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It Turns Out That That Bitch Was On Crack, After All

Uh-oh. It was reported during Charlie Sheen’s wife, Brooke Mueller’s first rehab stay that homegirl was there to beat an addiction to crack, but not only did her family deny the claim, but it just sounded fake. Crack? Who the hell does crack that isn’t Whitney Houston or homeless? Well, I guess Brooke Mueller does because she’s back in rehab again and this time the people in Brooke’s life aren’t keeping so quiet.

From Radar:

“Brooke has been in denial about her problem for a long time,” one source close to her told

Brooke checked into rehab last week. She has both an alcohol and a crack addiction problem, and has been treated for both in the past, is reporting exclusively.

And then there’s this, also from Radar:

She left North Carolina for Charlie’s court appearance in Colorado and then returned to Los Angeles.

“She went on an all-nighter,” the source said. “She was just out of control.”

Brooke has been boozing heavily and smoking crack for months, according to the source. She was drunk at 8:30 am Christmas when she called 911 and told cops that Charlie held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Oh, and sadly, this isn’t even the closest she’s come to hitting a wall: reported previously that Brooke was treated for crack addiction around 2001 as an inpatient in a Los Angeles facility.

“She had a bad problem even back then,” one person who knows her said. “She would leave the facility, score drugs, get beat up and wind up in the hospital.”

And the source who is close to her now told “She’s smoking crack and she’s drinking heavily. Everyone around her wanted her to get help.”

Holy crap, you guys! It’s not as if I thought that the woman who married Charlie Sheen was going to be totally sane, but a crack addict?! Ugh. I wish nothing better for Charlie, but this is, of course, a complete tragedy due to the fact that Brooke is a mother. And I hate to say it, but do you think somewhere out there, this pleases Denise Richards to no end?

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  • And here you guys were, painting Charlie Sheen as the evil one and completely convinced that if someone who was completely drunk at the moment claims that someone held a knife to their throat and threatened to kill them then it must be true. I knew from the moment the blood alcohol levels were revealed this one were fishy, but everyone else was far more concerned with the fact that Sheen’s people said something along the lines of things aren’t always what they seem. Well, now we know what they meant by that.

  • Crack is whack, yo. Brooke Mueller may be the best looking crackhead I’ve knowingly seen since Halle Berry in Jungle Fever.
    Believe the hype, drop the pipe.

  • Everyday I want to read EB less and less:

    “Crack? Who the hell does crack that isn’t Whitney Houston or homeless? ”

    Is anyone else bothered by the way Molls lumps these two together? Something here seems off.

    Would you be more satisfied if Brooke Mueller were snorting lines of coke? Or meth? That would be more in line with her socioeconomic status and the fact of her very whiteness. I mean duhh! Only the ethnics and the homeless do coke right?

    • I really wish the people who keep claiming that they don’t want to read EB anymore would just stop!
      I am sick of a large proportion of the comments being from grouches who probably complain about everything they encounter in life using the comments section of each article as a way to get at the editors and bitch about the standard of writing!

      Oh, and Charlie Sheen is a sexy beast, I know he’s probably riddled with disease and whatnot but I can’t help but be drawn to him! You just know he knows what he’s doing in the sack!

      • I agree with tina. Molls’ writing was pretty ignorant. And yes, I think the comments section is a perfectly approprate place to comment on the contents of articles (obviously?).

      • Haha, ew Charlie Sheen! My sister has the hots for him too, so maybe you guys could form a support group or something?!
        I do think even one day a week for witticisms, not criticisms would be a nice change though!

      • Good idea. Is there a particular day of the week that you recommend that we bitch, instead of daily? I vote Sunday as “bitch day”.

  • Who marries and has babies with known drug addicts anyways? It’s obvious drug addiction in one form or another is common in Hollywood or this shit wouldn’t be reported on a daily basis. That place is a fucking hellhole!!

    • Wow, what an intelligent person you are tina.

      Just making the point that there is absolutely no point in reading the articles on a site if you’re just going to bitch and moan about it, it clearly affects you and must bring your sad little life down even more.

      Oh well, I’m done arguing with the idiots on this site!
      Back to reading it and ignoring the asinine whining of the tools that frequent the comments section I guess!

      *Cue snarky remark about how you’re glad I’m gone anyway* :P

  • The mother of two very young children is now in ‘reheab.’ Very sad. Who is taking care of those babies?
    Snorting lines of coke or using ‘crack,’ does it make a difference what we called? It ‘is’ what it ‘is’ and that ‘is’ a very sad post for her children and her two step children.

    • Gosh, you fit your name. I wish you’d act more like your evil twin, AngryTia. I’d like to hear her feelings about the hollywood rug rats she dropped prior to her next fix.

  • Any possibility this is a story that will keep the Charlie Sheen/sit com money train chugging along? just a thought…

  • Ohhh, let’s all applaud Lynsey for taking the moral high ground on a gossip blog!
    Maybe one day we can all be as enlightened as she is! I wonder how long it took her to write such a well-reasoned response. I mean…she used the word asinine! *(probably from her word of the day calendar)

    PoliteTia has struck upon what the angle of the story should have been. Thank you for that. Tia wins.