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Tiger Mistress, Rachel Uchitel, Arrives in LA to Wreak Some More Havoc

Rachel Uchitel, you’ll remember, was the “first” Tiger Woods mistress to emerge from the woodwork. She was also linked to David Boreanaz (current admitted cheater) in the past, claiming that she lured him away from his wife and boned the Bones actor.

She’s arrived in LA (sans her attorney, Gloria Allred) to clear her name — or rather, what’s left of it. Uchitel states that she was not the one looking to extort money from Boreanaz, who recently spoke of marital infidelity and mistress blackmail. Uchitel was spotted leaving LA amateur hotspot, Chateau Marmont, with a friend, looking to be in high spirits.

Rachel’s looking well these days. In the sense that you can barely see her features beyond her eyes and teeth due to her amazing spray tan. Hasn’t she seen Jersey Shore? Doesn’t she know how blurred your features can become under the influence of liquid gold orange?

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  • L.A. is a perfect place for her. Just another high paid whore that’s got a few million bucks in the bank for spreading her legs. She should pal up with Cameron Diaz, they’re exactly alike.

  • eew she looks like marilyn manson back in the day! except she went bathing in self tanner… yuck, disgusting whore

  • She ought to be in high spirits – think of all the new zeros in her bank account.

    Do you have to pay taxes on bribe money? Is that earned or unearned income? What’s the category – reverse consulting: you get paid to not tell what you know? I’m just sorry for all of the women who were so far in Tiger’s past that he didn’t have to pay to keep them quiet – they really blew it, not just him.

    And now Tiger’s a free man, so she can go back to her true love, if he still wants her after he paid to shut her poofy, glossy mouth. I’m sure it’s still big enough to keep even Tiger happy.

  • now they’re hanging out together? so fuckin tacky!!!
    not say this action in its self makes them tacky, but they should really do something to maybe prove people wrong about how trashy they are

  • goddam she is fucking scary-looking… like one of those bratz dolls, except alive. eek.

  • These two omen are both pretty homely looking. The one on the right with the fat legs and th chilish looking dress could look a little better, maybe, with some makeup. She really did forget to look in the mirror.

  • Awesome how you can become famous for being a money grubbing whore. Way to go twat! Your parents must be very proud of your super classy selves…