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A Show That I’ve Never Really Cared About Gets the Axe

After six ridiculous seasons and $2.4 billion worth of combined plastic surgeries, MTV’s The Hills is entering its last season.

Um … yay.

I didn’t even realize that one, the show’s been on this long already and two, that it’s just now being cancelled … I totally thought Heidi and her cohorts were as synthetic as they could be. They should have started calling the show Plastic Peaks a few seasons back.

Anyway, a rep for MTV states that the ladies’ character development have reached their precipice and they’ve achieved everything they’ve sought out to — read: the females of The Hills are going to start looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein, and MTV wants no part of it.

The final 12 episodes are slated to begin airing this April 27th and will run its course through the summer.

Congrats to MTV for finally coming to their senses. ‘Tis a good year.

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