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Bethenny Frankel Infuriates a Nation of Fat Mothers

Bethenny Frankel Drops 30 Pounds in 3 Weeks

We hear about celeb moms shedding their baby weight in record (and unrealistic) time, but Bethenny Frankel dropping 30 pounds within the first 3 weeks of her daughter’s life might just be the one that tops them all. Bethenny claims the weight loss was healthy and that her breast feeding her daughter and following a diet given to her by a doctor was what did the trick,  and said most of the poundage she lost “was water retention exacerbated by a C-section, which doesn’t allow food for two days.”

Obviously Bethenny’s Skinny Girl lifestyle and the low birth-weight of her daughter coupled with this news is begging for commentary from the other side. The editor of Fit Pregnancy, Peg Moline said:

“I’m concerned if she’s taking care of herself, getting enough rest and enough food, and not obsessing about losing the weight so quickly. I worry about the message that sends to the rest of us out here, who aren’t invested in that ‘skinny girl’ persona and don’t have trainers.”

While Peg’s concerns are fair, I can see how the Real Housewife might not realize how obnoxious her message is. Bethenny, despite all of her crazy health food and obsession with “skinniness”, appears to be a naturally thin person who’s never dealt with serious weight gain or the pressure of a major weight loss. Bethenny said to the Post, “My message to women is to be comfortable where you are, to not binge at any point in your life, to eat a balanced diet with indulgences and to go at your own pace.”

Bethenny’s verbal message may be one thing, and flaunting her bod may help her brand in some ways, but I think the verdict is that her show-offy attitude is more off-putting than it is inspiring.

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  • You said it! Having had a baby myself 5 months ago, I was pissed! But I also realize I’m just jealous. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one though :)

  • I had a C-section, and what happened to Bethenny happened to me as well. Within a few weeks you can lose the all baby weight you gained, all in water loss.
    I don’t see what is obnoxious about her honest comment, in fact, I think she delivers a very healthy message to women about weight and eating well. I think her only “crime” is that she is a naturally thin woman, who is also quite beautiful. There is nothing “show-offy” about a woman who takes care of herself and wants other women to do the same. It’s called a positive attitude.

    • In principle, this kind of stuff really gets to me. It remind me of the outspoken ‘curvy’ women who claim they want society to accept that the female form varies in size.


      … but then they spit serious venom at petite women, cut them down, call them boys, tell them to eat a sandwich, or just imply that their physique means they aren’t ‘real’ women.

      Why? Why cut other women down like this when you claim you want acceptance? Or is it just that you want the ‘curvy’ silhouette to replace the ‘model thin’ silhouette?

      That being said, I don’t watch Real Housewives and don’t know who this chick is, so maybe someone more familiar can tell me – does she always have dark circles under her eyes like this? Because if her message is all about being healthy, she’s not selling it to me. She looks like she’s about to pass out.

    • That is total crap. A C-section is a surgery. yes there is water retention but not 30lbs of it. I know as I had one as well. You lose weight slowly and naturally, not with trainers and dying to look like death warmed over for your tv show! Come on, real women don’t need another skeletor telling them a bunch of lies on how they lost so much weight so quickly.

  • I had a baby just two days ago and already lost 10 pounds…… Wait for it…….. I gave it back to it’s mother.

  • are you kidding me? you live in the fattest nation on earth and are complaining cause she lost her baby weight too fast? and the fact that she is thin? how ’bout complaining about the obesity problem and the fact the media pushes fast food as if it were crack. and i see nothing wrong with bethenny, she is naturally skinny yet she also takes care of herself, what’s so wrong with that?
    when did self-discipline, motivation and attaining your goals became such a bad thing;now ‘everyone’ i see walking down the street is size 30 and that is not normal, and i am not against body acceptance but that is just unhealthy.

    • Agreed. Everyone should push for eating healthier, even during pregnancies. Giselle said it best when she said women use pregnancy as an excuse to become garbage disposals…it’s totally true and totally unhealthy.

  • I lost 30 pounds in six weeks after giving birth to my second child. I did NOT exercise or watched what I ate. I nursed that fat baby non-stop! That’s all I did. I was lucky enough to be able to not worry about anything but the baby. We put too much stress on new mums to drop the weight before they even leave the hospital. She’s naturally tiny and ate well while she was pregnant. Got to give her props for that!

  • looks like she’s bragging, and women may be irked, but they’re obviously intrigued and this can only help her brand. she also added that she didn’t binge during pregnancy, which many women do, so that just supports her healthy lifestyle and that it works.

  • Bethenny also gave birth almost a month early. So that would explain why her baby had a slightly lower weight at birth.

  • Well, she didn’t gain a lot in her pregnancy either. One of the reasons why it takes many new moms a while to lose the weight is because they gain so much. You’re not “eating for two” – women take pregnancy as a sign that they can overeat.

  • Since when do they starve you for two days after c-sections? You are allowed broth and jello that day, and the next you’re allowed to eat regularly.

    • I so agree with you. My sister had a C-section and she said that you can drink water, juice and jello. This to me is crazy. How can you drop 30 lbs only 3 weeks after you gave birth?? If this was healthy, wouldn’t they tell all the women in the world after they have babies? Maybe we dont have to wait that stupid 6-8 weeks for your body to heal because im sure that these celebs got it right (rolls eyes). I was very in shape before my 2 baby and i gained 20 lbs during the pregnancy. But it took me a few months to take the weight off. Unless her @ss was underweight before pregnancy, there is no way she would have to loose that much that soon after she gave birth.

  • she probably dropped at least ten lbs. having more of her face chopped off in plastic surgery. i don’t give a crap about her “natural eating” when she has had more “unnatural” plastic surgeries than joan rivers. stfu, bethnenny

  • Wow I am embarrassed at the hateful comments. Everyone is built differently and sheds pounds at different paces. I am happy for Bethanny as she has the life she wants and think all your negativity is from a bad place of judging. For those of you that apparently have had a more difficult time shedding your lbs, I wish you all a life you want and find a way to get it.

    • Lets face it-people dont seem to like those who starve their baby during a pregnancy – while pretending to be a health food expert and chef- thats how normal people think.I am embarrassed for anyone out there thats stupid enough to even follow her advice when doing something sooo awful to an innocent life before its even born ??

  • I had a c section and lost the 36 pounds I gained being pregnant in 2 weeks. If you only gain the recomended weight it comes right off. And no, I wasn’t a thin person before getting pregnant but the “baby” weight came right off. It’s the women that gain too much weight while being pregnant are the ones that struggle afterwards.

    However I don’t see how her stomach got that flat that fast, must be those Spanx…

  • whatevs….

    i’m sure her man, tom brady & david beckham ain’t complaining.

    baby-schmaby…dudes wanna still schtup their broads after the kids are born…and they DON’T wanna schtup out-of-shape blubber whales either.

    it’s science.

  • Its alot easier to modify a body to be super skinny than it is to change a ridiculously ugly face so obviously she works with what shes got. How on earth could a person change that feroshious JAW LINE! Its jumps outs at you!

  • IF a person wants to starve themselves thats one thing – but when a baby is only 4lbs because of it – that is a huge issue !THIS WOMEN is toooo self involved to care about the baby and proper diet –

  • stop hating. Bethenny is a very upfront and straightforward personality. She seems to always tell it like it is. If she is happy, shouldn't we praise her for a healthy mind and body and leave negativity at the door. Who knows, maybe if you try being happy for people, you may in turn be happy one day as well…

  • The entire baby weight thing is weird any way…. I was 186 when I got pregnant, after delivery I was 140, and my baby was 9.5 pounds (I carried her for 10 months) I breast fed her exclusively for 6 months and I gained weight (about 20 pounds on a vegetarian diet) within in a year I had gained another 40 pounds, still a vegetarian with no car… everyone is so incredibly different… why judge? WHY judge?

  • I think alot of you woman are a bit crazy. Everyone is different.
    Don’t hate congradulate. Her body is not the same as yours, so think about that. I’ll take her advice anyday over some of you silly people.