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Transvestite Vomits on Susan Sarandon

I chose this story just because I wanted to write that headline.

Susan went to The Box in New York to celebrate the burlesque club’s third anniversary and was vomited on by transvestite performer Rose Wood while Wood was on stage.

“She actually handled it very well,” a source said. “She was laughing while a bunch of guys came over to towel her off.”

Chances are the performer won’t handle it as well. From here on out, she’ll probably be known as “the one that vomited on Susan Sarandon.”

I don’t know if this is really “news”, but other websites have decided it is,  so I’m just regurgitating it for you because it’s the perfect example of how ridiculous celebrity gossip can get.

Does it really matter if Susan Sarandon got barfed on by a tranny? I guess it does, because I find it very funny in that “life is utterly ridiculous and anything can happen” sort of way.

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  • This is the best reason I’ve ever heard for not sitting in the front row. But you didn’t say whether it was projectile vomiting, so maybe she was farther back.

  • Good call Molls!! Trannys upchucking on veteran actresses is exactly the kind of celeb gossip I need in my life. Tell us when someone puts cellphone footage on youtube too…

  • Susan should get her neck done. We know she’s getting older but the neck is the part that, when it’s bad, well, it’s just bad.

  • I had a good friend projectile vomit on me from across a table in NYC. It was frickin awful; it was like a scene from the Exorcist, except his head didn’t spin. And, to add really worse to worse, the vomit dripped off of the table and me and into my purse which was sitting on the ground. I still tease him relentlessly about that night.

    Poor Susan. Been there, done that. It SUCKS when it happens to you. Otherwise, it is pretty funny!