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Can’t Stop the Kate Gosselin-Machine. Won’t Stop the Kate Gosselin-Machine.

Jaysus, it seems like it was just yesterday that Jon and Kate were wedded in marital bliss, collectively caring for their litter of kids. Or, no, at the very least, it seems like yesterday that Kate was kicked off of Dancing With the Stars (probably because it really hasn’t been that long at all) and now she’s moving in mega gear and getting amped — and photographed — for her latest television reality exploitation of her children excursion: TLC’s Twist of Kate.

Kate was photographed late yesterday afternoon while the filming of her latest and greatest show commenced. Gosselin was pictured — sans children, naturally — running some errands. And it must have been super-important, because otherwise the film crews probably wouldn’t be wasting their time documenting it, am I right?

But Kate, man, she looks bummed. Is it because she’s back in Pennsylvania? Could it be that she’s craving the life in Hollywood? Is she kicking around the dirty streets wondering what all went wrong to land her ass back in the Keystone State? She’s making eye contact with all of the locals thinking, “I hate you people. You fucking suck. You’re not worth the soles of my shoes or the dancing partner whose manhood was smushed into the ground beneath them.”

But it’s alright, Kate. I’ve been there.  Like, literally.  I grew up not too far from where you roam and I can vouch, it is a fucking hellhole. But hell … you have your kids to worry about. I mean, damn, I know it’s not a lot, but they must love you, right? … They did, uh, remember you, didn’t they?

But whatever, I can so tell this show’s going to make it, kid … and not only make it, man, but be completely fucking amazing.

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  • I don’t know if you were being funny or not about Kate’s new show being amazing. The only way it could “be amazing” is if this dumb, overbearing famewhore was no where near it. Do not promote this person. She will never go away if you keep giving her attention in the media.

  • uh, i live in this ‘hell hole’ and i actually enjoy my life. sorry PA isnt glam/exciting enough for you two!

  • Just call it Twisted Kate: she who can alienate herself from anyone who doesn’t either pay her or is paid by TLC to hang around her.

    I cant’ wait until she alienates Steve Neild and his wife, who babysits the kids while Kate and Steve deal with serious matters, like pushing away the adoring masses who might make the mistake of thinking that Kate is grateful for their attention.

    When is the expose book coming out in which everyone whom she has rejected like:
    her whole family,
    Jon’s whole family,
    her ex-friends,
    her countless ex-nannies
    and ex-house cleaners and
    ex-organic-food-only cooks

    reiterates what we already know – that she constantly demeans those around her, spends almost no time with her children, is obsessed with her appearance and getting free stuff so that everything in her life matches?

    She makes an archetypal Kate in “Taming of the Shrew”. Maybe her next job should be performing Shakespeare, which she will do with the same dull look on her face while correcting the British pronunciation of her British co-stars.

    I just wonder when she’ll start rejecting her own children.

  • exactly what dani said. i love pennsylvania. you can take hollywood and cram it up your ass

  • Whats not to like about PA? Less smog? More trees and wildlife? Its so horrible that country real estate is hoovered up by a lot of stars wanting a quiet, clean, and beautiful retreat.

    As far as kates show…really, you know we will all be watching it.