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Jay-Z Thinks Susan Boyle Should Have Her Own Clothing Line

Along with my 60 year old alt-country former hippie father, you can add Jay-Z to the list of unlikely Susan Boyle fans.

In a recent interview, he sung the Boyle’s praises and even suggested that she capitalize on her success by starting her own clothing line.

“What Susan’s achieved is unbelievable. Everybody wants a piece of her and the market for her is huge. I could see her with her own clothing range. Sure, why not? She’ll appeal to women of a certain age. They’ll see an ordinary person who made the best of herself. It’ll give them hope.”

I’m going to ignore the fact that he used the odious phrase “women of a certain age” and just hope to high hell that we don’t see an “Oh Susan Ugh!” or “Susan B-eautiful” line of polyester blend slacks and sensible pantsuits coming to a K-mart near you anytime soon.

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  • Oh, yeah, let’s have yet another line of polyester-blend clothing for women of a certain-age. So nice of him to throw us frumpy older women a bone.

    Wish he’d get some surgery to close up those honking huge nostrils of his. That would make me feel a hell of a lot better.

  • Yeah, that would be so cool. Maybe they could even design a special line of those helmets that people with water on the brain wear.

  • I was thinking about this earlier today…Jay Z is one smart guy. He has a gf/wife? years younger than him who is bootylicious, very popular right now and has many hits such as Single Ladies. Beyonce is really hot right now and he has her completely devoted to him; she’s been quoted as saying something like, “you can’t make a man do something he doesn’t wants to do, whether it be getting married or having kids; you just have to stick around and wait until he’s ready.” So he has her so twisted around his finger she’s willing to stick with him and let him decide when to move things to the next level whenever he so well chooses AND he has an even YOUNGER hot girl, Rihanna, working and collaborating on songs with him which is a perfect excuse for him to hang out with another black bootylicious and sexy girl without getting into trouble. And I think he was ranked the highest earning singer last year. Man, that guy is smart. I need to learn a few things from him.

    • I know. As much as I hope it DOESN’T happen (please God, PLEASE!) marketing a Susan Boyle clothing line would be a really clever business move.

      • Yes, and then you could pose in a single article of clothing from the line and post pictures of it for us :)

  • Isn’t it amazing a man in his 40’s is never consider old.

    But a woman in her 40’s is consider OLD.

    Jay-Z is 40. Susan Boyle is 47…. and Beyonce is 27.

    Does he not realize is a “man of a certain age”.