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Lady Gaga’s Vagina is the Anti-Christ and Katy Perry’s Kind of Uncomfortable With That

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I’m not opposed to Lady Gaga. She’s easy on the eyes and some of her songs are pretty catchy, I guess, but I’m not as hardcore about her as what some people clearly are. If she’s, you know, making music and touring, great. If she wasn’t, it probably wouldn’t be long before I kind of forgot who she was altogether.

However, somebody’s clearly all hot and bothered by Gaga’s antics, because a one-sided feud is brewing between Katy Perry and the Lady herself, and it’s either because Perry has some serious religion issues, or she’s just ticked because Gaga’s video blew her stupid “California Gurls” thing out of the water with the sexually-charged “Alejandro.” I mean, come on. Which would you honestly rather? Blue mermaid hair, sparkles and Snoop, or half-naked men, religious undertones and Madonna-esque stage grinding? I think the decision is pretty obvious, despite Snoop, and I’m not even remotely partial to either woman’s music.

Anyway, Katy blasted Gaga on her Twitter yesterday, citing her distaste for blasphemy and comparing it to the lowest form of entertainment, otherwise known as fart jokes. (And yeah, Katy, I think fart jokes are pretty funny … though some of you probably would have guessed that already.)

So, I don’t know. I think Perry’s being catty and silly, because it’s definitely not the first time that religion has been incorporated with music videos, sex and campiness. Anyone remember Madonna? Or, you know, Prince? Maybe George Michael? Yeah.

Sorry, Kitty Purry. Go be busy marrying Russell Brand and shut the fuck up. Your dry brand of Catholic-school humor just isn’t funny. I’d take a fart joke over your music, hell …. any day.

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  • her fiance has made a career out of movies that appeal to the “fart joke” humor crowd (me included). she needs to stfu. she relies on cliched boilerplate in her own music (“I kissed a girl”).

  • Where Perry is correct having a perfect example fiance to prove her point.. she should also declare GAGA is killed by jealous Gays.. How good is that!?

  • Lady Gaga’s new video is stupid. Look, people think Gaga is the second coming, and to be frank I find it hilarious. her songs are ridiculous and her MV’s even more so. If you like her stuff, A+ to you. Now Katie has a right to say what she wants, why should she “shut the fuck up” but you’re allowed to gossip and make catty remarks about every other celebrity on the planet? I do find it ironic that Katie is using religion to back up her shock, considering whose she’s dating. But, to be fair I prefer Katie’s MV over Gaga’s anyday. Maybe I’m not in the cool club, appreciating Gaga’s use of naked men and Madonna rip offs and her stupid costumes. Amusing thing is, I prefer Gaga’s “music” over Perry’s anyday.

    • you totally missed the point. i think both perry and gaga are ridiculous and wouldn’t piss on either of them if they were on fire, but perry should stfu because she is not just being “catty” but rather making commentary on someone else’s art as being cheap and derivative when that is her and her boyfriend’s meat and potatoes.

      • Nope I get the point thanks, you just don’t agree with my statement.

        Art is subjective people. Just because they’re famous, does not mean they don’t have an opinion. Do I think she needs to tweet about, probably not. But then again, neither do we. So really if atie wants to feel slighted because Gaga made religious WTF’s her video, she has a right too. The fact that people are saying she has no right to comment of someone’s else work, because she’s just as ridiculous. Is ridiculous.

      • glad you get the point…debate is always interesting. likewise you disagree with my statement. katie perry has every right to her comments and thought etc. and i have every right to think she should stfu. and if you want to comment on my ridiculousness, have at it!!

      • you can’t have it both ways, either you think she has every right to her comments or you think she should stfu.

  • You think Lady Gaga is easy on the eyes… are you visually impaired?

    She is a FUG bitch. With crooked nose and elephant ears she looks like a troll. Im so bored of her antics; the weird accent she puts on, ridiculous outfits, imposing abstinence on her dancers, and bringing around the same tea cup and saucer.
    Im agnostic but I dont see the point in going about offending people who are religious. I dont go around telling people that the bible is fiction and doodling cartoons of mohammed. Its completely unnecessary. I didnt think mixing over sexed music with religious iconography was genius when Madonna was doing it either.

    • Gaga and Madonna are both Catholic – are they allowed to make a commentary on their own religion?

      If a Muslim or a Jew or a Buddhist (strike that – it’s hard to imagine a Buddhist wanting to make art out of ridiculing or puncturing some else’s religious beliefs) or an atheist did it, it might be annoying, but if people want to make some commentary about the religion that they themselves know very well from the inside, they should be able to do it.

      The annoying thing is the predictable outrage – how about some resounding silence to greet this sort of endeavor?

      And Katy Perry is just revealing her own guilt about her vulgar image when she has two ministers for parents. Squirting fluid out of fake breasts in her own video isn’t exactly displaying a wholesome image to make her parents proud.

      I think that Katy may be revolted by Gaga’s latest, but how convenient that Katy made her critical statement at the same time that her own tasteless video is released. So hypocritical.

  • I have to agree with Katy.

    I find Gaga’s videos to be occultish and this one in particular is very sacrilegious.
    I feel that Gaga is tapping into some negative energy with her satanic hand symbols, inverted crosses (on her vagina), swallowing of rosaries, etc. Making a mockary of God and religion is not funny but rather dark and says a lot about the status of her soul.

    She is one of the most influential people of 2010, what does that say about the world we live in?

  • i usually defend katy perry but homegirl needs to sit the fuck down. i follow her on twitter and some of the shit she says is up there with fart jokes. in a few weeks she’ll be whining about how the media is unfairly pitting her against gaga and how it’s sooooo unfair that female pop artists are always made rivals (surprise, just like christina when she called gaga a man and then forgot all about it).

    anyway i’m a huge huge huge lady gaga fan but i don’t really love the alejandro. i tried. but it’s my least favorite gaga song anyway and it think it’s pretty boring and the video is just too drawn out. and just about any song from the fame monster would have made a better video… i still don’t really get why alejandro was released as a single.

  • Katy made one comment on Twitter. How is that a FEUD? It wasn’t very aggressive either, so how is that BLASTING Gaga?

    She had an opinion, she voiced it.

    Also, she used to be hardcore christian, I’m sure some of that probably remains.

    • Exactly. Sarah needs to calm down. What is it with these new writers, I use to be all the commentors are stupid but seriously some of the stuff posted by Sarah is OFFENSIVE….

      • Yeah, Sarah makes it hard to even read entries here anymore. I think she’s trying too hard.

  • GaGa = recycled, boring, trite attempts at shock while channeling every other far more talented artist out there

    Perry = sorority girl idiot singing about male condoned faux lesibianism while engaged to a shock artist whose fame has come about 10 years after his relevancy

    I call it a draw.

  • I think Katy needs to stick to looking bad in Proactiv commercials and leave the rest to someone with some fucking talent…

  • I don’t have a problem with Katy. I kinda like her. And I really don’t have a problem with the fact that she didn’t like Lady Gaga’s video. But I do find it very funny that she called her video “cheap”. Frosting shoots from her freakin’ boobs! I don’t think she’s the one to talk about other people’s cheap videos!

  • Katy Perry started off as a Christian singer. That said, I was rather put off by her tweet. I still like her . . . but less than I did two days ago.

    Alejandro was a magnificent video.

  • this is great coming from a broad that rides a GIANT DICK-SHAPED CHAPSTICK on stage and has JIZZ SQUIRTING FROM HER CANDY CANE BRA bitch please, you are a hypocrite. you guys seen the cute little Jesus tattoo on her wrist? puh. leeeeeeeeeeze…

  • Awright awright awright… sheesh.. I love Lady Gaga and it’s pure entertainment and as I’ve said before, she’s kinda nudged the video medium up a schoche or two. Plus, those pointy things are clearly the front ends of AR-15s (or M-16s for you folks in uniform). Thus she gets my vote.

  • Wasn’t Katy Perry raised by ministers? Some of that probably rubbed off so I can see her getting offended by the Christian imagery used. My mother (a devout Catholic) was pretty disturbed when Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” came out and seemed equally disturbed by “Alejandro”.

  • They’re both after fame, music is just an excuse. And the music is bad, so obviously they have to make provocative music videos and dress up provocatively in order to get attention.

    Religious symbols in a sexual context – no one said Lady Gaga was Einstein. We just have to wait and maybe one day she’ll come up with something original.

  • I prefer perry’s video. It’s fun, happy go-lucky. I’m tired of gaga’s weird a-sexual, heavy themed music. lame game.

  • “Blasted” AKA made one comment that’s not even that snarky. It’s TRUE – its like when people run out of ideas for how to be edgy they decide “oooo I’ll just throw in some sacreligious shit and then its ART!”. I enjoy Gaga’s music and her videos are pretty fun, but I think all the ‘blasphemy’ was just a cheap attempt at edgy-ness.

    • i only saw clips of the awards show, but that whole joint is just a cheap attempt at being edgy. since when are 2 chicks kissing and the F-bomb thrown around sooooo innovative? add sex/religion in performance. boooooring. entertainers need to come up with some new sht. how about real talent??

  • some fart jokes are funny!!! anyway..yeah, katie’s obviously just jealous and looking for a reason her shiz was overlooked for gaga’s. as if her righteousness is what makes her performance second rate. still love her though, just because she’s so hot!

  • You are ALL missing the point. You don’t have to be religious to see Katy’s point OR to agree with it. And Sarah, the fact that you said something to the effect of “this isn’t the first time that someone has incorporated religion” illustrates that you DEFINITELY missed the point. In fact, that statement actually illustrates Katy’s point.

    Gagme tries so hard to be edgy, but she is not creative enough to come up with something original. Instead, her trick is to be edgy by offending people…and who should we offend? THE RELIGIOUS!! Sadly for Gagme, this trick has been done before, as you yourself noted.

    Sure people may enjoy it her sacrilege, and sure some people enjoy fart jokes. The point is, neither is revolutionary to its trade.

  • haha! wow, katy perry is soo cool and WILD and OUT THERE…too bad she is still ruled by her religious guilt.

    proof enough for me that her “wild and crazy” image is all a marketing scheme. LA-AME!

  • I think that you should keep your religious insults to yourself. It's offensive and you have no heart or mind to say such a thing. Just because katy perry doesn't agree with the discusting demonstration of satan himself doesn't give you the right to insult her opinion. call me a hypocrite but i completely disagree with your opinion. You shouldn't be encouraging video's that go against any kind of religion.

  • come on! dissin katy perry lik dat? wat has she done she's a christian only supporting her religion. As for the unrest thats wat gaga wanted< dat satanic bitch whose music we cant resist. quit dissin katy lik that cos u're a stuoid son of a devil ridden mother…..BASTARD SATAN UR MASTER IS COMING FOR UR SOUL SOON, FOOL

  • Blasphemy is NEVER okay. It's why i do not care for George Michael, Madonna OR Prince. Lady GaGa is a brilliant artist, but the woman has major issues. I'm not surprised that in this time in our country people don't stand up and talk about what is right because when they do, people like you Sarah tell them it's because their video was'nt cool enough.

  • So I do not know. I think Perry and Catty be ridiculous, because it is not the first time that religion was created with music videos, sex and campiness. Anyone remember Madonna? Or, you know, the prince? Perhaps George Michael? Yes.
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  • OMG! Katty Perry needs to SHUT THE F*CK UP!! For all you ppl out there that think Perry is a so-called “Christian”, you clearly haven't heard her song “I Kissed A Girl”. And if she is such a “Christian”, as you people think, maybe you all are hypocrites as well. Enlighten your ignorant minds and read your “Holy Bible”, before you come on to sites of gossip(which “God” clearly condemns gossip BTW)..Look at Matthew 7:5 then come talk shit.

  • You're all morons. Lady Gaga is a pathetic lyricist, terrible actress, and now that great a vocalist. The only thing she's got going for her is that she was smart enough to get retards like you to think she is capable of ever being the feminist and icon Madonna is.

  • It isn't about Gaga, Katy and Stefani are pretty good friends, Katy is a huge fan of her. It was directed towards her fiance, Russell.

  • Before you go getting pissed, and snappy next time–check to see if what you’re saying has any truth to it, or if you’re just being a bitch. :)

  • Oh my god!!XD do any of you have lives?!?XD it’s. Prutty pathetic that all you people do is come onto this site and talk about other people’s lives…..because you don’t have one.
    Your all pathetic!

  • The Weimar Republic
    The Holocaust victims (gays and Jews)
    The Third Reich
    Franco’s fascist regime in Spain
    The Spartans
    The opening to Clockwork Orange
    Fritz Lang
    German Expressionist Filmmaking
    Bob Fosse
    Liza Minnelli
    Marlene Dietrich
    St Peter’s Cross (symbol of Humility)
    The rosary as communion
    Religious life as refuge of widows (historical fact)
    Catholic Church’s opposition to sex in any form EXCEPT for procreation
    The despair of sex when pursued to fill a spiritual longing

    Those are just SOME of the historical and pop culture references and themes in Alejandro. You people are so ignorant all you see is Madonna because you have no education and no pop culture memory and no knowledge of religious or secular history. You have absolutely no clue what Alejandro is about, how complex and elaborate it is.

    I don’t expect Katy Perry to know or understand much of this, given her strict and sheltered upbringing in a fundamentalist family. And that upbringing is reflected in her constant come hither-go away teasing in her work. Her comment reveals her to be both ignorant and shallow.

  • (Anyway… I don’t know where to post this [first post EVAH!] opinion but then, I’ll try it here. BY THE WAY, I AM NOT AN EXPERT SO HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CALL ME A PSUEDO-INTELLECTUAL, A DELUDED IDIOT, OR A MIND-CONTROLLED FANATIC)

    Lady Gaga is not just a Singer, she’s a performer (a performance artist), hence the somewhat alien-like imagery and the use of symbols in many of her videos.

    Too those who say that Gaga needs to be Original, I say that Art, when you study its history, tends to, as to use the words of another commenter here, “Recycle” many symbols, styles, and themes. Modern art, that is to say Art nowadays, is still Art. There will always be a footnote to a piece of art and only when someone truly goes beyond the confines of art (though art is not confined), is then one considered as original.

    To those who say that Gaga’s video is stupid. Read windrider2’s comment. The Symbols used in the video, “Alejandro” are numerous and the way she addresses these symbols (imagery, lyrics, even the body movements of the dancers! MY GOSH THEY’RE HAWT – excuse moi) ranges from “OMG! WTF is she doing?” to “BLASPHEMY!!! EXCOMMUNICATE THAT BI-ATCH!”
    One thing is for sure…. it IS “complex and elaborate” which means that she, or someone else, really researched on the Christian Background which, in itself, is a complex medley of symbols.

    Before I continue, let me define Art (specifically Performance Art) in my own way. I don’t like Mr. Webster (he and I are on a on-off relationship…) so forgive me. Art surpasses the Medium. When you first see a graffiti or an oil-painting, you do not differentiate the lines from the colors or the canvas/wall. You immediately see the picture (unless you have a medical problem). This context is the same with Dancing, Theatre, and Performance Art. What you see is the emotion conveyed in the piece. Art is where the the abstract merges with reality.

    Performance Art brings out the subconscious out in the open. It relies heavily on symbols, words, and actions. It has a tendency to SHOCK and AWE the audience because the Audience’s reaction becomes a part of art (now where did I get that piece of bullcrap? from my art appreciation proffesor!). In Reality Modern Performance Art is Eerie, Strange, and quite Entrancing to watch and most, if not almost-all-with-the-exception-of-some, borders on Satanic or Demented (one example is a hairless man sitting in front of a white table with a decaying carcass in front of him… the image is CREEEEEEEEEEEEEPY but, hey, it’s art) which is why ART becomes SUBJECTIVE as what one of the commenter here said.

    WHEW! NOW, To those who say that Lady Gaga is Satanic, especially to the ones who posted a link to that paranoid website; I say that Lady Gaga is a true performer but she also has her own faults, she is human. Indeed, in one of her interviews, she said that she is a *eherm* Christian. Considering the fact that she made this *antagonizingly* sexual video with Religious undertones, she boldly claims to be a religiously-devout person.
    Let’s Assume that she really is in an Illuminati (and illuminati believers, STFU, I said “ASSUME” which means I, my beautiful and irritating self, do not believe in this so-called Illuminati network) creation. Why the fuck (excuse my language) would THEY create a video that CLEARLY (and I MEAN CLEARLY) merges the Sexual and the Spiritual (religious)? AND THEN put up interviews with Gaga having her run up and down as a devout Christian. To confuse the people? What The Effin’ Hell, Man? Do you think we’re idiots? Do you think we’re not exposed to Christian Religion being that one of the major religions around the world? In this kind of context you see a paradox and I usually do not believe in paradox! When there’s something wrong with an artwork, you ANALYZE it. If it’s a Performance Art, you phenomenalyze it. If it’s a Lyric, you read between the lines.


    To Katy Perry…. You are either a Hypocrite or a very good actress (I won’t tell why).

    With a grand entry, I will now end this comment with a grandoise ending.


  • and yes my dear little ugly demented monsters, I DO have a fucking life… and a life. Which is why this is my SECOND POST EVAH!

    I just don’t have anything to do to-day which makes me a TROLL (yey!)

    I don’t know what a troll is though…

  • What’s up,i dont remember when it was but 2yrs back. i was shocked to saw lady gaga weared the dressed that was made with (meat /stake) frm head to toes that’s are some of the things that makes me think she’s a devil ’cause normal person cannot do such things like that thanks

  • Gaga is a bad influence to everybody. I mean hello! She is anti-christ! And so is Katy, yeah she is christian, but her music are way too out of line.

  • you all need to just stfu there is no need to fight other ppls battles for them or put words in other ppls mouths your just making it worse