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Attn Jon Gosselin: Lock Up Your Nads!

Nadya Suleman

Jon Gosselin is about to be a free man, but don’t let Octomom Nadya Suleman know!  She’s already confessed that she’s got a little crush on the father of many, but this newest revelation should turn your blood cold.

Octomom is open to the idea of having more kids.  Fourteen kids is not enough for this clown car.   When asked about future babies, the psycho replied “If I wanted to do it the traditional way and get married.  That’s like another chapter.”  Beyond the fact that Suleman would ever agree to being pregnant again, I cannot believe that she is publicly admitting this.  Also, who is the man that would take on this brood?

If you think you can tolerate it, watch the video of her discussing, gulp, more kids:  here.

Speaking of turkeys, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’m pretty sure you’ll all be enjoying the gifted Molls over the next couple of days and I’ll be back for more abuse love on Monday.  I’m thankful for you.

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  • hehehehe clown car hehehehe wendie don’t leave us! it’s not bank holiday in Europe and we (I) need you!!

  • I’m hoping that the doctors secretly gave her a hysterectomy while she was delivering the last litter. She needs to never have another child ever again.

  • I watched the clip. I feel a bit sorry for her because i think she’s lost what little mind she has. I just wish people would stop bashing women for choosing to have children. I thought it was supposed to be a good thing in the eyes of god and all that jazz. Think about the toture that woman went through to carry those little alien beings in her belly – yikes!

    But i think she is crazy for having that many….especially without a partner/husband/someone sane to help her. More than two would be a nightmare in my opinion. CRAZY!

  • P.S does anyone else find the phrase octomom super disturbing? I just picture some squid like creature pumping out babies like a third world factory…yuck