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Just Another Day in The Lives of Two People Who Are Much Wealthier Than You

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on the set of Knight & Day

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have been filming Knight & Day in Sevilla, Spain and every day I log in to the photo agency sites to find photos for stories, and every day I see photos of the two of them “goofing around on set”. They’re usually dressed really well, sometimes Tom’s wife Katie Holmes brings their daughter Suri by the set, occasionally Cameron is caught flailing around like the spastic lady we all picture her to be. At this point it’s like, “I get it. You guys are rich and you make movies and people want to photograph that. Does anyone want to help me pay my phone bill?” Am I bitter? You fucking bet.

Then today I logged in to the photo sites and I saw this picture of Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise straddling each other on top of a Ducati, playing patty cake or whatever the hell it is that they’re doing and I just laughed. Just had to LOL at how absurd this lifestyle must be. Can you imagine being Cameron Diaz, sitting on top of a monstrously expensive hog in Spain, legs wrapped around the dude who jumped on Oprah’s couch and getting paid millions of dollars to do it? That’s just bizarro.

They’re so fortunate.

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  • Molls, I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed your post titles today. They are great and I really appreciate the extra effort to be comedic.

    “Just another day in the lives of two people who are much wealthier than you”

    “Let’s play a game of ‘Kick a man while he’s done'”

    “The ridiculously good-looking people finally had their baby”

    all are golden!

    keep up the good work : D

  • If only the gas tank on the ATV had exploded just as the last frame of these images was shot. Just more proof that God works in mysterious ways.

  • Ducati’s are colloquially called “Ducks,” not “Hogs” (the latter being Harley-Davidson’s sobriquet.

    Dunno if a joke lies within that tidbit or not.