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Video of Marilyn Monroe Smoking Cigarette Causes Big Reaction For No Known Reason

Are you ready for a confession?  I’m whacked out on NyQuil so my inhibitions are non-existent today.  I’ve never smoked pot — I’m so Natalie Portman.  I mean, I went to a party once, definitely drank too much Southern Comfort — I was in my “I tailgate at Grateful Dead concerts” phase — and a lot of people were smoking pot around me.  I thought that maybe I had a contact high, but I also may have just been hungry.  Anyway, my point is this:  I’m not really educated when it comes to drugs.  So when this 50-year-old home video surfaced of Marilyn Monroe supposedly smoking a joint, I just assumed that was the case.

I watched the clip and I’m here to tell you that no matter how the media wants to report this, there is no evidence that Marilyn is actually smoking pot.  She could easily be smoking a hand-rolled cigarette; they were popular in the fifties.  Anyway, take a look for yourself.  Is MM looking a bit too happy?

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  • Who cares?

    Why am I reading about this hear and reading about how Tiger Woods admitted his affair on news’ sites?

    • I’m sure you will also complain when they post about Tiger that they “are so slow!” and that “you’ve already read this on ten different sites!”. God stop complaining.

      Anyways, I liked seeing the video. It’s wonderful how she can just capture the camera even with the shoddy video skills. Such a beautiful soul.

  • Actually, folks back then would often take a ‘drag’ off someone’s ‘fag’. But I don’t see the cigarette being passed, just MM switching hands. And if she’s smoking pot, she’s doin’ it rong! She does look like she’s having a good time with friends, which makes me happy, and she also looks stunning! Nice find!

  • First of all—she is stunning.
    Second, that looks nothing like any joint that I have ever seen anyone smoke, and she is smoking it exactly like a cigarette.
    Also, it really does not make much of a difference either way. It is well known that pretty much every star did some sort of drug back then.

  • Looks like she’s sitting around, laughing, and having a great time with her friends smoking a cigarette. My first thought was, “If she’s smoking pot then her friends are gonna be pissed because she ain’t sharin’!!”

  • I agree…she’s just smoking a cigarette. But good God she was a beautiful woman. Unbelievable how her face alternates between child-like and adult – pure sex appeal. But who is the weird man/chick next to her on the sofa?