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Another Depressing Music-Related Decade End Round-Up

Earlier this week Billboard released its list of the top one hit wonders of the last decade and it was grim. Even more grim? Their just released list of the top soundtracks of the decade. It starts off agreeable and then immediately spirals in to exactly the kind of stuff that makes other countries think we’re tasteless assholes for enjoying. The Top 25 Movie Soundtracks from Billboard:

Top 25 Soundtracks
1. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
2. High School Musical
3. 8 Mile
4. Hannah Montana
5. High School Musical 2
6. Hannah Montana 2
7. Twilight
8. Shrek
9. Chicago
10. Moulin Rouge
11. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
12. Mamma Mia
13. The Cheetah Girls
14. Hannah Montana: The Movie
15. Coyote Ugly
16. Bad Boys II
17. Ray
18. Tupac: Resurrection
19. High School Musical 3: Senior Year
20. Get Rich Or Die Tryin’
21. The Cheetah Girls 2
22. Walk The Line
23. Camp Rock
24. Garden State
25. Curious George

Truth is, I can get behind a lot of these things. O Brother, Where Art Thou? was great and that soundtrack was huge, so I’m glad to see that High School Musical didn’t trample it. Same goes for 8 Mile, Shrek, Ray and Garden State.

Of course since this is a Billboard list, the rankings are based entirely on sales and not quality, importance or cultural relevance. However, it’s very clear that more parents are buying soundtracks for their kids than themselves, or there’s just a lot of adults with a strong interest in The Cheetah Girls’ second album.

What was your favorite soundtrack of the last decade? I think mine was the soundtrack of my life the morning after I drank this stuff called Cisco. It was basically the sound of me vomiting and my neighbors fighting really loudly in Spanish.

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