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Ross is Getting Married

David Schwimmer aka The Schwimdawg is getting married to his girl, Zoe Buckman. It will be a first marriage for both the 43-year old actor and 24-year old Zoe. The two reportedly met while Schwimmer was in London directing the movie Run Fatboy Run.

No one cares about David Schwimmer getting married, I know, but I want to know more about this Zoe Buckman. She’s a 24 year old photographer who’s marrying a 43 year old dude I watched on TV my whole life. This chick is younger than me! How’d she pull this off? I’m dying to know…

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  • Life imitating art. He dated a 20-year-old in a few episodes and all the friends made fun of him the entire time.

  • how is he creepy? so many people have dated and/or married people with a large age difference between them. and molls, you’re right, i don’t “care” per se, but it’s nice to hear. =)

  • I see him walking down the street a lo and he gives off a mega-asshole vibe.

    Just an impression.

  • Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at~ Ag_e_mi_n_g_l_e.c.o.m ~a nice and free place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  • he finally got old enough to worry about whether he’s going to die alone, so whoops, time to get married. since he probably is a status seeking asshat, he married the 24 year old trophy.

    “check out how virile and manly i am, i’m boning someone half my age WOO HOO!”

    translation: i’m a lonely self obsessed schmuck.

  • What’s even more disturbing is that picture. What kind of 43 year old man wears those kind of pants (if you can call them that?) and totes a backpack around?