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Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Date Night

The Couple With The Most Dark Hair took in a movie together last night at the Arclight. So they’re still together. Interesting.

BTW, it’s not the paparazzi that freak me out, it’s the autograph hunters! The people who heard Katy Perry was in a two-hour movie at the Arclight and then showed up with their folder of Katy Perry pictures and albums in hopes they could get her John Hancock and make a nice profit on eBay. Weirdos. Those people are weirdos to me.

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  • I can’t remember what exactly it was, but I saw a show about this guy who sought out autographs for a living and sold them. He’d see a celebrity, run to his car & open the trunk, and he’d have a huge file system in there of different celebrities, alphabetically sorted. He’d grab the stack from said celebrity, and run back to them with a sharpie and his stack. It really was creepy, I agree.

  • How I hope against hope that these two make it. The only thing I have against Katie is her extreme use of false upper eyelashes and the only things I have against Russell are his former drug addiction, promiscuity and extreme cleverness.

    But since two of those three behaviors of his are in the past, dare I hope that they won’t rear their ugly heads again to blight these two attractive, smart, talented and hard-working, globally famous folk?

    All I can say is good luck and there is at least one person who doesn’t know them who is rooting for them.

  • i don’t like her music but i like her. and i was indifferent to him, but since he’s been with her, i like him too now

  • Really like this couple, but KP’s new single california gls REALLY SUCKS pop music butt!

    I’ve never heard such a bland, fake song as this, and the lyrics are just terrible. C’mon katy you are supposed to be being schooled on making art these days, what is UP? Okay, you have to have an anthem to make $ but if you let it get to be a habit, you’ll lose your soul completely.