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The Dude Abides

This post is supposed to be about giving the gents some fashion love after three articles of women’s Oscar fashion, but I’m distracted right now by the fact that Jeff Bridges just won an Oscar. I think his win may be the only time I’ve ever actually cheered out loud for one of these awards ceremonies like I was watching a sporting event.

On to the fashion crap.

Pretty much every man ever wears the same thing to the Oscars- black tuxedo with some variation of tie and shoes. There’s not a lot to see there. Robert Downey Jr. took a slight break from the standard by pairing his with sneakers, a blue bowtie and some shades. Eli Roth had smugness for an accessory that translated into some hilarious red carpet photographs, and George Clooney’s best accessory was the gorgeous brunette whom he joked couldn’t speak English.

But who really cares about all that? Jeff Bridges is a freakin Academy Award winner! Less than one minute after the win, someone has already updated his Wikipedia entry. Since I can’t do that, here are some celebratory tweets by clever people:

@Squirrellqueen : That Oscar will really tie the room together.

@thats_so_april : If Jeff Bridges doesn’t remind you of your dad just a little bit then, well, sorry about your dad.

@leolaporte : Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes you win an Oscar.

@rilaws : When Jeff Bridges opens his mouth, po’ boys and jars of beer come tumbling out.

Congrats Jeff!

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  • Appalling, even if it was an oversight. Beyond appalling if it was indeed a deliberate omission.

  • Why did they leave actress Farrah Fawcett out of the Memoriam?
    That was a pretty cold decision to make.

    And yes, I’m glad Jeff Bridges won.

    • Ditto Bea Arthur. Even though both Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur had big screen chops and experience, they were primarily known for their TV work and the academy perhaps decided to get snobby and not include them for this reason. Both were, for what it’s worth, featured in Oscar nominated films during their respective careers.
      Then there’s Michael Jackson — who was honored by The Oscars in memoriam — who is of course best known for his riveting film work.
      Congrats to Jeff Bridges! The Dude was first nominated for an Oscar almost 40 years ago. Talk about a long wait for the big prize.

  • I didn’t even think about Farrah Fawcett! Why the hell would they have Brittany Murphy and not her?!
    As for the suits, I thought Tom Ford looked sublime. The suit was flawlessly tailored, I loved the lapels and the white flower was a nice touch. Some people do notice these things!

  • The Dude, Starman, Fabulous Baker Boy – Jeff Bridges is one slyly handsome, incredibly sweet old hippie of a guy. Long overdue – very sad that his mom and dad didn’t live to see it. Glad they let him ramble on for as long as they did – it was awesome.