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Kirstie Alley is Thrilled Her 17-Year Old Son is Engaged

Kirstie Alley was on Ellen’s show today to plug her new show and while she was there she confirmed that her 17-year old son True is engaged to be married. And she’s happy for him. Because he’s mature.

Kirstie Alley is such a strange creature. She’s got this whole “I’m kooky and funny” thing going on, but she’s way more kooky than she is funny and sometimes that freaks me out. There’s the Scientology thing and then the public battle with her weight and of course, her Twitter has revealed all sorts of crazy that we didn’t even know about. But this news seems beyond all that. Who that doesn’t live in the 1800s and doesn’t have a pregnant daughter act happy about their 17-year old’s engagement? Most people really love their high school sweethearts. Miley Cyrus is in love! Demi Lovato is in love! That doesn’t mean they should be putting rings on it.

Kirstie admits she doesn’t know the first thing about marriage considers both of hers (at ages 19 and 30) failed, but that doesn’t stop her from going on national television and confirming news about her son’s love life.

Call me modern, but shouldn’t he be backpacking through Europe solo on his parents money and boning socialites because his mom is famous in the U.S. and like, doing blow in NY and raving with alternative teenagers in South America and living life? He’s a celebrity kid. He’s got at least another 10, 15 years ahead of him. Why should he settle down now?

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  • there isn’t anything wrong with getting married at a young age. we don’t really know his situation, so i can’t say if it’s best in his case. i pray him the best and i hope he and his fiance (if they do get married) stay together and grow with each other.

  • I know you’re kidding, Molls, so I will say “ha, ha” and be done with that. Actually, in the ideal world, the young man would use some of Mommy’s money to get into the best college he can and become the best something or other he can be.

    Everybody stop and look back. Think of that certain someone who made your legs buckle and heart throb when you were seventeen years old. Now think about if that person was the sort of person who was good for the long run….a bad case of intestinal flu, intrusive in-laws, dirty diapers, lost luggage, ten loads of laundry, flooded basements, some crisis with your baby, etc., etc., etc. We may be technically adults at around 18 but I just am not convinced I would want to have every decision I made back then be decisions I would have to wake up next to for the rest of my life. Then again…..maybe it IS true forever love. Every now and then it happens. So they say.

    Kirstie is a weird woman. As a role model for heavy women, she does nothing for me. Give me that Style Network southern belle, Ruby, any day. She is the one I root for.

    • true forever love? So they say it happens? Where did you get that from? Some horoscope magazine you found in a backwater fortune teller waiting room stinking of nicotine?

      • Hey….have you been following me to my psychics and palm readers??? Damn, I never get any privacy.

        Seriously, I was being sarcastic about the true love thing. Jeez.

        But I have to come clean about this fact. I fell in love at 18 years old. The young man and I had a wonderful romance (and I do mean romance….not a sex thing — we held hands and talked for hours, corny sheet like that). One day, however, we had to split up due to circumstances beyond either of our controls. We never saw nor spoke to one another after that.

        Fast forward 25 years. An old friend found me on and she asked me if I still remembered Mike. I said I never forgot him because he was my first love. She said she still was in contact with him. He was divorced by then and I was in the process of divorce.

        We all got together for happy hour and as I looked at this man that I once loved, all the years melted off his face and we were 18 again. I knew then what I always knew. I love this man and nothing that had happened in my life since we parted changed that love.

        Fast forward another ten years. It is the year 2010. Mike and I are still together. I loved him at 18 and I love him now. Turns out that the love of my teenage years was real. Who’d a thunk it?

        So, yeah, actually, it CAN happen and it CAN be real. I’m living proof. But I think that the two of us getting back together as ADULTS is what made the difference. I am not sure we would have made it work if we had tried it back when we were immature children with no experience of the world.

      • Hey Cat, I enjoyed your story. Ignore the haters and asshats. They are just jealous that you have found the love of your life. You can make your point in two words to those jerks:

        F*ck off!

      • Aww that’s such a sweet story! I don’t even know you but I’m thrilled for you :)
        All the best xoxx

  • Normally I love Kirstie. Yes, she’s weird and is into Scientology and stuff, but I love her show. She seems like she’d be a blast to hang out with.

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  • I think its fine. She knows her son and she knows the girl he chose. Maybe they have know each other since they were kids. Being older does not help that much in ensuring a marriage works. Most people get married in their late 20s and early 30s but there is still a high rate of failure. Let them be happy together for now!

    • According to this stats site [], the highest divorce rate (in the US) is for people who marry before age 24; it drops steadily after 25.

      I found it interesting that in the “under 20” group, women divorced more than twice as often as men that age. I would’ve expected it to be the other way round. Weird.

  • Scientology doesn’t view marriage the same way we do. A marriage can happen and dissolve at will with no legal repercussions when done in the CoS. And since all CoS members must have CoS weddings, there’s a good chance that this marriage won’t been seen as “legal.” Separate licenses have to be filed outside of the CoS.

  • What’s with her stupid fucking expression. Did she suffer a stroke?
    Is she in some jelly doughnut induced comma?

  • um why the heck should we care that her son who we know nothing about ( his fiancee included) is getting married ?

    Also what can Kirstie do about it?
    Should she blab to the world that she is disappointed that her son is getting married at 17?

    Yeah that would help the situation a lot, and I’m suppose her forbidding the marriage and telling the media would bring peace to her family.

    C’mon Molls, find something better to rant about. This post is stupid and the pic you paired with it is mean.

  • The kid is probably desperate to get away from Mom. Assuming that he somehow can escape her and Scientology both.

    But people do settle down young and stay that way. I married my first boyfriend and we’re still together 40+ years later.

    I just figured out where Katie Holmes got her right-side-of-the-mouth-only smirk – it’s a Scientology-celebrity secret sign of indoctrination. Kirstie’s been doing it for years.

  • I’m pretty sure Molls was joking about some of this, but it still bothers me. It’s expected that young people in this society need to party and act like idiots. You have to fuck a bunch of random people or your life just isn’t worth anything. I don’t know how mature her son is, but if it’s what he wants to do, fine. It’s his life.