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If I Told You Spencer Pratt Was Producing a Show Called Fist Pumping 4 Love, You Would Think I Was Kidding, Right?

Yeah, well. I’m not.

Spencer Pratt is indeed shopping around this reality show that he’s developed with Emilio Masella. You know, Snooki’s ex-boyfriend that she dumped over voicemail?

The trailer is laughable and not in the way that they’re going for. The production quality and editing are so budget and this Emilio character not only fails to leave me wanting more, he leaves me hoping that I never see his face again.

It’s no wonder Spencer’s attracted to working with him, though. Emilio gained his fame by sponging off a hugely successful MTV reality star… Sound familiar?

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  • It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this show was picked up. It doesn’t look any more ignorant than half the other shows out there. They all suck.

  • So is Spenser trying to tell the world he’s into fisting and pumping guido’s now? That’s what I’m getting out of the clip, because a guy who shows up at most women’s homes in a mini van isn’t getting much action. Pratt didn’t get a distribution deal for this mess, he’s releasing it on Itunes, meaning he expects people to pay to view this epic embarrassment.