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Johnny Depp Will Promote His Movies, But Won’t Watch Them

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp would love for you to see Public Enemy, but he’s not going to watch it himself. At least, that’s how it came across when he said the following during a press conference in Tokyo to promote the film, “I haven’t seen the film yet, but I hear great things about it.”

Depp’s reluctance to check out his own work has a lot less to do with his busy schedule or film snobbery, he just hates to see himself on screen. This is more common among actors than you’d think, but rarely does someone come out and openly admit they haven’t even seen their own work that they’re pushing (under contractual obligation with the studio, of course.)

I can’t tell if I respect Depp more for being honest or wish that he’d have just played along when he’s supposed to. For the business. There’s definitely something to be said for complete honesty, but it’s harder to be a professional. I’m sure more than one publicist was in the back of the room cringing and wondering what the damage control was going to be like as he said that.

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  • I think I he talked about this during his “Inside the Actors Studio” interview a while back. If I remember correctly he has yet to see a single movie he has done. Kind of sad since I love a lot of movies he has been in, but if I had to watch myself throughout the movie it probably wouldn’t be as enjoyable for me either. I’d just be critiquing myself the whole time and wishing I had done stuff differently probably.

  • I think he’s not honest *enough* It seems like he tries to play it off as modesty (how can such a brilliant actor think he sucks) but I just see it as insecurity

  • He has always been open about this, he mentioned it in an interview for Edward scissor hands way back in the day. Hate then, not now.

  • I think it’s kind of messed up not to watch the movie. Its seems selfish and self-centered. You take part in a film production that is a GROUP effort and then you don’t have the courtesy to see all the other hard work that went into it? How can he even talk about the movie if he hasn’t seen it? What about the directing, the produding, the cinematography, etc? Yes he is paid to promote the movie but it’s kind of like false advertising – he’s standing behind a movie that he knows little about. I can sort of see where he’s coming from – I don’t like to listen to my voicemail recording because I hate the way my voice sounds – but he needs to get over it for the sake of the art he is helping to create and for the sake of the others who created it with him.

  • I was going to defend Depp’s actions, but Shelly really has a good point. He should at least see it once in private or at the premiere. He’s not the only person part of the movie. But there are some people, like Depp, who are really quirky artists and don’t conform to how others expect; never will. His actions are seen in all sorts of ways that boil down to some negative point one way or another. But I think he’s an esoteric person that just happens to be doing a very public craft. It would be nice if he would get over this ‘can’t watch himself act’ deal. But in the end, I don’t know. It’s like wanting to watch yourself have sex. No one wants to admit it, but secretely it might be cool. But what if you look really stupid when you watch. And I wonder if Depp is afraid to watch himself because he might discover he’s ordinary.

  • I forgot to mention though. I have loved a lot of his movies; especially Edward Scissor Hands. So when I say ‘ordinary’, I’m not saying his stuff sucks. Just that there are a lot of great actors out there. I’m referring to the idea that he might see himself as so special and unique, that to realize he’s not as ‘the great OZ’, might burst his bubble. I could be wrong.

  • Mr. Depp is one attractive piece of man-meat, dear god.
    …Maybe he’s scared he’ll develop a self-crush?

    Whatever he’s doing, he’s amazing.
    Let him at me! …I mean, let him keep at it!

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    You automatically know, who this guy is working for, so you get your weapons ready.

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