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In Other News …

Stop the presses: Lindsay Lohan’s drunk. Again. [Celebslam]

Check out this promo for the one and only Nobel prize-winning reality recap webshow.

They’re releasing an anniversary edition of Showgirls. Elizabeth Berkeley still looks like a fish fifteen years later. [popbytes]

Did you watch any of The Pacific, or is that reserved for nerds like me? [Pajiba]

Angelina Jolie dishes on “castration.” Is that what Brad’s been up to these days? [Celebitchy]

Do you like your female celebrities hairy? [Zelda Lily]

Jennifer Love Hewitt changes her hair length as much as she changes her preferred penile length. [Litely Salted]

Justin Timberlake spends his time bitching about his girlfriend behind her back. Surprised? [Allie is Wired]

Courtney Love’s gonna put a hex on Robert Pattinson. Or something. [Amy Grindhouse]

The Gosselin children have been “damaged” by their parents’ crazy antics. [Betty Confidential]

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