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Joan Boners Ahoy!

Damn, son. Check out Christina Hendricks aka Joan from Mad Men on the most recent cover of New York Magazine. Not only is Christina a favorite female star amongst women because of her sexy style and healthy, voluptuous body, but pretty much every guy I know would stab someone in the face just to touch one of her boobs once for a half a second. Christina told the magazine that the attention her body got was a little bit much for her at first and said, “It kind of hurt my feelings at first. Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious. I was working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!”

Um, can you blame them?

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  • I didn’t really notice her face or her body… I was too focused on the scraggly hair. That just creeps the hell outta me.

  • What’s up with her eyes? And I agree with Lisa on the hair. Wayy too much. But she has a lovely body. And I like her skin too. She’s gorgeous.

    But beyond all that, she is also a fab actress.

  • Curse you New York Magazine! Right when I let my subscription run out! Now I’m going to have to swipe my Podiatrist’s copy.

    Big Red is looking great.. not like those plasticine, bulimic, forgettable tediums that the powers that be try force feed us.

  • OMG – I’d like to touch her boob for a minute too…and I’m straight! She is a walking Vargas/Botticelli girl.

  • She is definitely the prettiest female on the show. And, I love her curves. She looks so soft, creamy, and touchable. Do you guys thinks her boobs are real? I’m not sure.

  • She went way too far with the size of implants she chose…they are so in your face gross. In re her comment about “working so hard on Mad Men….”, the way she is wardrobed on that show, of course people would comment about her body. The wardrobe chosen for her could not be ANY tighter.

  • Must take a whole truckload of makeup and powder to make her boobs not look like veiny roadmaps of the by-roads of Texas…

  • she is a buetifull women and to be fair who cared if her breasts are real or fake the not a straight man on the planet who wouldent cut his left arm of og given a noght to do wot he wanted to het i knpw i would id say at the moment shes the hottest women in tinsel town long live christina what a honey lol