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Carrie Prejean Should Maybe Not Be Doing Live Televised Interviews If She Doesn’t Want to Talk About Her Sex Tape

The always-accommodating Carrie Prejean staged perhaps the worst attempt at an interview walk-off I’ve ever seen last night on CNN. Larry King keeps asking her why she settled with the Miss California organization — she settled, of course, because they had a video of her masturbating. But she doesn’t want to talk about that, and, although Larry never directly poses a question about it, she claims he’s being “inappropriate” and gently removes her microphone. Then she just whispers off-stage to someone for a good thirty seconds on live national television while Larry has a panic attack and begs her forgiveness. It’s such total weak sauce. I mean, if you’re gonna walk out of an interview, Carrie, do it with some panache. If you had any gay friends, I bet they would have taught you how to make a dramatic exit.

I know you have a book to promote, but maybe stick to the pre-taped interviews if you want to be a whiny bitch about freakin’ everything.

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  • Wow. What an unprofessional, ignorant little bitch. I really hope everyone will just stop paying attention to her so she can slip back into obscurity.

    • Carrie needs to get over herself! Couldn’t California do better than that? She was rude to Larry King. What was she getting paid to be on the show for? Let’s focus more on Miss North Carolina, the real winner!

  • Maybe it is a little evil of me but I love that she did it. Nothing better than that on Live TV.

    Larry over played his hand thinking she would sit there and take it.

    But had she had any sense she would have leaned forward and said to him, “Larry, honey, if you want to know “why” about you see me later…and bring the KY”. Girl needs to work on her response.

    • You’re crazy if you think she’d say anything like that, or if you think it would even have been appropriate. It’s not even smart from a business standpoint for her to say that! She’s already alienated herself from the liberals, why would she do the same to the conservatives?

      Larry didn’t ask for anything inappropriate. He was being a good interviewer and asked her an interesting question. She didn’t want to answer it, so she instead wrapped it in her little lie about not being able to talk about it.

  • Larry King is one of the greatest interviewers we all came across. How dare she disrespect him like that? did she really think he would be questioning her only about her book she most probably didn’t write herself?
    I just don’t see the point of her being on LKL …

    • Larry King is the biggest bag of skeleton bones to ever walk this planet. Who in the hell actually watches this creepy live version of Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons? YUCK!!!!

  • I can’t believe this woman aligns herself with Sarah Palin. :)

    They both have that “deer in the headlights” look. Cute does – but dumb, dumb, dumb does.

    While I didn’t agree with her pageant answer on gay marriage – I think think she was punished a bit too much for it. It’s an opinion, folks. But now…this martyr thing is utter bullshit.

    Walking off on nice old Larry is the final straw. Her media book tour should end now.

  • I cannot stand this girl. First off, she was not “punished” for her answer at the pageant. Secondly, I did not know that one could write a book with only a 3-year-old preschool grade level and thirdly, I do not know of good Christian girls who do a solo-sex tape at the age of 17 that shows their who-ha to their boyfriends. This girl is a piece of work and I truly wish that she will get on the same 15-minutes of fame boat with Jon and Kate Gosselin and sail away.

    • Have you forgotten Lauren Conrad or Paris Hilton? Hell, I think even Miley Cyrus has one in the works.
      Any idiot can ‘write’ a book.

  • While I’m sick of reading about her, I’m interested in knowing the interesting stuff. Like her bitchiness on LKL.

    So, THANKS so much beet, for putting it all in the headline. That’s all I had to read to get the gist, and it made me laugh. I appreciate it :)

    AND I agree 100% with mary.

  • Was Larry as “inappropriate” as masterbating on tape for someone? She is so hypocritical – makes the entire Christian community look horrible!!!!!!

  • Thank you Beet for posting this. LOL I love how she freely admits Sarah Palin is her hero. Those two were meant for each other. She has got a major case of the “cunt-face”. Wow..just wow, as if she couldn’t make more of an ass of herself…omg. Seriously, who is she trying to kid? Has she never seen an episode of Larry King? Of course he was going to ask her that question. This vid clip makes me so freggin happy, hahahaha

  • Carrie needs to get over herself! Couldn’t California do better than that? She was rude to Larry King. What was she getting paid for to do that interview? Let’s focus on the real winner, Miss North Carolina.

  • Get off that pedestal of yours Carrie! Stop acting like a prima donna and give Larry King some respect. What a loser.

  • you know what kills me…. how everyone talks about how fair or unfair it is for her to be so publicly critisized (sp?) for her opinion on gay marriage.

    She completely put herself in that position by even mentioning her views at all. The question she was asked had nothing to do with whether or not she believed gay marriage was constitutional, rather whether or not each state should have the right to make determinations on gay marriage.

    I am not even an american citizen and i would have answered very bluntly on the seperation of church and state and left it at that, no matter what my opinions were. the idiot girl didnt even answer the question.

    everyone wants their 15 mins, but she is clearly unhappy with the direction that her fame is going and i wish that somebody would just say TOO BAD, you asked for this you dumb bitch!

  • Hahah that was hilarious! My favorite part was Larry King saying “But you NEED to a have a mic…Who are you talking too?!?” :) Larry King totally came out better in this.

  • Anyone notice how she kept putting her book up so the camera could see it and that DUMBASS look on her face everytime. Lmao she may just be the dumbest bitch on television.

  • didn’t she know they’d ask her why she settled? hello! that’s why they invited her hypocritical self up on the show. at least have some sort of statement or something to say in place of what you didn’t want to say, gosh! not only is she a hypocrite, she’s stupid and she makes christians look bad.