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Justin Bieber Has Seen Better Days

Justin Bieber

Here’s a photo of Justin Bieber at Six Flags last week, back before his younger, more talented look-alike Greyson Michael Chance got a record deal and pushed the Biebz one step closer to oblivion.  He looks happy here, at least.

Another blow to Bieber came when Twitter just recently changed the way their trending topics are selected.  With those changes, poor Justin no longer qualifies; he was pushed off the list, but today his fans pulled together and got him back on as “Twieber.”  And that’s what dedication is.

Ok, mostly it was just a ridiculously slow news day and I wanted to post this picture of Justin Bieber with Bugs Bunny because it makes me giggle.  You caught me, internet.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

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  • This tool is going to be the next generation, musical version of Tom Cruise. Mark my words. In six years or so he will be jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa because he fell in love with the perfect man.

    • It isn’t their fault if this site has been run “into the ground”. It isn’t as good as it once was when it was primarily Sasha writing, but if anyone is to blame for things getting worse it is Sasha. She built up this site with her talents and then turned it over to woman who are talented but not as good or as interesting as she. Whose fault is that?

      IT IS WHAT IT IS! I don’t come here for the posts so much as I do for the comments of the psychotics (myself included) that frequent this
      Cyber Sanatorium!

      So piss off, if you don’t like it.

  • i live in virginia too emily but people read this site from all over and you cant just drop six flags and expect everyone to know what it is

    • The obvious thing to do, if you’re really curious as to what a place is, is to use this nifty new invention called “Google”. It’s a total mindfuck, that thing- it will tell you pretty much anything you need to know, including how to use the shift key to capitalize letters that should be capitalized. I’m pretty sure that the people “from all over” will probably be able to figure it out, if they honestly don’t know and even care enough to look it up. I know that, personally, when I don’t understand what a place is because I don’t live in that area, I use this crazy, futuristic tool the internet has so helpfully provided me with.
      Instead of whining because someone else might not understand what someone references, why not find something that is actually pertinent to you to bitch about, since that is obviously what you are so keen on doing.

      • You cannot spell, and even if you could your thoughts and more importantly any point you were trying to make are an indiscernible mess. Why don’t you use that Magic Tool called the Internet and purchase some educational videos? O.k. A-Hole?