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Billy Corgan is Totally Trying, Very Hard, to Get Into Jessica Simpson’s Pants

… And I think, by throwing John Mayer under the bus, that it just may not happen.

Simpson, who appeared earlier this week on the David Letterman Show was grilled by Letterman regarding her past with various — ahem, rather attractive — love interests, but I found it funny that while exes Tony Romo and John Mayer were discussed, no one thought to bring up who Simpson’s now allegedly dating:  Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

However, Billy’s gonna try to ride this “unnamed” buxom female celeb train until its fame wears off, evidently, because he’s once again speaking out on Jess’s behalf.   John Mayer most recently opened his loose-lipped flap to Playboy magazine regarding his and Simpson’s nuclear sexual past and Jess was none too happy about it, as she claimed on Letterman.

After Corgan was audibly snubbed during the interview with David Letterman, he’s still standing by his woman and sounds off to Rolling Stone about his thoughts on the comments that Mayer made off the cuff:

“He’s trying to destroy his career … Rather than take a year off or change his musical direction, some part of it is irritating [John Mayer’s] soul to the point where he’s trying to blow it up.  Certainly a talented guy, but empathetically, it’s hard to watch someone literally burn their career to the ground speaking as somebody who’s done it.”

After some more vague rambling, Corgan states:

“For any person who has celebrity to drop rocks at somebody else’s feet like that, there’s things you should really just keep your mouths shut on.  There’s things that should just be left alone.”

And then the clincher that Corgan dropped a few weeks ago to the same publication:

“If people knew her [Jessica Simpson] like I knew her, they would love her like I do.”

Aww … Someone’s pissed that they’re still not yet getting any from Hollywood’s favorite, elitist gift horse.

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  • It’s possible he wants to get into her pants.

    It’s also possible he already has and is taking this opportunity and ‘what they had’ to get some personal publicity.

    It’s also entirely reasonable for a male to speak this way about a female friend and for there to be nothing else going on.

    Why do you have to assume the first? There’s no reason that it is more probable than the other two. You’re spinning a yarn, and why? So that you have material for a post. Celebrity gossip is one thing, but this is so loose you might as well have used a picture of Tara Reid. Is it hard to sleep at night knowing your income is derived from ad revenue generated from the weakest kind of schoolyard speculation?

  • he’s publicly sticking up for his lady! so fuckin’ what… i agree with everything he said. GO BILLY, you bald weirdo, i still love ya.

  • Um, ugh. Bald men may not have Jessica. Maybe if they have the world’s best toupee, this rule could be bent.

  • @Markus I get your drift on where you were going there. I often think of my past and use it as a means to analyze where I am and where I want to get to. Where I struggel is balancing it all out. How do you guys balance things out?

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