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Mya Wears a Dress That You Won’t Likely Forget, Unlike Her Music

Mya is pictured above at the Closing Party for Rock Media Fashion Week in Miami, Florida.

I’m guessing the ghetto superstar didn’t get the memo that it was, indeed, a fashion expo, ’cause if she had, she wouldn’t have shown up looking like a defunct Sesame Street reject that hit the outside alley for some junkie-love before entering the building.

Beyond that dress, the rest of her looks great and she still seems like the sweet and lovely Mya I remember from high school, but the outfit’s.   gotta.   go.

Who knows, this could be a mere call for help, a crying out of sorts, to ensure that we won’t forget that Mya exists for another eight years.

We won’t, honey.  Not after this, we won’t.

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