like he NEEDS the money. And he's absolutely right about bridge building – bipartisanship in all its forms is what's going to do us in, time and again.

  • It might be because he knows Rush is playing a character. You really think he believes everything he says? Or maybe he just knows what to say to get paid?

    The people in charge are rarely the ignorant ones, it's the people stupid enough to be followers who need to be removed from the gene pool.

  • I would be pretty pissed if ?uestlove performed a concert for the KKK, too.

    If you associate with people who spew hate, you are encouraging it. If someone who I perceived to be an ignorant douche performed at Rush's wedding, I wouldn't care. Elton owns his gayness and it's always been a HUGE part of his persona. Rush has done nothing but contribute to the notion that gays are not equal citizens. I'm sorry, I don't think those are the kind of politics you can put aside to go play your piano.

  • actually i think that people should just put those politics aside and play the piano or whatever more often––maybe then they would see that there's more to people than who they're fucking or who they voted for.

  • If that was the case, then why can't Elton and his partner legally get married and have Rush perform at his ceremony?

  • Ick this post rubbed me the entirely wrong way and its the whole reason why the LGBT community and their allies have been losing the battle against prop 8. It's about BUILDING BRIDGES. Rush is an idiot and maybe he doesn't know very many gay people. Lets try understanding and tolerance and build a community of allies, establishing relationships where they weren't before and bringing people of difference together. Would MLK or Gandhi have had such an immense impact on civil rights if they told their supporters to spew hatred at their oppressors and isolate themselves?? Probably not. The LGBT community needs to take note.

  • A world that demands equality amongst citizens regardless of their race, orientation or creed is “candyland”?

    You blew your argument. I'm checking out of this conversation. I stand firm on my stance.

  • Actually, Elton uses all the proceeds (every penny) from his private concerts for his charlity work with the Elton John AIDS Foundation The funds earned from performing at Rush's wedding will go towards AIDS research. In order to build bridges – one has to first open the lines of communication. I think Elton did just that. Bravo Elton.

  • This kind of conversation tends to go nowhere, but I somehow can't let it go….
    Jesus (whether you believe in his deity, or just think he was a historical figure who tried to spread a message) hung out with lepers when no one else would. He invited the most despised person of the time (a tax collector!) to be part of his gang. He was not encouraging hate – the opposite, in fact. While in some cases you are certainly known by the company you keep, you can also serve as an example of rising above said company.

  • Elton would say his soul for a paycheck. See he is no longer relevant the 70 year old who used to listen to him are dead or deaf. My generation doesn't care about him. Why would someone who is 23 even know who he is?? That man would do anything for a paycheck.

  • And who the fuck are you to say why he chooses to do things? You don't have a fucking clue what's going through his brain, you obnoxious bitch.

    It's like you guys have quit even pretending to try this past week.

  • “Life is about building bridges, not walls” is kind of a beautiful thing to live by. Just my opinion.

  • Elton really doesn’t have any standards and is a joke if he is willing to suck after Rush no matter what the money. If he is that hard up, maybe he should go on the road and do a few more concerts. I will not waste my money on this bum anymore.