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Surprise, Surprise: Michael Lohan Owes The IRS Some Serious Change

I don’t want to stress anyone out about making sure their taxes are done today, but you really gotta get them done. You don’t want to be like Michael Lohan (ever, but especially in this case), who currently owes over 12 grand in back taxes to the IRS. Who’s going to give him a loan for that? Lindsay? His BFF Jon Gosselin? Perhaps his ex-wife will take pity on him and throw him some change– OK, OK, now I’m just being mean.

Seriously though, get it done. TurboTax isn’t that bad and if you have the 300 bucks, I had a really positive experience at an H&R Block a couple years ago.

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  • Hate to say it but that’s peanuts in the tax cheat world. I would have thought him good for at least 6 figures worth of bad write offs using his non stop advice to Linds as a consulting dodge.

  • He should settle. His penis and the balance is zero. I would also approve a ax to the ass. Properly aligned. Just one swift swing. We could auction the swing off at the local Hell’s Angels clubhouse. Just trying to think outside the box here.

  • He only has to sell one or two more voice mail messages (and tapes that he got from bugging people’s cars) from his:
    A. Famous kid
    B. Famous, fellow, ex-buddy super-douche dad Jon
    C. Ex-wife Dina
    D. Ex-girlfriend and punching bag Erin who looks a lot like current girlfriend Kate (he needs these women to practice on for his celebrity boxing matches- too bad vagina-kicking isn’t allowed)

    When is Ally going to be famous enough for him to torment for pay? Get this poor man some more famous kids to exploit!

    Then he’ll never have to work another day in his life while he follows in Jon and Kate’s illustrious footsteps, toddling around after his little cash-calves.