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Chace Crawford Arrested For Possession of That Good Herb

Chace Crawford and one of his homies were chillin’ in a car in his native Texas last night when they kinda sorta got busted by a cop with under two ounces of marijuana (click the link to see his mugshot.) For those of you who aren’t familiar, two ounces isn’t exactly a huge amount of weed, but it would probably take even a serious stoner a month and a half to rip through all that green. Looks like someone stocked up before he came home for hiatus and like a moron, carried the whole stash around with him.

The cop spotted Chace and his friend in a pub parking lot and saw that they had a rolled but unsmoked joint in the car. That gave him right to search the vehicle and BAM! Homey went to jail. He was let out on bond pretty quickly, but there will definitely be a follow up with the courts, et c.

Since it’s “just pot” (sorry, I think it’s an essentially harmless drug), I doubt that this will have an effect on his Gossip Girl job or any gigs he may get in the future but GHADDAMN, BOY! Don’t roll around with that big of a sack!

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  • He was caught with UNDER 2 oz, not with his whole stash. Pretty sure it was just 1 joint.

  • LAME. i do this at least twice a week and i’m able to hold down 2 jobs and 1 band, plus i never flake! commitment and loyalty’s way important to me (that’s for those of you about to pounce on the “POTHEADS ARE STUPID” bandwagon) so yeah, F this S – LEGALIZE IT!!

    • there isn’t a way to measure the amount of weed in your system like there is with alcohol. weed affects every person differently making it hard to come up with rules and a legal limit. if it weren’t for that, I’m sure there would be a much better chance of it being legalized.

  • You’re right in saying 2 oz isn’t a WHOLE lot, but it’s definitely a shitload for one person to be transporting, especially for “personal consumption.” That’s irrelevant though, since he only had one joint. All the reports say it was only one joint. They only mention that it was under 2 oz because by Texas law (my home state….not exactly the most progressive to ganja smokers like myself) if you’re caught with under 2 oz it’s only a misdemeanor. Anything more and it would have been a felony, probably with intent because no pot smoker I know has more than a half an oz at any given time unless they’re selling it.


    Stupid fucking stoners. I wish the cops would have just let him continue on until he ran into a bridge abutment. Fucking dumb ass.

    molls was probably in the car with him.

    • yes, I also wish it was like this, but yesterday I heard about some ass who smoked weed and then ran someone over. An innocent dies because of a stupid piece of shit who has a shitty life so he smokes shit to get high and forget HIS life while not giving a fuck about others.

    • seriously! you believe every fucking thing you read? I’ll bet you i can find an article written by an expert who says rain originates in the ground and rises into the clouds. There are still people who say the world is flat. you people are fucking sheep. Go on Google and type in “stupid shit stoners do” or “say”. there are countless stories by stoners talking about wrecking their cars or doing stupid shit like sitting in their cars in the middle of the road stationary and yet believe they are driving. They laugh about it though because its COOOOOLLLLLL man. Stoner=loser

      I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS THE NORM, but it happens thus making my statement valid, yet you, after reading one fucking article make a typical blanket assumption/conclusion so typical of idiots. People believe anything without question if it helps validate their fucked up life choices.

      • stoner does not equal loser. there’s no difference when it comes to a joint vs. a big glass of WINE which everyone seems to be cool with….


    I live in Lubbock now (I really don’t like the weather. :/) and I go to school with his cousin. She’s pretty too. :)