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Meredith Baxter Likes Ladies

Well, there goes another piece of my childhood perception.  After the summer of death, in which icons of the ’80s died off one at a time — Farrah, Michael, Ed, Karl — now I find out that Mrs. Keaton is gay.  Doesn’t anything ever stay the same?  Obviously homosexuality isn’t a big deal, it certainly isn’t the equivalent of death, but I just started accepting the fact that Meredith dropped “Birney” off her name.

Baxter talked with Matt Lauer on Today this morning and revealed that she’s been living a gay lifestyle for about seven years now, following three marriages and five kids.  Matt kept trying to put Meredith’s announcement in the context of a big reveal, but really, I think she’s just been living her life.  Up until now, she hasn’t exactly been open, but she did go on a lesbian cruise last year, so it’s not that shocking of a confession.  Well, to anyone except me.

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  • Wendie, this post makes me very sad. I really liked you until now. I have identified as a gay man since 1997 and am proud of it. While it is not how I identify myself as a human being, it is certainly an important piece of who I am. You clearly have some homophobic issues being that a woman coming out of the closet has made you so upset. I am shocked that Sasha would hire such a narrow-minded writer.

  • Did she really drop the “Birney?”
    There goes the neighborhood.
    Is nothing sacred? Mellenecamp drops the “Cougar,” Gibson insists on being called “Deborah,” and Vanity becomes a born-again Christian.

  • i’m happy for meredith. so awesome! and well explained. good for Mrs. Keaton – right fucking ON.

  • As long as she didn’t have sex with Olivia Wilde; but if she did, it’s ok as long as there is a leaked tape.