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Miley Goes Off the Rails!

Oh, I so totally fucking called this.

Looks like Little Miss Sexpot gave a performance of epic proportions last night on Britain’s Got Talent. Critics say that Cyrus “cavorted on stage in a skimpy basque [a bodice/corset-type thing] and ripped fishnet stockings, and pretended to kiss a female dancer.” And not only did she try to pull a Britney with the fake-lesbian kiss, she allowed another male dancer to grab her tits on stage during the skit.

See, Liam? See what you’re giving up? This chick clearly can’t be tamed. So go ‘head. Get some.

(But honestly, now, the “reviews” that people are making a big stink about, I think, are a little off the mark, to be quite honest. The boob grabbing was nothing more than a hand across the chest, and even when I played the video back a second time, it didn’t appear that Miley actually even came near to planting a kiss on the female dancer’s lips. So, yeah. A bit boring. But hey … It could happen, right?)

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  • I watched the video. It’s bad, but not because it’s slutty–just because it’s bad.

    Don’t get me wrong, I sing Party in the USA with passion and know the first two seasons of Hannah Montana songs by heart. I’m not a huge Miley Fan, but I love singing her semi-terrible music. But Can’t Be Tamed is just a bad song to begin with.

    Secondly, girlfriend can’t walk in heels. Which always bothers me. But her outfit isn’t completely terrible, except for halfway through the number when you can see her ass cheeks hanging out, which is a little trashy for primetime television.

    Thirdly, Miley is trying WAY too hard to be Lady Gaga. There’s only one Lady Gaga for a reason. The entire concept of her video was Gagaesque and most of her dance routines recently seem Gaga-inspired. She needs to find her own way and do her own thing, which I imagine she thinks she’s doing, but really she’s just turning into a knockoff.

    She’s never been terribly talented anyway (her singing is kind of shit) but her catchy jams and her spunk made her famous. What she’s doing now is going to get her nowhere fast.

    • Said like a champ. She sucks, but she’ll be around for a while…also, totally ripping off Britney and Gaga. She’s trying SO HARD to be a “bad girl”…sorry, I mean “bad gurl” that it’s just painful to watch.

      • Why do I keep hearing that everyone is trying be like Gaga? I actually think she’s very much like Britney in the style of music and video of this song. I could have sworn it was Brit if I hadn’t heard her voice the first time I heard it.

        So sick of Gaga!

    • The song is bad. While she cannot walk in heels, that can take practice, I will give her that. She isn’t Suri Cruise who will be wearing 5 inch heels by her 14th birthday. Also, everyone acting like a bird on stage is strange, I get that it is the theme of the song, but it is terribly awkward. It looks more chicken-esk than elegant or sexy. Unless that is what they were going for, and in that case spot on!

  • I think she’s cute, and you know she’s trying real hard. Why does everyone on this site h8 so much? Maybe it’s a cry for help.

  • her voice is simply terrible and why is her posture so bad…all hunched over like that? I just dont get the appeal? And dont get me started on the teeth and bizarro deep throated speaking voice. gross.

    • I think she was trying to be like a rocker by hunching over, but it is awful! Her voice drives me crazy too, even more so when she isn’t singing…

  • lol I never like Miley, but I like this song. I don’t give a fuck. Saw her a few days ago in a Music Festival and she’s not that bad.

    The lesbian kiss was simply stupid though.

  • never been a fan of special effex over good music, it may be shiny but it’s still a piece of shit. heh

  • I’m just gonna have to take your word for it. Without time points, I’m not looking for these things. Not because I’m lazy, but because I refuse to watch the entire 3 minutes of Miley acting untamable. Blegh.

  • Pedophiles must be sending Billy Ray Cyrus checks. I can’t honestly think of any other reason they allow their daughters to so hypersexualized in the media this way.

    • I get that fact she’s trying to be older but couldn’t she have waited a couple more years? If she’s doing this at 17, what will she be doing a year from now.? My ten year old loves her but no way in hell would I ever let her go to a concert now. I wish some of these young girls would remain a constant good role model for more than a few years. It’s like they get boobies and then look out!

    • Pedophiles go after PRE-PUBESCENT kids, not seventeen year-olds. Learn the definition of the word.

      • I didn’t so much mean Miley now, as say, a year or two ago, but this is just a continuation of the same path.

        Now, go have a look at Noah Cyrus.

      • Age of consent is somewhat misleading. If someone is over the age of 18 & they have sex with someone who is at the age of consent, they can still be charged with having sex with a minor. They can’t be charged with statutory rape.

      • Wrong, at least for the majority of states.

        Age of consent is the age you are, as far as the law within your jurisdiction is concerned, legally competent to engage in consensual sexual acts. For example, if the age of consent is 17 you can have sex with a 17 year old and not be charged with a crime. Statutory rape is having sex with a minor, a minor being defined as someone who is below the age of consent for whatever jurisdiction you’re in. Rape laws vary greatly from state to state, so it all really depends on the statutes in your state.

  • I actually thought this was a GREAT performance, and I’m not a young woman. Miley is just trying to shake her “good girl” image and become an adult. She may be a little young to start the “slut” stuff, but I can’t imagine that it is an easy transition going from Disney to Adult. Given a little time, she will find her niche, and I think she will be very successful for a long time.

  • Agree with Niki – I loved the performance plus she was exactly singing (and dancing!). Not a fan of the hunch-back look though. I like the song, this video, and it’s official video and no, I’m not a Miley fan.

  • Dear Miley –

    Honey, stand up straight, brush your hair and stop trying so hard to prove something. You’ll be in your 30’s soon enough, no need to rush it. At that point, you’ll be trying to look like you’re in your early 20’s…so enjoy looking young before you need the surgery, silicone, and botox to get there, ‘k?

  • She’s a kid, give her a break… not even 17 yet…. didn’t BritBrit come out with her schoolgirl outfit at 17? She will be ok; she’s a record machine…nothing bad in the video, song is not good… dancing stiff… but, whatever, let the Bieberfreaks bitch it out.

  • i hate the fact that there are like 20 dancers behind her and all she does is walk like a fucking neckless robot, cant she take some dance lessons??

  • She’s always hunched over-even on the Red Carpet! All she does is stomp around looking gangly and awkward. And the voice!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!! A tranny moves better.

  • If Miley Cyrus wants to mime kissing a girl, I don’t see what is so wrong about that. Maybe it will help in making a younger generation more comfortable with same-sex relationships. If that is the case, then she should be applauded as opposed to berated.

  • I wish people would just get off Miley’s back. I know she’s young, and she shouldn’t be doing some of the things she is doing, but its okay. She is not a regular teenager. She’s in the spotlight. At least she does what she’s supposed to do–she’s a really good performer. Have you heard other people her age performing live? I love Taylor Swift and I watched a live video of her, and it was really bad; she can’t hit the notes. I think its impressive what Miley does. She is what she is.

  • Holy shit, just get naked already… Just kidding, but I’ll bet that within 6 months of her 18th birthday she will screw herself over.