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Bret Michaels Back in Hospital For a Stroke and a Hole in His Soul

photo of poison frontman bret michaels on stage singing

Wait, sorry, that’s Aerosmith.  Michaels has a hole in his heart, not his soul.

But, yeah, yikes, if it weren’t for bad luck (or, uh, health), Bret Michaels would have no luck at all, right? And completely aside from that, how many horrible things need to happen to someone in succession until they finally just die? Jaysus.

Bret Michaels, who was admitted to the hospital last month for a brain hemorrhage was released earlier this week, but is now back in the hospital for what doctors are assuming to be a stroke. Under the microscope, Michaels was also found to have a small hole in his heart.

Michaels’ doctor claims that the hole in his heart is operable, and that his family and fans should remain optimistic (need I say that the physician in question has been updating Michaels’ blog throughout his health ordeal — just … weird).

Best wishes — again — to Michaels and his family and I hope that once he survives this (because come on … nothing can ever kill the frontman of a band of Poison’s caliber), he chills it out on the hospital visits.

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