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Lil Wayne is Never Going to Jail

Lil Wayne was scheduled to report to jail about a week ago, but the oral surgery he needed before he spent a year locked up kept him out of there for an extra week. His sentencing date was moved to yesterday, but in some crazy twist of fate, the courthouse caught on fire and so everything got bumped up until today. Well, the judge had some time to think about it, and since the damage from the fire was pretty bad, she pushed Wayne’s appointment back until Monday. By the time his ass is finally in the cell, he could have already served his sentence!

I’m thinking that it’s safe to say that Wayne not going to go to jail on Monday or ever. Unless he does. But somehow I think these little accidents are going to keep popping up until the judge gives in and wipes his slate clean.

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  • Why is he going to jail anyway, the gun was in a duffel bag near Lil Wayne, owned and registered to his manager who was on the tour bus. Talk about selective prosecution. This case always bothered me.

  • Couldn’t he go to jail, get his surgery and spend recovery in jail as well? It’s not like that guys going to be in general population anyways. He’s going to get his own cushy VIP cell. Even if he wasn’t, prisons have a medical staff. He could wait it out lounging in a hospital gown eating jello while still serving time. This makes no sense.

  • ha,these fuk’n successful people haters.some should mind there own cuzz 2 much diggin & then the dirts on them