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It’s The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Nadya Suleman

We all have our own version of what a perfect world is.  In my edition, every rom-com actress would be put on a boat and shipped out to a far and distant land where every female cast member from The Hills would greet them at the shore.  Oh, and Jon Gosselin and Octomom are married and raise their 22 kids (did I do that math right?) together in the only infrastructure that could house them all — the Staples Center.

Sure, it may sound outlandish.  And the boat would never actually arrive at it’s destination before everyone would jump overboard just to escape Julia Roberts’ braying, but here is where reality is giving me the biggest smile I’ve had since The Beautiful Life got cancelled:  Octomom actually has a crush on Jon Gosselin.  (I almost typed “crust” instead of “crush” and I think either word works.)  Radar even has her admission on film.  Oh, God … please let this happen.  Jon and Nadya Plus 22 doesn’t sound too catchy, but I think with a little bit of imagination, we could come up with something great.  Mass O’ Massengills? Octodouche?

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    • LOL I was just thinking when I saw the pic….’jesus C….bra much? Breast lift maybe?’ Holly Shit.

  • My guess is that Jon would jump on board with this if it kept him in the spot light. Just think, neither one of them actually had sex to have babies. The show could be called sperm-a-nator. A few minutes with a cup and a turkey baster and wha-la a new show.

  • I would SO watch Jon & Nayda plus 22 and I would even buy the fucking books Nayda could write just to piss Kate off even more.
    Man if that did happen Kate would be off to Russia, China or Korea to get her more babies or another trip to the fertility doctor to get another reality show. it could be called, Kate Plus Any Kid She Can Get for More $$$$.