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Apparently You Can Add “Gays” To The List of Things Jesse James Hates

The real Jesse James continued to be unmasked today when it was revealed that the man who cheated on America’s sweetheart with troubled gutter rats and posed for photos with Nazi paraphernalia also hates homosexuals. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse James raised snow leopards in his garage just to murder them and throw their bodies in his dumpster without even skinning them for their rare and beautiful fur, so I’m going to file this one under “No Duh”, unfortunately.

This information is coming from two former employees of Jesse’s, who say that in addition to regularly saying “faggot” and showing great disdain for the gay community, he also sent this whopper of an email to the two of them after they were fired:

Now you guys will be able to Suck each others D***s without anyone giving you a hard time for it!

That’s right!…my place is ‘f***ed up’..and the Two most ‘f***ed up’ things about my place are gone now!…..Don’t worry though you 2 f***ots will be fine!

Maybe Just Maybe? If you suck his d**k real hard he might even put you guys on TV!…….

OK, what does any of that even mean? It reads like an obnoxious 12-year old is trying out all their new swear words for the first time on paper. Again, not that that’s particularly surprising.

What’s next for this guy? What’s going to happen to his business? Tiger’s brand has collapsed since his scandal broke, and compared to Jesse, Tiger’s on some Fitzwilliam Darcy shit. Dude’s gonna be broke, you know that his Jew and gay-hating ways are going to close every door in Hollywood for good. Shoot. Maybe he should try and reconcile with Bombshell, you know?

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  • All right, I’m an English teacher … the urge to correct grammar is kind of an occupational hazard, but I do try to avoid it because I realize it’s kind of obnoxious to be one of those, “Your grammar sucks, so I just can’t take what you have to say seriously.”

    That said, if you are going to be a homophobic, offensive DOUCHENOZZLE, at least use the correct possessive form of each other. I mean, I know it’s pretty small in the trainwreck that is Jesse James, but still …

    • Ignore the annoying (and mean) pest that is evilbeetdouche.

      Hahah, yeah like, come one Jesse, if in all other areas you suck majorly, at least get your grammar right! Is there 1 good thing about this crappy excuse of human being?

      • Funny that the English Teacher slapped Jesse James with her wet noodle but didn’t get on Molls’ case for calling gays ‘things’.

      • You wrongly assume I read Molls writing thoroghly. You would have to be crazy to do that. I skim to get the general gist and leave as much of her writing out as possible.
        Otherwise, you’ll end up going slightly mad. Read the AI post from today, you’ll know what I mean. Hope Kevin Eubanks doesn’t read it.

      • This is a celebrity gossip blog … I don’t come here to correct the bloggers’ grammar, I come here to get celebrity gossip. If the celebrities in question, particularly those that I find morally reprehensible, are going to make grammatical errors in offending people, you’re damn right I’m going to call them out on the carpet. Molls’ posts make me laugh (and think in different directions) … to me, that’s more important.

      • Get real, folks. Every red-blooded American male talks all this trash when they’re around each other. The difference being that Jesse lets it all hang out. This doesn’t excue him humping around on Sandy. That’s bad bad bad. But the rest of it, we all partake in, but don’t lay it on others to upset them. Really. Now why Jesse would let it all hang out is beyond me.

  • “What’s going to happen to his business?”

    He makes custom made choppers. 8 out of every 10 bikers I know who ride choppers are clones of that dick. Nothing will happen to his business. If anything his sales will go up and his earlier bikes will become collectibles.

    I hate the fucker. I’m not agreeing with his lifestyle or mindset. I’m just saying.

    • You just said EVERYTHING I was thinking. Not to make a big ol’ blanket statement, but Jesse’s attitude toward the gays isn’t surprising in the LEAST.

      Tiger was held up to a certain standard of decorum in the world of elitist golf, and cannot be compared with Jesse’s bad-boy reputation. Well, aside from both of them behaving like misogynistic pigs, there aren’t many similarities.

      Well said, by the way, “Good Lord”.

    • I thought you hated the gays too, Good Lord. I’d think you two would be kindred spirits!

      • I never said I hated gays. The only times I get pissed at gay people is when they don’t practice what they preach. If a gay persons response to a redneck or uptight sanctimonios religious persons actions is also some form of violence, hate speech, disrespect, lies, ridicule…etc… then I say to hell with them.

        I am just as vocal and condemning of the the shit the aforementioned rednecks and uptight sanctimonious religious persons say and do as well.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I actually agree with you and thank you for your thoughtful answer!

      • I know what you mean… its like with that whole Carrie Prejean thing- I always thought it was wrong how everyone (including people on this very blog) has painted her- its as if she were hitler or something…
        Just because she believes in something that goes against what I believe doesn’t mean that shes some kind of evil hate machine… I actually admire her for being brave enough to tell the truth…
        anyways that had nothing to do with this thread lol.. but yeah, “Good Lord”, I agree with you. Hypocrisy is the worst.

      • No, that’s exactly what it means, she is wrong and opinions like hers are the reason there is so much hate and discrimination. Stop the “just because someone opinion is different”… guess what, sometimes other people opinions are wrong and terrible and they are in turn terrible people for thinking the way they do. Ya, I am discriminating against bigots but guess what? It’s ok.

  • I wonder why nobody’s wondering about how much Sandra knew about all that shit. I mean,not that cheating stuff,but…his whole attitude and now this…does being with someone who has a problem with gay people and (probably) tolerating it mean that you don’t like gay people too or does it make you just extremely tolerant?and does any of this make actually sense?

    • I was thinking the same thing. I understand being oblivious to his affairs, however, if he is in fact homophobic, anit semitic and god knows whatever else how could she not know about that. Those are fundamental personality traits that effect someone and how they live their life. Hiding an affair is one thing but hiding your entire personality in quite another. Does Sandra deserve to be put on this pedestal by everyone or do you think she could possibly share some of the same beliefs that Jesse James is said to harbor?

    • This is exactly what I was going to bring. Since you got here first, I’ll just reply. Sandra *had* to have known he hates gay people, into the whole Nazi thing, etc. Did she just ignore it or does she feel the same way?

  • My friend is married to a total redneck. Personally, I think she settled because she didn’t want to be alone and old. Anyways, she “claimed” that she didn’t know her husband was a racist bigot until after she was already in love with him & they were engaged. Bull. Shit.

    I love Sandy, but I think she probably thought (like all women) that we can change them. Either that or she ignored it. I refuse to think she was that stupid (or he was that smart to hide it).

    • I normally agree with you, blah, but on this one you are way off the mark. I would go so far as to say that you should ask Kate to give you some dancing lessons.

      • in what way do you think I’m off the mark? I’m not being sarcastic I just want to know your point of view.

      • If you really want to know my point of view. Drink a quart of 190 Everclear, toot a couple of lines of blow, smoke some weed and do a few vicodins. If (that if is very important) you wake up the next day…… that’s my point of view.

  • Sandra was not that fucking blind. She knew; period. No woman can live with sexist racist for what, 7 years, and not see the signs. Either Sandra was stupid, blind or has the same views. I do not buy that SB knew nothing of JJ’s beliefs all this time. Even JJ’s past problems with cheating, sexual harassment and issues with women could not have been that secret. Hell, there were two pay-offs too two ex female employees. The more this stuff comes out and the more SB stays quite, the more the public is going to think she felt the same way and she knew about JJ’s infidelities. SB is no young virgin jilted by some bad man; she is a 46 year old woman who has been around the block. There is more to this story than we know.

    • yeah I was thinking the same thing really… like how can you really not know your husband is a racist moron? and why would you stay with someone like that?

  • Jakey- gallenhaal poo is wiff him too.. Men need women… women need men.? i am the prince of persia video game actor.. but that doesn’t mean i can’t be a good american hetro male.. even if I play gays in movies.. this part called for a trans-male-barbarian etc

  • plenty of men have these feelings, they just never let it be known b/c of political correctness.
    I love my gay friends but I do my best to never picture two guys having sex, it grosses me out and plenty of hetero men feel the same way.

    I am not excusing his actions or who he is as a person.
    I just wanted to mention that finding out a guy uses the word “faggot” is not very surprising.

  • I’m not a Jesse James fan or anything… but is it actually validated that this is an email he sent? I realize he’s a total dumb-ass and will believe it if verified, but it seems like this could just as well be made up by the employees. If he wrote it, he clearly felt untouchable (which I guess has been made obvious lately) because this is a quick way for a business ‘owner’ to get sued / lose everything / be taken to court for a number of reasons.

  • If I found out that two of my employees were faggots, I’d fire them too. Jesse may be a dumbass, but he’s alright in my book.

    • That’s why you are always the employee and never the employer Dizzle. You think like a brute servant.

  • Jesse James, Let him die! They are here and the girl talk, then you? ? ? ? she was wonderful. ******************************

  • Jesse James is an idiot…says alot for Sandra Bullocks common sense as well. Regardless of how successful she is in her career. There are alot of financial successes out there, who are lacking greatly in personal areas. It seems, Sandra is so lacking, she is obviously willing to trade her success and reputation by sticking by that idiot…with his evil eyes, I might add.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse James has partaken in homosexual activities himself. Afterall, he’s a ‘sex addict’…so shouldn’t he take it any way he can, if this is true???? Like an alcoholic will drink mouthwash???

  • Saying faggot and saying that two dudes suck each other’s dick does not make you homophobic. I see no evidence in this email that he was homophobic.

    To be clear I’m not saying he is a nice person or justifying any of his actions, I am just stating that you can’t say he is homophobic based of the contents of this email.

    And for this matter, I haven’t seen any real evidence that he is a neo-nazi either besides sleeping with a trashy ho with five hundred tattoos, one of which happens to be a swastika. I understand the urge to dehumanize this man who is obviously a vile and disgusting cheater, but calling him a homophobic nazi without any real evidence that he was one is just silly.

    • Totally agree with Anonymous. If saying faggot makes you homophobic, then I need to run off and apologize to most of the boys in my 5th grade class.