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GMA Boots Chris Brown Off The Schedule


The folks over at Good Morning America finally came to their senses and have scrapped Chris Brown’s scheduled performance.  Over the weekend, Zelda Lily writer Sarah Spangenberg reported that the morning show had cancelled Adam Lambert’s appearance in response to his controversial American Music Awards performance.  To fill the spot, GMA scheduled Chris Brown.

Now, they have given in to the public pressure and reversed that decision.  When will GMA learn what every Evil Beet writer has known forever?  Have a stance and stick with it; it’s impossible to make everyone happy.  In an act of compromise, Brown will appear on 20/20, minus the music and he won’t be allowed to plug his album.  Robin Roberts and Chris filmed the in-depth interview over the weekend; it will air December 11th.

I’m not a fan of Chris Brown; I don’t think he’s expressed authentic remorse.  Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds teleprompter-read or, at best, memorized from a script.  So, for me, it’s more about action than words.  If he wants to start regaining public favor, he can start by leaving that bow tie he wore on Larry King at home.  That’s real progress in my world.

So, I know you all had pretty strong opinions on the whole Lambert vs Brown debate.  Now that Brown has been moved to 20/20 without the performance aspect — he’ll probably get even more exposure than he would have in the morning — did ABC do the right thing?

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  • Beating women is OK, but being gay isn’t? Screw that jive.

    Glad I don’t like any ABC shows…cos I won’t be watching their network. I don’t know who’s minding the store over there, but they need to get a clue.

    I am astonished they feel the need to give CB a platform to spew more BS. To my mind, that’s like slapping Rihanna in the face again.

    This is hateful to gays and women. F*CK ABC. (it would make a nice acrostic on a T-shirt). ;P

  • It has everything to do with ratings. Chris Brown has a larger following. In the aftermath of the physical abuse, a large number of teenage women argued that Rihanna probably deserved to be hit.

    Many young women thought Rihanna was making the whole thing up.

    So not only was Brown’s demographic not negatively affected by the whole sordid affair but there’s a good chance that most GMA watchers don’t really know who he is, therefore, GMA could put him on and not suffer ratings. Adam Lambert’s performance, however, did affect the GMA demographic and to put him on would have affected ratings.

    I’m not agreeing with ABC’s decisions, I think we need to remember that it’s all a ratings game and if Ma and Pa Kettle in Kansas are going to stop watching a television show because a homosexual is performing, then that’s the way the network is going to slide.

  • I think ABC did the right thing, at least parents will be less likely to buy his CD’s if kids want them and that will hurt his career, he doesn’t deserve to make millions of dollars and go on as though, punching and biting a person is not thought of as okay or she deserved it. Nobody should be able to go on unpunished after that kind of abuse – it does send the wrong message out to young girls especially. He’s an unrepentant punk.

  • I am sick of hearing about this guy. I DONT CARE. I really dont. Its not like GMA would have been endorsing ‘woman beating’ or anything. they didn’t have Adam lambert on because a performance like the one at the AMAs would have been inappropriate for the show.

  • I think it’s absolutely hilarious that Susan Boyle is outselling 50 cent, Chris Brown, Lambert ect. It just goes to show that America appreciates REAL talent not smoke and mirrors. Get a clue performers! If you can’t sing get off the dam stage.

  • Why doesn’t GMA put Allison Iraheta on instead? Her song is kinda catchy and she doesn’t offend anyone. I’m so tired of tv people giving free publicity to assholes.

  • were you guys in the car with rihanna and chris brown..sound like
    hes not a women beater, people need to stop with that crap. read the police report, rihanna said she hit him after she saw the text, she kept hitting him on the face( thats y he bit on her fingers). now was chris right for hitting her back no. he messed up big time and hes going to pay for it for the rest of his life.

  • how is chris brown an abuser please explain to me? did he used to beat on rihanna every day? did he used her as a punching bag every day, no..if you guys saw the 20/20 interview rihanna contradicted herself alot, that why i dont think shes a victim. when i first heard rihanna got a beat down from chris, i felt sympathy for rihanna, then i saw the pic, i thought wow chris is a monster..then i saw the police report which was filled by rihanna, she stated she saw a text from a different woman, then he kept denying it, the she hit him repeatly on the face( thats where the bitting of the fingers comes in), then chris brown snapped and started hitting her nonstop. even then i still felt sympathy for her. cause chris brown is much bigger than her, he should have walked away.
    but i watched the 20/20 interview, she took no responsibility for her actions, she put all the blame on chris. Both should be responsible ..both was physically hitting on each other that night..its in the police report( tmz), but she got the short end of the stick…

    • You’re forgetting a small difference that chris brown didn’t look like rihanna at the end of all this. Do you see a picture of CB looking like he just got beat up by some monster? No. Even if she hit him in the beginning, the damage
      he did to her was much worse than what she did to him.

  • I’m sick to death of people making it seem like rihanna is a victim this chick admitted to hitting chris several different times in the car but that’s ok?????I guess that’s okay because she’s a girl, stop the bullsh*t keep your damn hands to yourself if you don’t want to get hit back period.

  • Would you prefer that he and others like him never work again and live on public assistance? Are they unreachable as far as rehabilitation goes? Should we just kill them? As for ABC, it’s all about the money. They are no different than any other private venture, including this gossip site. No doubt, Evil Beet Gossip capitalizes off of stories like this.

  • I really think everyone should really give Chris Brown a break. No, he isn’t perfect and neither are we. Domestic violence happens every day but I don’t see you ppl jumping on every Tom, Dick and Harry that does it. I feel that it was a personal issue that she had played a part in. No it wasn’t right for him to do what he did but it’s not like he planned it. There isn’t any abuse in his past relationships that came up so why jump all over him for a spur of the moment thing. Rihanna needs to be a big girl now and stop crying and draging this thing out to be more than it really was. He made a bad decision and he is paying the price for it already. I believe she was looking for a reason to get out of the relationship and didn’t know how to honestly. Don’t worry Chris, what is for you in this lifetime is yours and neither Rihanna or anyone else for that matter can take it away from you. Just be a man about it like you have been doing and move on and in the future watch out for girls that might try to become famous but bringing all this BS up again. Peace.