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It’s Time To Get Off Kate Gosselin’s Back

Kate Gosselin was back on the Today this morning, this time to plug her new show Kate Plus 8, and despite the fact that this woman is obviously a total pill, I feel for her. Yeah, it’s tiring to hear the same thing out of her mouth all the time, “I do everything by myself, Jon does nothing, I need to support myself and my kids so this is how I live my life,” but ya know? I believe her. Sure, I think there’s an aspect of laziness and a desire for fame to blame here, but for the most part I get her point: What is she supposed to do? Go back to nursing? I don’t think there is a hospital that would have her at this point. In a way, she is kind of stuck in this fame grid and if she’s even attempting to protect her children as much as she says she is, then that’s all that matters.

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  • “I think there’s an aspect of laziness”… What are you talking about? She has 8 kids and is taking the opportunities available to support them. The only laziness involved is attributable to their dad.

    • She was fucking lazy! How much effort does it take to close your fucking legs. They both are at fault, fuck them both! Hell fuck the kids too. Fucking piece of shit family.

    • Why is everyone saying Jon should get a job….for the same reason all you Kate supporters are saying, the fame and paparrazi cause issues at work, applies to him to. She made him unhireable. He was a computer engineer. He brought in money but she had the bright idea of exploiting their lives and the kids. Jon is not a loser or scumbag, if anything Kate is. She doesn’t even stick around long enough to TAKE CARE of HER KIDS! At least we know who the lids prefer to be with, Jon. I can’t imagine how much more bitchier she has become not having Jon around to demean. I wonder if the situation were reversed and Jon was the one making the money would this all really be an issue

  • She has nannies to watch her brats. There are a lot of people who have no help. I wish this biatch would stop whining. If you want to stay with your kids then stop being a fame whore and stay home.

    • How does a single mom of 8 kids stay home? Do you suppose some free-of-charge nannies will simply show up to feed, clothe, and watch the children every day? I’m not a Kate Gosselin fan, I just think that calling someone in her position lazy is ridiculous.

      • Fuck her! She wanted the fucking brats! Don’t bitch now because you realize you fucked up. God damn idiots! Fuck em all. Take the kids on a drive in the mountains and go over the fucking cliff.

        Morons. The world is overridden with morons!

      • the shining example is the head of my throbbing swollen cock.

        you can thank your mom for that.

  • Umm the bitch has made millions of dollars. She never needs to work again. So that’s how she can stay home!

  • Fuck em all! Fucking idiots. Keep your legs closed, keep your dick in your pants, problem solved!

    • GET A LIFE. Jeeeeeeeezz you make it painful to read any comment thread on this site. Seriously do you have a job or friends or family?? a dog maybe?

      • “a dog maybe?”

        does your sister count?

        go elsewhere “special” K. fucking retard.

  • I know it’s not exactly celeb gossip, but eb NEEDS a John Wooden post!!! he’s a legend and his life has impacted millions of people, sports related or not :/ Where is Kelly when you need her?!

    • Are you kidding? This site is run by chicks who thing John Wooden is street for a hard penis.

  • this is like the 20th post on this site about Kate Gosselin not being a totally crazy famewhore bitch after all and I still don’t believe you

  • why isn’t there ever posts supporting jon gosselin? He had good intentions…poor guy just isn’t as smart and tactful as conniving kate.

  • It’s really hard to get enthused about a self-centered, emotionally abusing control freak who made a bad reproductive decision and parlayed that into a lot of money, endless freebies (which she is entitled to due to her decision to artificially give birth to more children than she could afford), hair weaves, a perpetual tan and continuing exploitation of her children, who are being raised not by her, but by professionals.


  • I have one child and know what she costs. Her x 8 I cannot even imagine. With the economy the way it is today, can you seriously blame her for wanting money? Its not like she is selling drugs or her body. Is her very interviewer Meridith Viera a bad person for working 14 hour days and leaving her children all alone at home? Atleast Kate is with her kids. Jesus people, stop being so jealouse and get over it.

    • Meredith Viera doesn’t pimp out her kids. She has a real job and supports them and doesn’t sell their privacy. The Gosselin kids work and support their useless parents.

      Good Lord, why is is anyone ‘jealous’ if they don’t like Kate Gosselin? I just don’t like her or her loser ex-husband. They are grifters. But if feel bad for their kids.

  • I so wish, hope, pray TLC ends the show for good. No one is watching, ratings keep going down. I can’t believe this woman thinks she can be an actress…no talent. You have to put in the time and schooling to get where the real stars are. She’s s BIG JOKE! No one wants to hear you complain anymore about your lies its all for the kids, yeah right.