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The Lady Gaga/Beyonce “Telephone” Video Hits the Web

Update: The video is auto-play so I put it after the jump.

It’s finally here — the long-awaited, 10-minute music video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone.”

Thoughts???? It’s pretty amazing, IMO.

(Hat-tip to our awesome friends at popbytes for this vid.)

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  • I would have liked it better if it had just been with Gaga. Beyonce seems like she’s trying to remain relevant and it’s just coming across as desperate.

    • I have to agree that in the back of my mind this is the case.

      This is a “typical” long form video – except Gaga is throwing everything but the kitchen sink in it – some cool dance moves, lotta death and violence – o.k., and some sorta theme. One would criticize it but it’s just her style and
      I like that. Look at how darned different each video has been so far.

      There’s no message in it – at least profound – as far as I’m concerned – but it’s there to enjoy and that I did. Thanks for the link evil beets!

    • Beyonce trying to stay relevant? lol, she’s been around for over a decade and continues to top the charts, regardless of song. Beyonce made this video work. idiot.

  • Amazing video! The lyrics couldn’t make any less sense together with the action, but whatevs – that’s Gaga’s jam. Especially like the dance they do together in the USA costumes and Thelma and Louise ending. It’s like watching MTV when I was 11 all over again!

    • The USA dance was definitely my favorite. Any woman who can steer all of the attention AWAY from Beyonce during a dance number is pretty amazing, in my mind.

  • I watched the whole thing.. TWICE!! Lovin’ the collaboration between the two diva’s. I’m very excited to see what they come up with next.

  • Woo! That made absolutely no sense but I was entertaining.

    Gaga can act. Beyonce on the other hand, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she’s been TRYING to act for almost a decade now (remember her in MTV’s Carmen: a Hip Hopera in 2001?) and she still is not even slightly convincing. She always sounds as if she’s trying to remember her lines as she’s speaking them.

  • fantastic! I loved it! One of the most interesting videos I’ve seen in quite sometime… Lady Gaga is phenominal! And Hunny-B?… very very well done! I loved her in the Bettie Page inspired hair

    • for the generally uninformed: gaga is creative director of polaroid. what better way to advertise?

    • Gaga’s videos always have this much product placement, and yeah it kind of spoils them for me.

      PS. When it comes to Beyonce I don’t remember any of it.

  • Hahahah “I told you she didn’t have a dick” :P

    I was so confused by the video, what the helle is the story about?

  • Awesomeness!!!!!! But I’d have to agree, Beyonce (though I love her to bits) seems like she’s just along for the ride, and is slightly uncomfortable wading through all of Gaga’s delicious kink. Glad she cam along for the ride, but Gaga can just pull ANYTHING off, no matter how biazrre, and still make us cream our jeans!

  • That’s the worst video I’ve seen in ages! Well done GAGA n Bey! That was torture to watch!

    Think Gaga should just walk on stage naked n get it over with!

    That song is utter rubbish too! As if people LIKE that!

    • “Think Gaga should just walk on stage naked n get it over with!”

      hahaha :D

      i actually like the song.

      but the video is like a trainwreck… you can’t look away!!! gaga is soooo ugly in it, it’s painful.

  • Absolutely disgusting. Gaga is too talented to stoop to this kind of vulgarity.
    Not enough of the song, too much product placement. So much that it was almost like a Wayne’s World spoof. I agree that Beyonce seems out of place with space age fashions and cartoonish situations. She used to have class, now she’s acting skanky and it doesn’t suit her. The mass murder, what’s up with that? Gaga also killed her boyfriend in another video. I’m a big fan of both ladies, but they could have done better than this.

  • WOW!
    Can you count how many times Gaga & B flash the 666 hand symbol? (Pointer finger and thumb touching, all remaning fingers are straight up)

    Evil much?

    • yes they must also be stealing babies from hospitals to sacrifice to satan. it’s on the blooper reel.

    • Not that I would care either way, but, for the record, Lady Gaga just really, really likes covering half of her face, partially or completely.

  • I love the song VERY catchy! :) But the video is fricking stupid!! lol.Also she was advertising Virgin Mobile in one of the shots. When they told her she had a phone call.

  • Really loved the kill bill/sin city style cartoon like mini movie. even though I have no idea what was going on apart from some epic costumes. Love B’s hair like that. Annnnnd the song is super catchy.

    Enough with the product placement though, killing it!
    I’m off to buy a virgin mobile, polaroid camera and some gaga headphone buds. Man I want those.

  • so I LOVED this. the makeup/hair, the pussy wagon from Kill Bill-
    I loved it. and Beyonce fit right in- she looked awesome!

  • Why wasnt Amber Rose in this video, she would have gone so well with their lesbian theme. Beyonce looks so beautiful. I love her wig, it suits her and she was so hot in that yellow dress. Lady Gaga was over the line wtih that semi nudity. Vulgar and unnecessary. I like the song though.

  • That was absolutely the most retarded piece of shit I have ever seen. You couldn’t witness any thing more fucking stupid even if you hung out at the “California Home for the Retarded” (Sean Penn’s house) or even the “Democratic National Convention”.

  • LOVED IT! no wait. REALLY LOVED IT. i found it both hilarious & beautiful.
    don’t know what i enjoyed more. the tap-dance step upon gaga’s release from prison
    or her “monster-y” facial expressions while she danced.. thank god someone knows how 2 make videos again. go gaga

  • Not as good as her last video, but very creative on LG’s part. Yes a bit random and definitely not what I expected given the song lyrics, but crazy and fun to watch overall. LG dancing in the jail with all the other girls in the background (HOT) and Beyonce saying “I knew you’d take all my honey, jerk(?)” were my favorite parts. Ain’t nobody messing with my honey, I love that stuff.

  • Hates it, its sad to see that she is the role model that teen girls have today. sick…. (I have a 12 year old and Im HAPPY that I dont allow her to watch mtv) As if their life wasnt complicated enough when they are teens!

  • illuminati illuminati, illuminati….
    wake up pple…shes a devil worshipper and shes flaunting it in ur face. do u not see it?

  • OMFG!……. I was at the mall yesterday, and this chick from Sirens was telling me about this video, and i was like, i’ve seen the videophone video, it’s pretty explicit for my liking but not totally weird, and she was like, no that’s not the video, it’s the new one…
    So obviously this is the one, now i’ve seen it, and she was totally right, it is extremely explicit, over the top perverted, and now i’m completely sure lady gaga should have been a porn star instead of a singer……

    And i know most of you love lady gaga and think she’s awesome, good for you, this is just my opinion, so dont give me shit for thinking what i think…

  • Used to like Lady Gaga but this is just terrible. The references to Pulp Fiction & Kill Bill are stupid because what the fuck does this song/video have in common with them? Such utter trash and so much stupid product placement. Plus why is she completely naked, that’s just gross.

  • Can someone tell me what a telephone and jail have in common? none of her videos ever make sense

    • its just a hodge-podge of shock value and (dont flame me for this because whether or not you wanna believe it its true) semi-subliminal programming. im not wearing a tinfoil hat, im just saying look at her consistent themes: hell of a lot of sexual reference, rediculous violence, killing of men, not to mention the host of pseudo-occult references. speaking of did anyone notice the beelzebub tattoo on her lesbian inmate friend? every other shot is of her crotch too.

      maybe adults can handle this but when i hear little kids singing this nonsense walking down my road after getting off the bus i cant help but lose hope for their poor brains. theyre being turned into mush.

      • So . . . I am going to assume that you are serious here. What -exactly- is the connection between sexual references, violence, killing men, and whatever pseudo-occult references that you see in the video? Other than the fact that those factors (well, except for the last one) are things that consumers such as myself love seeing in videos?

      • You are what you eat.
        Consume this garbage and it’ll comes out your pores.
        Obviously. Or else there wouldn’t be a Gaga or Beyonce or any of the other trash purveyors.

      • Adults would be too intelligent to handle this. It is so obviously juvenile, “shock the man”, garbage. What have we allowed our world to come to…

  • This video is filled with satanic symbols … just like the rest. Open your eyes people, do some research. Youtube has great videos on the masonic occults entering the music business, expecially Beyonce, Gaga, JAYZ (THE WORST) rihanna … its goes on and on. Educate yourself then re-watch the videos. I promise you will see it in a new light. IGNORANCE IS BLISS AND KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

  • I think that Gaga is amazing. i mean shes different etc…but sometimes she tries TOO hard to be different, and that’s what i think she’s doing here. It’s relevant to Paparazzi, i think she’s obsessed with death, murder and poison! It can seem strange to some, maybe even a bit psychopathic haha.. Beyonce is awesome, she does her own thing and that is the best thing, she doesnt try to copy anyone or anything..:) i love beyonce. The video doesn’t relate to the lyrics of the song…which is a bit irrelevant and i got a bit confused with what she wanted to promote through this video…just dance – have fun, paparazzi – get your own back, never give up etc, poker face – ??? you know what i mean? x

  • Absolute trash. You want your daughters, your girls, your wives acting looking like, acting like THAT?
    Not me.

  • I think beyonce was just trying 2 be better than gaga in way she dances. GAGA IS THE BEST.

  • I think this video was utterly satanic. I can’t believe what I saw. It should definitely be banned. The nudity, the 666 number and killing of people. What is going on here. How can you say this is in good taste? Shame on you.