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Kristen Stewart Talks About Hosting SNL

Oh, boy … I can’t wait to spend an entire hour with awkward pauses and incoherent mumbles in a live setting!

Stewart claims that although producers haven’t asked her to host, she’d still beg anyway probably do it in a heartbeat, although she doesn’t think the majority of guest stars are all that funny and compares herself to them:

“I would love to say yes for sure, but that is really really scary.  I am so critical of myself and then also of people who are on the show. It’s like, ‘Nope, you’re not funny—next!'”

I don’t hate Kristen Stewart — quite the contrary.  I kind of think she’s super-cool.  However … her “too cool for school” attitude has to give a little bit.  It worked well for her for the first few months of her uber-spotlight shit show, but it’s starting to wear thin now.  Smile a bit more, take a few classes on public speaking and then — then! — consider SNL.  I think it’d be a pretty ill career move to do a live taping when you can’t even interview without chewing on the strings of your vintage-sixteen-days’-unwashed-hoodie strings.

Much love for you, girlfriend, but I don’t think you’re quite ripe for Betty White-caliber fame just yet.

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  • her stage fright is a bad act. she’s full of it. it’s all to “Set her apart.” a publicity stunt, if you will! she has ONE sentence to read at the oscars and she starts shaking her leg, turns her head and coughs with her mouth open, and begins to scratch her head like she’s got lice. come on. so full of it. if she was really nervous she would have looked like molly ringwald!

  • I suppose the difficulty is that she doesn’t want to play a character in public, just wants to be herself, and that ‘self’ just happens to be really shy and nervous, and gets self-loathing when she fucks up.

    I don’t think she’s got a too-cool-for-school attitude at all.

  • i totally believe her stage fright is real. but it’s terrible anyways. dont do interviews or appearances. period.

  • She was totally lovable on Jay Leno. Now that Taylor Momsen is around, I’ve got more annoying people to dislike. I like Kristen now. Taylor makes me wanna vomit.

  • she is the most awkward public speaker i have ever, ever, ever seen. i mean, i think it’s real, but it’s not real cool or endearing. why would she want to put herself – and everyone else – through that any more than is neccessary to promote her lame ass movies?
    (i try not to, but i love her though. mostly just for her chewed on, unwashed vintage hoodies. and she has some awesome sunglasses. and sneakers! i have a soft spot for anyone who likes sneakers as much as i do)

  • That blouse is making me think – Frederick’s of Hollywood. Trashy, but yet somehow, unrefined.

  • Cut the kid some slack. Sure, she’s awkward as hell and the lip biting is beyond annoying, but she’ll grow out of it. I actually hope she remembers this cringing thing she evokes. It’ll be a good thing to have in her arsenal as she matures. Really, who else can do that so convincingly? Good stuff. Team Stewart from the future.

  • K has got the best facial skin in Hollywood. Unbelieveable how clear and smooth it is. Dakato’s face is bump city.

  • just because u choose to post pictures of her where she doesnt smile doesnt mean that that’s the way it is! im sick of this.. u promote this image of her based on a couple of pictures and videos and ignore other interviews of her like the jay leno one that someone above commented on.. i believe she is a nice girl and i like her..

    • sorry for this but seriously, if u post the akward moments of her why dont u post some of her good moments too, just to be fair…

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