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I’d Know That Look Anywhere

Misch Misch, can I ask you a question? Are you blazed? I mean, just a few days ago you were looking so fresh and pretty and now you’re looking like your old self. I’m not accusing you of anything, but as a kinda-sorta friend, I want you to know that you can tell me the truth and I’m fine with it. It’s totally fine with me, I don’t care what you do with your life. But you know, if you’re walking around looking like this and you’re not just stoned, I’m going to have to assume that you’re doing smack or something and that’s a horse of a different color (Black? White? Yellow? What color is heroin?) Sure, maybe you’re still just mentally exhausted from having your wisdom teeth removed, but c’mon. You telling me that Ben Sherman bag isn’t actually full of Nilla Wafers and Dave Chapelle DVDs?

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  • LOVE this post!! (And I like a lot of your other posts since you’ve been here at Beet) Molls, I love your personality. I would probably be your friend in real life. You’re cool as shit. However, the writing errors bug me. Everyone’s been bitching about it, none of you writers address it, so I guess you all don’t care. I wish you understood the POV of my fellow writers/journalists/grammar nazis/perfectionists out there. But it looks like you’re going to continue to do your thing and I GUESS I’ll have to deal with it.

    Nothing bothered me grammatically about this post-just to clarify. And I do think you’re cool as shit. I correct my friends all the time with their grammar and shit and they correct me with my overly-critical nature and shit. So if we were friends in real life I would give you shit about writing a lot of your posts so poorly and not caring and you could give me shit for procrastinating with things all the time in life and being a general bitch when it’s not necessary.

    In sum= I kind of love you, even though I probably shouldn’t. ;-)

    • Who the fuck cares if you like Molls or not. How about putting a pin in that “overfilled with ego” head of yours and chill. Ugh. I can assure you that you’re annoying and your friends think so too.

  • Is there any way possible that we don’t have to read about this chick anymore? I believe I have her filed somewhere in between “COULDN’T CARE LESS” and “WHO GIVES A RAT’S ASS?”

    • I knowwww. She HAS no entertainment career. This site is giving her a career/ making her seem relevant.

  • maybe she is just as surprised that gossip blogs find her relevant.
    Here she is trying to live normal life, shopping with friends and she is critiqued as if she is still working and not in fact just trying to go about her day.

    and uh, anyone looks like that when the camera shutter catches us in a blink.

    I know, i’m taking this way too serious but unless she is really asking for the attention or whoring herself about i think people should just leave her be and not invent sarcastic posts to attack her normalcy.

    i love gossip but only when it is actually about something other than unemployed actors shopping with friends not really asking for the latest critique on her figure or clothing or based on the fact that a pap caught her blinking while walking.

    • Or the fact that the SUN is right in her face. Look at the shadows from her bangs, and her eyelashes. She’s probably squinting because of the sun. How quick people are to jump on others for drugs, drinking or anything that will give them a story.

      Interesting, I think.

  • How many times can you say shit to make yourself seem cool and relatable? That comment is the equivalent of stepping on someone’s hand, saying “sorry! sorry!” 5-6 times and then stepping on it again. Which is not to say, despite the pandering manner that it’s not true, but Sasha isn’t interested in being a celebrity blog writer anymore. Check out her blog – she’s looking to greener pastures. The result is Moll’s consistently hideous writing and nothing being done about it.

    But I’m sure she’s great. and shit.

  • who gives a fuck anymore, really. i don’t care if mischa barton is high on weed, heroin, or paint thinner. she’s still irrelevant.