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Hailey “All Class” Glassman referees a “celebrity” boxing tournament at the — wait for it — Philadelphia Airport Ramada in Essington, Pennsylvania. My Lord this is an attractive woman. Oh wait no I was thinking of someone else.

(Side note: I have spent a significant amount of time in Essington, Pennsylvania. It is not a place that attracts celebrities. Or, ya know, solid roofing.)

The kicker here is that the photo agency can’t even identify any of the “celebrities” in the boxing match. I think they’re all former Playboy models.

Hailey arrived to perform these very important duties wearing sweatpants and Uggs and an Ed Hardy shirt with a ripped back. God, that’s just not a decision I would have made. And it just took me a second to remember that she is famous for dating Jon Gosselin and not as a cast member of Jersey Shore. But I’d sure as shit pay to watch this bitch fight JWoww in the ring — or, better yet, Kate Gosselin.

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  • That’s about what my body would look like in that outfit, and that is -one of the many reasons- why I would NEVER wear that outfit.

    This is just sad.

  • i don’t harbor any particular hatred for hailey glassman, but if her existence creates an opportunity for me to watch kate gosselin beat the shit out of some chick… well then that’s just good fun.
    i feel like kate has it in her to kick a LOT of ass.

  • ha first thing i thought of when i saw that back was jersey shore – sam wore a dress just like that. white trash is white trash, even when it’s orange.

  • I come from a long line of white trash, and even we won’t claim this bitch!

    Gooooood lord! this outfit just created a tackiness black hole. if only it had sucked up jon….

  • Oh, when will the evil media leave this poor girl alone to live her life in peace?? She never wanted any of this.
    From the looks of it, they dragged her out of her bed against her will to make her fight a chick with giant yellow gloves…

  • Thanks for the 500.00 come see me defend in Feb with even less clothes and my big yellow gloves