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Brittany Murphy’s Husband Doesn’t Want an Autopsy Performed. Related: Cocaine Is Evil.


Hi guys. I hate that I’m here writing about yet another celebrity dying way before their time as a result of drug abuse. I know, I know, Brittany Murphy died of full cardiac arrest — don’t accuse her of doing drugs, Beet — but I don’t know how you guys think an otherwise healthy 32-year-old woman goes into full cardiac arrest. In my experience, it’s from doing drugs. It’s also been the experience of Heath Ledger, DJ AM, Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith. I know, I know, but Brittany Murphy had diabetes. It turns out, diabetes is a perfectly manageable health condition today. It becomes considerably less manageable when you’re doing lines all day. This young woman died of a drug overdose.

Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, requested the hospital not perform an autopsy on Brittany. Some have suggested that this is because she’s Jewish, and Jewish people aren’t really all about the autopsy, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that, to protect his wife, he doesn’t want the complete list of illegal drugs she was abusing tossed around the Internet in six weeks when the results are available. Which they will be, because authorities are performing the autopsy anyway.

My heart breaks for Brittany and her loved ones. I’m sad. I’m disappointed. I’ve heard nothing but kind things about her since I started doing this job several years ago. I’ve heard she was a lovely, funny, beautiful woman, and a uniquely brilliant actress, with a bit of a drug problem — one that seems to have gotten exponentially worse over the past year or so, as drug problems have a tendency to do. I guess I’m saying this because everyone I talk to seems so shocked that Brittany Murphy could have actually died of a drug overdose. It’s all I’ve heard all day: “She was so pretty! She was so cute! I loved her in Clueless! She couldn’t have really died from drugs.”

Yes. That’s how she died.

You guys, drug use results in people dying. It does not discriminate. The disease of drug addiction kills people, even pretty people — even cute, young girls who we all fell in love with when they got hilarious and awkward makeovers in a harmless film that defined a generation. Those girls die of drug abuse, too. I just can’t say it loudly enough — drugs are not something to fuck with. Just don’t even do it. Not even once. Not for any goddamn reason. Because people fucking die and then I have to write these articles about beautiful human beings whose lives were snuffed out by drugsdrugsdrugs. Again.

If you or a loved one has a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, get in touch with your local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for free help. Do something about it sooner rather than later. Because I betcha Brittany Murphy didn’t think it was gonna be this time that killed her.

This is the most recent set of pics I could find of Brittany, from an event on December 3.

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  • I agree. I also think her death had something to do with an eating disorder. She has been so very little for a while now and a drug habit mixed with an eating disorder could most definitely cause a 32 yr old to have cardiac arrest. So sad, hopefully she is in a better place now where she doesn’t have to battle her demons.

    • That was my sister’s first thought, but coke also makes you lose a lot of weight and both can send you into cardiac arrest. Either way, it’s a terrible situation.

      • Agreed. It must be depressing to have everyone in the country laughing at you. In that vein, can’t Tiger Woods just go ahead and die?

  • cool. thanks. good points. only the users who decide to get healthy even have a chance to get healthy, you can’t do it for someone, they have to do it for themselves. period.

  • I agree that the whole thing sounds sketchy and I’m in agreement on the drugs are bad thing, but lets refrain from being obnoxious and jumping the gun mmkay?

    You don’t know anymore than any of us do about the whole thing. By you jumping to conclusions (albeit clearly not unreasonable ones) by yelling DRGUS DRUGS DRUGS! you kind of make yourself seem less legitimate. It’s one thing to say, “I think she may have…” or “don’t you find it odd that…” or “rumoured to have a drug problem, one can assume that she…” it’s quite another to say she’s some jacked up heroin junky.

    If she did in fact, die from a legitimate medical reason you’re going to look like an ass for being so snarky. Just sayin’

      • this was an extremely rude post. how obnoxious can you be? have some respect.
        you don’t know exactly what happened, you don’t know anything

      • Rude if you have a drug problem and you’re in denial about it. Otherwise it’s spot on.

        Clearly you’re not a fan of subtext so let me make it clear for you:
        I’m so tiered of celebrities and people dying before their time due to drugs.
        Drugs are bad.
        Anybody can have a drug problem.
        Drugs will kill.
        Don’t do drugs.

        If there is something rude about that…unless you ARE cocaine I think there’s little reason to be offended here.

    • YEAH doncha love all the people who come on here to say “you should have written it like this; not like that” WHAT THE FUCK start your own blog then. fuckin’ know-it-alls.

  • I also suppose that if her husband was complicit with her drug abuse that he would not want an autopsy done because he might be held responsible for the amount of drugs in her system, much like the people who now being held responsible in part for the deaths of Anna Nicloe and Michael Jackson. The fact that she was Jewish and that traditionally perhaps the Jewish faith discourages autopsies, could be a last ditch attempt to try and cover up the truth.

    I hope that the truth will surface.

  • One “real news” source said her death appeared to be from “natural causes.” I tend to agree with you that it is pretty damn UNnatural for a woman so young to just have a heart attack & die. Now maybe it will show up that she had an undisclosed heart condition but it probably was drug related. Still…it is also probably kinda unfair to scream DRUGS just yet. Also if she had an eating disorder, that could contribute to the death. When your body gets no nourishment, it begins to eat away from itself. When the fat is gone, the body eats muscle. Your heart is a muscle. Wham.

    Great country this. We have blogs with the personal opinions of people from a wide range of topics. I have the links of my favorite gossip blogs across the top of my screen including this one. I think you jumped the gun on the drugs thing but it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. And I will continue to read them every few hours here even when I disagree with the content.

    • I’ve heard over the years that she was a bit “wacky” but I interpreted that as being mental not a druggie. She never acted bizarre in public like most druggies do. Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson were so obvious, their behavior screamed drugs.

  • I’m trying to think of a time when the speculation wasn’t correct and I can’t think of one. Poor Brittany. I guess I have watched too many episodes of Intervention. Typically, addicts destroy the lives of their friends and family slowly for years before it comes to this. It’s even more tragic when the person self-destructing has been so blessed.

  • I think it is important that we find out the types, quantities and mixtures of drugs that can cause death in an individual. Not just because she is a celebrity. I was pissed that the toxicology reports for DJAM did not reveal the levels of the drugs in his system, just the types of drugs. Maybe it is my morbid curiosity or maybe it is just a precaution that I don’t mix certain drugs in certain amounts and end up with heart failure or stop breathing.

    If her husband is hiding his involvement in her usage, that is too bad. If he was responsible for contributing to her use and abuse I hope he feels great guilt and gets some help. He will definitely need it.

  • Um Sasha, she isn’t jewish her husband is, she’s Christian. Don’t you check Wikipedia before posting someone’s information?

    If it is drugs I wonder WHERE she got them? AN enabler perhaps?

    • Right. Why wouldn’t you check such a reliable, trustworthy source such as Wikipedia?

      Did you know that unicorns are real?

      • Oh and like “email tips” are any more reliable? You can trash any source if you’re a cynical asshole like yourself.

      • Fuck off, Bebe. I’m not sure how my statement would make me a cynical asshole…rather I’m not a gullible fucktard that would believe anything from Wikipedia like yourself.

        You never answered my question about unicorns.

    • Wiki isn’t always reliable you know. Here’s a website that says her maternal grandmother was Jewish, but religion wise Brittany considered herself Christian

      I can’t get over this. I am so incredibly sad. She was such an amazing person and I really did love her so much.
      You made the world a better place Brittany. We”re going to miss you SO much. RIP.

      God I am so sad :”( *sniff sniff*

    • Beet, first, who the fuck do you think you are?

      Second, I remember posts from the past where you addressed your lack of knowledge in the subject of drugs. Well, which one is it, inexperienced or experienced? Your description of what its like to be high on marijuana was one of th most comical things I have read on evil beet, I just find its a shame you were not making a joke.

      I hope you lose someone tragically and then have to deal with the pain of some half-twit, celeb suck-ass, know it all shouting it from the rooftops that it was due to some dirty little secret that they considered themselves privileged to have gotten a flipping email about.

      Also, if you are so in the know and have all this insider gossip that you don’t share,I believe that would make you a failure at what you do

      • Wow,

        That was really harsh. You obviously don’t know much about Beet otherwise you would never say what you did in the third paragraph.

        Keep your bigotted opinions to yourself.

  • WAIT..where was I at all of my life? Brittany had DIABETES!?!?!

    As a Type 1 Diabetic, this is not shocking IF she did not properly manage her bloodsugar levels. If you do not keep your bloodsugar in a good range, BAD THINGS HAPPEN, such as heart conditions. It’s a sucky disease guys, but my heart aches for her.

    She definitely died way too young. Regardless of the circumstances, I PRAY it was not related to Diabetes. It means she has been miserable for YEARS prior to her death.

    • I’m a type one diabetic too. Brittany was a type two diabetic.
      Dontcha hate when people don’t realize there’s a difference?

      My boyfriend’s aunt was a type one diabetic and recently passed away as a result of a heart attack. It was related to her disease.

      I’m sure that her type two diabetes could have contributed to this, but a 32 year old woman having type two diabetes kinda reveals lifestyle issues as well…

  • This may be in bad taste, but I know someone who she used to go to school with in NJ. I’ve heard she was not so nice. She was a snob and wouldnt throw out her trash at lunch in school because she was doing commercials and thought her poop didn’t stink. To be honest, that has left a bad taste in my mouth for her. Even though I wasn’t her biggest fan, I still think it’s terrible that she’s died so young. I pray for her and her family for their loss.

    • I sometimes didn’t throw out my trash after lunch in the caff. not cuz I was a snob or did commercials, but because the lunch lady who cleaned up was a crazy bitch who made our lives hell and that was my way of fighting back.
      Just sayin’…

    • If that story is true, that IS ashame. However, even if she was a bitchy teenager, she may have grown out of it. I try not to judge people too hard on what was said about them in high school, celebrity or not, because I think most of us don’t stay who we were from when we were teenagers. Regardless, this is so sad.

  • My first thought when I heard of her death from heart attack was that it was drugs or ED related.
    Hearing reports about her husband, in addition to being a bit of a grifter and that their marriage occurred when his visa had expired, was acting not right when help arrived makes me think something is off about the whole thing. Now he doesn’t want an autopsy?
    Yeah, somethings fishy there, especially since I’m assuming Murphy is worth SOME money.

  • I said “heart attack” in my prior post and I have learned today that cardiac arrest is different than a heart attack. She’s still just as dead but I wanted to correct myself.

    Did anybody else listen to her guest appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show? So very thin and with a disturbing English accent that is creepy. Yeah, her husband is a Brit but still… sounded weird coming out of her mouth. I guess I still have her Clueless Jersey accent in my mind.

    My dad had diabetes (as did his mother & sisters) and he went virtually blind and nearly lost his feet (his mother lost her legs). He died in his sleep and the cause of death was listed as “arteriosclerosis and complications of diabetes.” In my anguish I begged my mother to get an autopsy because he was fine that morning at breakfast but she wisely said “no, let him rest…” My sister & I learned that horrible night that death can come suddenly and waaaay too soon. We also learned that diabetes when left untreated can bllind, maim and kill a person. If poor Brittnay died of complications of diabetes, some folks will owe her memory an apology. And unlike some bloggers, Beet will do so if it turns out she was wrong.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had a similar thing with my father’s passing. I heard today that they are saying it was from natural causes due to her medical history. I think it’s all very easy to jump to the most sensational conclusions. It makes a good story.

      • Yeah and they are saying she had the proverbial “flu like symptoms” in the days before she died. I think you and I know all too well that things are not always what they appear at first glance.

  • Beet, how dare you make such an accusation? You write about insignificant gossipy Hollywood bullshit, that is your “profession”. Are you a doctor? No. So you should stick to what you fucking know. Don’t make judgments on shit you know nothing about!

  • Beet, how dare you make such an accusation? You write about insignificant gossipy Hollywood crap, that is your “profession”. Are you a doctor? No. So you should stick to what you know. Don’t make judgments on shit you know nothing about!

  • Beet, how dare you make such an accusation? You write about insignificant gossipy Hollywood crap, that is your “profession”. Are you a doctor? No. So you should stick to what you know. Don’t make judgments on things you know nothing about!

    • Deal. As long as you promise never to lecture me about how many times to click the “Submit Comment” button when you’re done typing your comment.

      • I hate when people try to make comebacks with stupid and insignificant grammar/computer error comments. So what this person pressed submit a few times? Maybe if your website would actually post comments right away like it should, this wouldn’t happen. Georgia had a a good point but you couldn’t even make a valid content-based rebuttal.

      • Now you’re the one talking about shit you know nothing about. This website DOES post comments right away, but oftentimes users have pages cached. Nothing I do can change the way your browser manages cache. And regarding Brittany’s drug use — believe it or not, being a gossip blogger does help a bit in that arena. I hear a lot of things I don’t print. I get a lot of tip emails that I never discuss on the site. I know a thing or two about what this young woman has been doing recently.

        I also know a thing or two about drug addicts, their patterns and their deaths, having spent the past four years of my life working with them in a volunteer capacity. You don’t know shit about my background or what I know.

      • Just because you receive some tips doesn’t mean that you actually know what happened to Brittany. You’re not a doctor, which was exactly Georgia’s point. I don’t care how much time you’ve spent volunteering, unless Brittany was someone you worked with personally, that doesn’t necessarily carry over.

        But the only reason I commented was because your comeback was so lame. It’s a whole lot easier to nit-pick on someone’s grammatical/computer mistake than to actually reply with something of substance. Especially when that comment delay issue is NEVER A PROBLEM AT OTHER SITES.

      • Oh right, I’m sure you are really protecting so many stars by not posting the “tips” you get. The truth is if theres any mean or nasty shit to post about someone skinnier and/or prettier than you, you’re all over spreading the word. Don’t act like some good samaritan!

      • The internet has given millions of people the right to publicise every opinion they have, which in turn gives each opinion less credibility.

        “You don’t know shit about my background or what I know.”

        A comment with truth in it, and I would apply that to anyone people on here are speculating about, including the late Brittany Murphy.

        Until toxicology tests come back, lets refrain from using sensationalised gossip in replacement of medical evidence.

        I would also add that hinting about email tips and insider knowledge does not stand up as evidence of knowledge.

      • actually beet. it did not post my comment straight away and i assumed it might be because i swore so i kept changing it, thinking there was a filter or something. So sor-ry if m not a regular on your site or whatever, and did not know of this little glitch that you think your site doesnt have.

  • Thank you, Beet, for your sensitive post about Brittany’ death. It was much better than Molls’ post. And just because some people might think I’m being sarcastic, let me clarify and say that I am being serious. I thought this post was very well written and sensitive to Brittany’s death.

    Also, unlike so many others or so it seems, I really appreciated what you said about drugs being bad and not to mess with them. In fact, I even copy and pasted it to my desktop because it was very convincing and I think it’d be good to have, for people like me, who sometimes need a reminder. So often people nag others not to use drugs, but I really felt that Beet’s approach was not naggy. It was just heartfelt and serious. Thank you. I really thought it was a wise/good thing to do to remind people that drugs can really cause serious problems, including death.

    And thanks for the links to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. As someone who has been to AA, I highly suggest it to anyone who needs some inspiration and support on the path to recovery.

    • I completely agree with you.
      I really enjoyed this post and found it in good taste and honestly caring.
      I’m normally a fan of molls, but her’s I felt was unnecessarily snarky this time. So, thank you, Beet.

      • Funny, when it’s a post about something trivial or silly, we don’t question the details too closely. We read. We enjoy. We move on.

        Clearly, this is a sensitive topic. I read this post and it made me cry. It made me feel something.

        Blogging might be considered a form of journalism by most people but the fact that Beet wrote something that made you all feel something and respond in some way – that is a very powerful thing.

        I don’t really care if Brittney was Jewish or Christian, had diabetes or an eating disorder. Not in the long run, anyway. What I do care about is someone is dead at a very young age. That is incredibly sad. The cause of death will be determined eventually and all of our lives will go on. Beet used the particular tragic passing as a wake-up call to us all.

        The fact that Beet works with addicts in her spare time says to me that she chooses to do so because of her very strong beliefs she has related to drugs/alcohol abuse. Maybe she’s lost someone she loved that way. Maybe she loses people that she works with all the time.

        Blogging has very loose rules. Beet wrote with passion and you read her passion and were likely moved in someway by it. That’s not bad for a Monday morning while you sip your coffee and ponder over your holiday list of things to do. I like being moved. I like having a response to things. I like feeling something when I read these blogs – whether it’s delight, awe, disgust, disbelief. We read and respond because we are human and somewhere deep down, we still care about humanity.

        I think that’s a good thing.

  • I think it’s purely that they have something to cover up… her and her husband. Which is probably and unfortunately drugs. So sad that it all ended this way.I don’t think it has to do with being Jewish. On Wikipedia it says this, “[6] She was raised a Baptist and later became a non-denominational Christian.”

    • I remember when my grandmother died and the hospital suggested an autopsy in case of legal action against the company she used to work for. My grandfather got really upset and said “please leave her alone now and let her have some peace”.

      He wasn’t trying to hide anything, he just couldn’t handle the thought of her being messed with. He just wanted her to rest in peace.

      Food for thought.

  • I know you might think I came from under a rock but I didn’t have time to check my fav gossip sites for only day and a half (due to a very busy schedule) and what’s happend – my sweet Brit Murphy is dead :((. I really liked her in “The ramen girl”. So sad :(. I feel bad now.

  • I had a close family member die in LA County recently and most people when faced with that autopsy issue don’t want their loved one essentially dissected, it’s an emotional time, and you are operating from a place of pain and shock. It was a mistake because without it we can’t move forward on a way to prove negligence in the death. I also know that Brittany was a diabetic, and had been one since childhood, this may have accounted for much of what the public saw. I don’t know about drugs, I do know if diabetics drink it can make them behave very strangely. I guess no matter how she died, it’s best to know the truth but it doesn’t make her any less dead, nor will it stop for even one addict from using. That’s part of the disease, they have to hit their own rock bottom and you have to hope that they don’t kill themselves first. All the warnings and talking about them specifically only makes them go further into denial. Frankly if they are making money for anyone in Hollywood they will work until they drop and be propped up while the able to bring in bucks, that’s the way this town works – When they don’t make people money they are left broke and helpless. That’s also the way this town works.

    • I am sorry for your loss. And it’s so true about the enabling nature of frankly, most businesses. If you are making someone else money, most times, no one wants to rock the boat.

  • I’m not ready to believe it was drugs yet. Brittany suffered from a heart condition for years, since she was little. I wonder what sort of (legal) drugs she was taking for her condition since I’ve been reading reports that she was having trouble staying awake and was withdrawn.

    I believe she may have had an eating disorder though. Anorexia is hard on the heart.

    • Her dad just said that she’d never had any trouble with her heart. They haven’t talked much in the past couple of years, but he lived with her when she was alittle girl. I think he would’ve noticed a heart condition.

  • RIP Tai. I think that the point of all of this is that drugs more than likely played a role in her death. They may have not killed her per se, but with things like diabetes and even a potential heart condition, taking drugs can exacerbate your underlying issues.

    And sorry, that bloviator that she married just never fit-sorry, but she could do so much better. What was up with that?

    I am sure the gossip writers could tell us so much more-who is on drugs, who cheats on their partners, who is gay, who engages in rather odd sexual behaviors. Face it-they know shit we don’t know. That’s why they have the jobs they do.

    Girlfran did drugs-even if she died from so-called natural causes. She had a problem, and even if she didn’t die from them, the tox report will tell the world.

  • This post was really out of line. Sure it looks suspicious that a 32 yr old died of a heart attack. However, there will be an autopsy and the details will be released or dug up by TMZ. So out of respect I wouldn’t rant about her being a cocaine addict. I love King of the Hill and she is the voice of Luanne. I love Brittany Murphy, she was so talented. I find it so shocking that she is dead. As weird as her marriage seemed, I thought that she would end up living a happy life with her husband.

  • A young successfull actress is dead at just 32, having lost a lot of weight in a business which demands an ideal at any cost, and in which cocaine use is rampant. Many young women who have died suddenly under similar circumstances have been later found to have a drug problem, so it is reasonable to speculate that this my have been the problem, but yes of course, this is only speculation or conjecture, or whatever you want to call it, but certainly not fact.

    It is important to note here that the author does not base her rationale that recreational drug use is dangerous to the point of being crazy on several levels, and that one should avoid it completely, upon this young woman’s speculated drug use being fact

    I have to say that when I read posts like “you PERSONALLY were not there in this particular case and you are not THE doctor who examined her, lived with her and followed her around 24/7, you are not entitled to speak on the general subject of drug use”, that these sound like the words of people who either ARE addicts in denial, or who are predisposed through their ignorance to become addicts or enablers.

    The author’s discussion of recreational drug use was clearly addressed at the SPECULATION, however reasonable, that this young woman may have been involved in drug use, and she is spot on with her advice. Don’t do drugs. If you have a problem with that, fix that problem, or you might die. True, it’s not that simple, but that’s how it works.

    Also, if you don’t want to come off sounding sound like some hyper-defensive cokehead, you might want to put a lid on the ghetto talk like “talk shit about”, etc. as it seems to be the language of people who hang with coke dealer types….Just a thought

    • Saying “talking shit” means you are hobknobbing with dealer types? Hmmm. I guess every teenager in the US is in deep, deep peril.

  • I guess we should all be sure to cut out two of the most addictive and dangerous drugs out there as well: alcohol and tobacco.

    Lot of people trash talking her husband (creepy, needed green card, etc.). I know nothing about him but would be hesitant to criticize him at this time, unless I was backed by facts.

  • It appears she was suffering from flulike symptoms, but the LAPD found many prescriptions drugs in the house and they aren’t saying what kind they are yet. God, if she died of the flu that is really frightening. Her poor mother.

  • I can’t believe the speculation started so soon. I find this entirely disgusting. This site should have a bit more class than this.

    I know Beet is trying to show how dangerous drug use is but all this speculation gives this site a feeling of cheap tabloid. Did anyone think that she might have had undiagnosed heart disease which is a major cause of fatal heart attacks in young and old alike?

    Really though, what caused her heart attack is none of my business. I’m just sad she died and I’m sad that her name is being slandered. Please have some respect and don’t let this turn into a media circus like Heath Ledger.

  • I think you fail to mention that drugs can be a lot of fun as well. For every one person that dies taking them, 10,000 have no problem. For every person who dies in a car, most people dont. Shit happens.

  • I felt horrible when I heard B.M. had passed away. I really liked her and it was quite a shocker! So R.I.P. girl!

    As for this post, Beet, I like your writing overall and most of the time I agree with you. Even when I don’t I still think it’s well worth reading. It’s also fine for you to say what you think about this. But to say with such certainty that she died of drugs? Yes, maybe you know things we don’t, but I find your post a little biased. I didn’t see any of this lecturing when DJ AM died… I don’t know, maybe I missed it. And here is a girl who I never really associated with drugs and as soon as she’s gone you jump out and say IT WAS DRUGS! DON’T DO DRUGS THEY’RE BAD FOR YOU! I just think it’s a little disrespectful, especially if you don’t know for sure. And even if you did… let her be laid to rest before you can make a bad example of her!
    And young people to sometimes die all of a sudden from things other than drugs! It HAS happened!

  • Even if it turns out that drugs did not directly cause her death, if she has been a drug user in the past – how can we say that this drug use didn’t exacerbate whatever condition she had?

    We need to talk about drugs. We need to shout about drugs. We need to stop taking drugs and accepting it when other people take drugs.

    And people.. it’s a gossip blog. The gossip is that she died of a drug overdose. It would be remiss of Beet not to write about it.

  • im really really more shocked @ the fact that Beet is so hell bent on insisting this had something to do with cocaine or whatever.
    its sad that we lost a young talent… in such a tragic way… so close to christmas…

    i guess we have 6 weeks to sit here and blame cocaine and her shady husband til the final reports come in.

    RIP Ty

  • Why so quick to assume drugs? Just because she’s Hollywood?

    Lately she’s looked anorexic, which could also explain her death.

    Anorexics starve their bodies so that the body starts digesting it’s fat stores and then muscle mass. The heart is a muscle. Anorexics often dies from heart failure or other organ failure.

    No drugs required.

  • This poor girl… Makes you wonder where her mother was. She married an older (and frankly ugly) man, she was dwindling way and people around her knew she was falling into a hard battle with drugs. Don’t be naïve and think that only Hollywood starlets are at risk – our children are at risk too! Look at the dangerous information available online to our children! Don’t let it go too far!

  • I keep reading comments from so many people on how natural fluke heart attacks/deaths are for young people. Are you all crazy?? People this is serious – LOOK! They FOUND empty drug bottles on her nightstand. The report stated that she “purged the contents of her stomach” before dying.

  • Wow…this is the first time i’ve ever read any of the comments on any of these posts, and I’ve got to say, there is a lot of trash talking about Beet…not to mention the other posters. Unless I’m mistaken, the purpose of this site is to report gossip and speculate about it in an amusingly snarky manner. That said, it has been widely reported that there were several prescription bottles found at the time of her death. She started losing alarming amounts of weight after Clueless, and recently she was nothing but bones. When I heard she died of a heart attack my first thought was “it was the anorexia.” That, combined with copius amounts of prescription (and perhaps illegal…hey, it’s Hollywood) drugs, can obviously lead one to the “drug od” conclusion. And how can you blame her husband for not wanting an autopsy? If my wife just died the last thing I’d want is for people to be cutting her up. I also have to say that all the comments I’ve read, on this site and others, mention her as “Tai” in Clueless, when she was a little chubby (for HW standards!), yet as soon as she became popular after that role, she lost 30 pounds and dyed her hair. 32 is way, way too young to die. 33, sure, but 32 is just a waste. I’ll miss you, Brittnay