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Feelin’ in the Pink Yet, Brit?

After on-again, off-again rumors of her split with boyfriend Jason Trawick, Britney Spears is looking a little worse for the wear.  She was spotted recently donning a wife-beater, pantaloons (if that’s even what they’re called … I haven’t seen anyone wearing anything like that since I visited that whorehouse in the Old West in 1864) and sheer pantyhose.

Girlfriend’s weave is all askew and she’s properly sporting her famed, crazy-pants bright red lipstick in the gallery photos.  Oh, and orange soda, too. Sweet.

She definitely seems to be bumming about something, but I don’t know if it’s the faux-digs by Ke$ha or her alleged split-but-not-split with Trawick. Crazy or not, I love this bitch and her braless, side-drifting nipple — Team Brit FTW!

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  • is there a reason you guys made a change to the RSS feed so the whole piece no longer shows up in the feed? is it to force people to actually visit the site? i sure hope not because it will just make me stop reading the site altogether.

    • Hell, I’m all for Brit going bat-shit wonky again… & those crazy migrating nipples, kinda like the migrating eye on flatfish..crazy man,crazy.

  • uuuh Kelly already did this piece like 7 posts ago….and used the same word: “pantaloons” ….don’t the writers on this site actually READ it???

    • What can I say, great minds think alike. My post, however, was about the degeneration of Britney and her soda fetish; both of which prompted me to provide a gallery of her slanted nipples. Cheers!

      • “gallery of her slanted nipples” Ha! It’s worth the duplicate post just to read that phrase.

  • There was no need for this post when a similar one has been posted. Lame.

    It’s pathetic how much you people are obsessed with Britney.

  • She’s about due for another few weeks in a mental institution.

    They’ve got to straighten out her meds, fer SURE. And anyone who says she got a boob job… c’mon, uneven boobs? That’s either the shittiest plastic surgeon in Bev Hills or she still sporting her natties.