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Meg Ryan’s Nipples Are Staring Me Down, Man.

I’ve always been a fan of Meg Ryan and all of her cheesy, rom-com movies, so I’m most displeased to say that the purpose of this entire post is to make fun of her lazy nipples.

Girlfriend was photographed out and about in NYC this past weekend looking a little worse for the wear. Even though she was said to have undergone some really bad plastic surgery, she’s not looking, say, as bad as Jocelyn Wildenstein or worse, Heidi Montag. She’s an aging Hollywood actress that probably feels past her prime but is handling it in the best way she can — using her wandering nipples to detract from her face.

So, in short, Meg, all of that money that you dumped into your face would have been better directed a little bit lower … they do have these things called “breast lifts,” you know. Or even better yet, “bras.”

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  • Agree that the face lift was not very successful but even with the sag I’ll take that look over fake boobs any day of the week.

  • Is there some strange celebrity-world I was not invited to wherein it’s even comfortable to go braless? Sure, after a long day, I like to free the ole tetas, but in general, I really LIKE the support and shaping I get from my bras. I hate the bouncing, chafing, and cold-poking that happens then I am without a bra. Why do so many famous people seem to disagree with me on this? Have they lost all feeling in their nips? Or are they a super-species whose breasts CANNOT BE CONTAINED?

  • Sarah, that’s mean and inappropriate!
    She’s only guilty of not wearing a bra in public, her breasts look very natural, and frankly, also quite perky for their size and her age.
    You’re sending a very vain and self-loathing-inducing message to every woman past the age of 30.
    Also her lips don’t look as monstrous as they used to.

    • It’s a gossip website. What do you expect it to be all compliments and roses? get real.

  • Oh my, she is a woman AND has nipples under her shirt. This is the sort of gossip I just LIVE for.

  • I still love Meg Ryan but she would look much younger and prettier if she would do something with her hair. If she cut it shorter and did not die it very blond she would look amazing. Ryan also has to stop dressing like a teenage boy who works at Hollister.

  • she looks fine, the hair a little frazzled but her boobs look great, i think it’s great she left em natural.

    sharon stone makes us stare at her ridiculous inflated 20 yr old looking tatas and it annoys the hell outta me.