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The Highest Paid Child Celebrity is Probably Not Who You’d Think

I know for damned sure it wasn’t who I thought, because with Miley out of the picture, I didn’t think there were anymore “real” child actors or actresses out there. But alas, the kid from Two and a Half Men, Angus T. Jones, is paid $250k per episode.

You heard me, right? A fucking quarter-million dollars for each episode that he withstands having to put up with Charlie Sheen? Sick. Jones began his stint on Two and a Half Men when he was only ten and has been at it for the past seven years, give or take. Jones claims that he does plan on going to college, but hasn’t done any interviews since last year. All of that might change if, indeed, he is making $250k per episode. Again … sick.

I guess we know how Charlie’s gonna make his huge support payments … it’s no wonder he stuck with the show. If Jones is making this kind of money, Sheen’s got to be riding the gravy train somehow.

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    • aww, someone looking for a job? as if, ha ha. you’ll get more flies with honey than vinegar, douche.

    • No, he’s just bummed and bitter that he was banned from Sasha’s personal blog. Total fucking retard.

  • That kid has to put up with Sheen AND Cryer week after week. I’d say he earns every penny of that $250K.

  • holy fuck that kid can pay his entire college tuition and more with just one episode disregarding taxes and stuff…but stilll–Shit!

  • she is so twangy and annoying. can’t she please get some sort of office job and bother everyone there?!!!