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I’m Secretly Kind of In Love With Alyson Hannigan, I Think

She’s pictured above with her adorable family out and about while celebrating some birthdays.  Both Hannigan and her daughter celebrated their birthdays yesterday and oddly enough, Hannigan’s mother and grandmother before also shared a birthday.  Bizarre.

I just love this girl — she seems so normal and down to earth and hell, she’s got an easy way of smiling and that’s something that I totally dig.

I actually caught the only and only episode that I’ve ever seen of How I Met Your Mother the other night while I was folding some laundry in the bedroom and I have to say, the lady’s pretty witty, too. She’s come a long way from the uber-band geek in American Pie.

I know there’s a lot of celebrities that I do rag on (and in my opinion, for damn good reason), but Alyson is one that you’ll never hear me say a bad thing about.  Well, unless she starts partying with Lindsay Lohan or shaking her bare lady bits all over Hollywood and then, man, all bets are off.

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