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New Miley Cyrus Video: “Can’t Be Tamed”

What can I say? I freakin’ love this girl. I even love that she’s a goddamn bird in her new video. I dig it, Milers.

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      • Beet: “I freakin’ love this girl.’ …….The love that dare not speak it’s name? Just lookin’ for some clarity here.

  • well that was pretty britney-ish. and since u like britney of course ur gonna like this

    • mekare, su kare is spot on. This is the same shit we hear over and over from those… it’s not even worth the effort.

  • I freakin’ hate this girl. So at first she’s some kind of dancing crow with weird eye-makeup and then a peacock ?! If that’s the “”real” her I suppose we’d better find her a nice cage…

    • “I can’t be changed” “Don’t change me” She is a crow (or whatever) the whole time she is dancing and acting aggressive, except for when she is on her back as a peacock tracing her finger across her cleavage. Think about it. Try to interpret what’s being said. Put in some effort to try and understand the message, she can’t be having the Sesame Street crew in the video with their puppets trying to teach children like you what’s being said.

      Damn! I feel like fucking a bird now. I’m sorry I left the farm.

  • Jeez…it looks as if everybody has decided to imitate Lady Gaga (who herself is cut from the same cloth of pop singers past with a dash of Marilyn Manson) recently. It’s annoying to watch. Gaga is strange as fuck but there is something about her videos that draws me in so that I cannot look away. Plus Bad Romance & Telephone are so goddamn catchy. If Xtina & Miley did Gaga better than Gaga and if their songs were get your ass on the dance floor hot, then yeah, sure….I love stupid pop songs with a pounding beat as much as the next chick. Instead I watch Miley here and cringe just like I cringed watching Christina’s latest soft porn video when it was released the other day. At least Christina can sing. That bitch will be a talent for as long as she lives. Miley….not so much. It ain’t edgy if your video is obviously a poor man’s version of another singer. It is simply embarrassing.

    • You GAGA Fuckers really need to give it a rest. Now I personally can’t STAND Miley Cyrus (this song and video suck ass) BUT, I will not stand idly by while yet another one of you GaGa people try and say she or beyonce or anybody else is copying that one note trick! It’s like Any female that bothers to open her mouth is trying to copy Lady Gaga..enough already.

      • Hey, James, chill! I never said Lady Gaga was original. She’s pulling from a lot of other pop/rock/dance performers. And I wasn’t kidding when I said Marilyn Manson as well. That jerky shit and the weird eyes in the Bad Romance video reminded me of some of Manson’s early stuff. You could also say Gaga pulled from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. I’m just saying that Gaga has decided to create this strange image and a particular style of video. When artists who were absolutely nothing like Gaga’s current schtick suddenly pull Gaga-esk crap out of their asses, it is annoying as hell. Miley and Xtina both need to be themselves and not copy anybody else whatsoever. Especially with regard to Christina – she can let her art & her talent speak for itself. (It’s even worse to copy Gaga because she is copying so many others herself…..)

  • She does have a special voice, and the whole bird idea is nice. But her face.. argh… there’s something wrong. She really is trying too hard.

    • yeah, if by “special” you mean “annoying as hell”. and her speaking voice? Jesus Christ.

    • her song’s lyrics are well written sometimes, but I don’t think she can “sing”, if anything she can at least carry a tune. But yeah, she has that “special” voice that stands out and is easily recognizable. Not necessarily good, but hey, it stands out lol.

  • I never thought this day would come. I agree with you Evil Beet. I liked it a lot.

    To all of you Gaga fanatics out there, WTF! This video is nothing like her shit. If it were then some big ass Beyonce bird would be regurgitating worms into her mouth or she would be flashing 666 while being fucked in the ass by a raven……or something like that.

    • LOL but I still don’t like her or her lame ass video, its too much too soon you don’t go straight from pole dancing to dressing as a cracked out crow… there needs to be some transition or something, plus the song sucks and o does her singing, I liked her earlier stuff like the climb. Now… not so much.

  • well, i guess the transformation is complete, gone are her bubblegum days and now she is the sexy 17 yr old vixen her dad always envisioned her as.

    this video reminded me very much of Aguilara’s fighter video

    on second thought after watching the xtina video i realized how awesome Christina was and is. Her voice alone shuts down all the haters. And i think it is retarded that so many think she is a copy of gaga.

    Miley may have help in the studio, a driven creepy adoring dad, and great video directors but she will never be able to truly sing without all that help and talented people around her.

    wonder what the soccer moms will think now of their precious miley who adorns the clothing and accessories their 6yr old wear.

  • Ugh.
    Isn’t it enough that Lady Gaga is trying to be “herself”? Can we not have every bitch who thinks she can sing try to imitate her? I wouldn’t be so annoyed if this girl could sing but even when her voice is stripped of the synthesizers and the pop background, it’s still a nasally whine of a voice that makes you cringe to try to listen to it. At least when all is said and done, Lady Gaga, and Christina and perhaps even Britney, all have a decent- amazing singing power that all too frequently gets overdone with sound mixing.

    Although I don’t hate Miley as much as Hilary Duff ( Don’t even get me started on that bitch) I can’t say I respect her as a singer. Probably not as an actor either but I haven’t seen her poorly reviewed movie yet. Maybe as a Roll model? What? Cleaving touching in video? Wearing very little? “Clothes” we’ve seen on her tiny little sister? Damn. Nevermind.

    • i’m not convinced that britney can sing…those never asked to perform the national anthem raise serious doubts.

  • Miley Cyrus needs to calm the fuck down. Try being 16 for 5 minutes, Miley!
    I hope I get the frowny avatar, because that’s how I feel right now.

  • Get some musical taste Sasha. You aren’t a twelve year old girl any more (even though you still act like one doing a blog instead of her diary)

  • jesus fucking christ, miley cyrus who the hell do you think you are? this video is a joke right? she isnt seriously dressed up like big bird. well, im going to go watch a 1940’s Hollywood film to remember what class used to be like…

  • Ahh, here we go. This is definitly going to get the ball rolling. All of the little teen pop stars start out innocent and cute. Then they go through the faze where they blame their scantily clad wardrobe decisions and heavy make up on “growing up” and “being a teen”.

    Guess what happened with most of the other stars after this? They got slutty and produced sex tapes and took drugs and went partying every night so on and so forth…

    I didn’t really think it would turn out this way but I guess little “milers” proved me wrong. By the way, Milers is probably the ugliest word ever muttered.

    • DITTO! I can’t stand the bull that disney vomits, especially mr.ed aka miley cyrus

  • ok, so i didnt hate the song, but the video? come on! she’s trying too hard, it’s like a combination of britney and gaga, and did you see the interview with ryan secrest where she talks about her video? she looks so insecure!!! it’s like she pushed this video as hard and far as she could to “break” her disney image and she’s not even comfortable with it.

    the good thing, and not for her obviously, is that in no time we are gonna have our britney 2.0, i cant wait for her to party all night long with lindsay-like girls or stuff, it’s gonna be great tabloid party!

    • Come on folks, we’ve been waiting for this to happen, since the beginnings of the Lindsay-like girls.. It used to be that “some” cute lil kid actors that turned rebellious became good role models (Drew Barrymore, for example)

      but now it’s like a pattern for ALL young actresse/singers to be all Disney-perfect, then have the awkward breaking out phase (denial), then go pole dancing and stripping and partying all drunk and drugged out.

  • I think the video is horrible. The look just doesn’t suit Miley. She looks like she’s 14 and sexy —- ugh, no. lol She can’t pull something off like Britney or Christina – or Gaga can. She should stick to either Disney stuff or something more subtle.

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  • Weird, Boring, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Miley Cyrus Is A Bird, So WHAT?!

    I hate almost
    Miley Cyrus’s Videos

  • Loved this entire post. Hated the video. Hate Miley but only because I am in my 30’s and remember Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and so many others– and then along came Xtina, Britney, Hilary and don’t forget La Linds Lohan and now Miley…
    …just one more in a long line.
    Keep the comments snarky folks, I love it.

  • i wonder if her dad became aroused while standing around on set?

    or maybe he just wished he could get in on that action and make a cameo somehow.

  • She is a slut.
    Mind you, the whole bird thing was kind of cool, and she looks hot with makeup on, and I’ll probably have this repetitive song stuck in my head all day tomorrow…
    but she’ll probably be pregnant by 19

  • miley cyrus i like the song but i dont like you i like the old miley cyrus can you please be her cause now you are freakin slut i dont like it doyou wanna be neakit in front of men even women and old man cant be tamed you look like lady gaga and madona you are 17 that it be the old miley cyrus

  • its true you do to much kissin girls and dancin on a pole.I hate you your a bicth