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Carrie Prejean Settles With Pageant Execs

Carrie Prejean

I know you’ve all been laying awake nights waiting for this case to resolve — I know I’ve been tossing and turning every night and crying out “The boobies!  What will become of the boobies?” — and now it has.  Carrie Prejean and the Miss California pageant executives have been embroiled in legal battle for several months over Prejean’s termination from her Miss California post as well as reimbursement for the beauty queen’s enhanced rack.

The pageant claimed that Carrie refused to participate in appearances that were required of her and Carrie claimed that she was fired due to her religious beliefs.  You’ll remember that she caused a stir last spring during the Miss America pageant when she announced to the world that she thought marriage should only be defined as a union between a man and a woman.  In case you missed the memo, that’s a pretty unpopular viewpoint.

Here’s the good news:  The two sides have settled, though the terms were not disclosed.  I reckon that the pageant gave Carrie some sort of payout just to make her shut her mouth and go away.  In addition to a monetary gain, rumor has it that Prejean will have full custody of her implants and the pageant executives will be offered a liberal visitation schedule.

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  • I am not condoning what she said, but she does have a right to speak her mind, even if others do not agree with her.

      • I actually live in Maine, i am not able to vote but I did canvass for No on 1 five hours every Saturday in the weeks leading up to the election. It is a sad day for people who actually give a shit about civil/gay rights.

    • No one ever thought that she had no right to speak her mind. Her problems stem with the pagaent stem from contract violations.

      She might have great political success as another Anita Bryant, but considering that during their divorce proceedings, each of her parents accused the other of being gay, her negativity toward gay marriage may be less political than personal.

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  • “In case you missed the memo, that’s a pretty unpopular viewpoint.”

    So let me get this straight Windy. You are saying that people should lie about their beliefs and feelings in order to “fit in” or have dreams of “advancing” in society rather than be themselves. Rather than be honest, yet respectful (which she was with her answer) just to get a better score from some demented faggot? Wow!
    I would love to see how your kids turn out after having been raised to be some mindless, kiss-asses. Some more liberals in the making.

    • its WENDIE dipshit. She did’nt say anything like that. Leave her kids alone. Don’t make something personal that doesnt need to be.

      • I know it is “Wendie”. I have been reading her shit for a long time now. The “Windy” was a joke asshole. Every time she speaks it is like she is breaking “Wind” from her mouth. Her comments are all crap. Got it Dipshit?

      • Then why do you keep reading it? Also, why do you keep randomly capitalizing letters? Skip too many “ritin” classes with mom in the trailer?

      • Right, Im sure that was it. So sorry for not reading between the lines and recognizing your amazing wit. What a funny joke, too! I cant stop laughing! Oh wait, Im laughing AT YOU and not with you.

    • ew anonymous. go fuck yourself.

      anyway, little miss beauty queen didn’t even answer the question she was asked. we have all been over this. and leave wendie’s kids out of this shit. this is just her day job.

  • Another example of why women struggle to improve their rights in the workplace, as yet again, it appears that most women don’t want to support someone of their own sex with a viewpoint other than their own. This is especially true when the person is more attractive, and therefore, genetically threatening. If Hillary Clinton says something stupid (which she does daily) the libbers of the world ignore it and continue to back her. But if someone that’s better looking than you has an opinion that might be a bit controversial, you can’t wait to pounce and crucify her. An extreme example of this might be when O.J. Simpson was allowed to get away with murdering his pretty white wife. Every black woman in this country was jumping up and down with glee when he was found not guilty. Just admit it, you bitches are jealous.

  • TMZ is announcing that Carrie Prejean has a sex tape. Apparently the Miss California pageant presented it to her and that’s when the settlement was made. TMZ said that they knew about the sex tape for months but decided not to release it because it was too racy.

  • “In case you missed the memo, that’s a pretty unpopular viewpoint.”
    That would be an incorrect statement because the state of California has voted in favor of her viewpoint…not that I agree with her, I just believe that writing should reflect reality.

    • I was thinking the same thing in the beginning but I thought for sure Wendie was just talking about all of her crazy queer friends.

  • I don’t care what her “beliefs” are. This is about the FREEDOM to be able to have a legal bond with a life partner, just like straight people have the right. Gay people pay taxes, and are citizens, and what they do in the bedroom has nothing to do with anyone else. Yes, the bible says marriage should be between man and woman, but these stories were made up by a bunch of ancient middle eastern goat herders. It does not give people the right to take away a RIGHT from other people. I wish people could wake up to the truth of how much religion can really screw up politics and how it holds power to take away the rights of others. We all need to take a stand to this blatant ignorance for the freedom of other human-beings.

    The Bible, has been translated from language to language for many centuries. Those of the fundamentalist or traditionalist persuasions who believe that the book is direct dictation from God, no matter what language, are simply misguided. The above selections about marriage sustain my view that the Bible is folklore and was human written. And since it so, the Bible is prone, not so much to mistake, as to bias on the part of the various translators, depending upon the time period in which they work. Ever wonder why there are so many different denominations among Protestants? Each has a slightly different way of interpreting the Bible. Would not a truly creative Creator have taken human bias into consideration when presenting such a document?

    • “Would not a truly creative Creator have taken human bias into consideration when presenting such a document?”
      Um actually I’m pretty sure the Creator can do whatever the heck he wants because he’s the Creator.
      Nice try though.

      • I don’t understand wpolochick. Wouldn’t the all-powerful Creator want his followers to have an accurate Bible? It has been changed over and over again, and people interpret it in dramatically different (and often dangerously destructive) ways to suit their own agendas (which are sometimes hateful). How is that a good thing?

        Tiny, you are right on! Gay marriage should have nothing to do with some people’s personal religious beliefs. We have separation of Church and State in this country, so nice try conservatives, you can’t use your religion as a reason to deny someone their rights.

        It is a civil rights issue, and banning it is unconstitutional. You don’t have to like it.

    • I know I’m gonna have a brand new asshole because of this comment, but I don’t give a fuck. I have a right to my opinion.

      I don’t care about seperation of Church and State. This country was built on religion, on God, and the Bible states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Though I may not agree, I feel that’s the way it should stay. No matter your beliefs, respect what your country was founded on.

      I think you people forget how many rights you already have.

      • Well then your imaginary god would be so proud of how ignorant and hateful you are for the sake of your ignorance and complete lack of humanity. AAAAAMEN. By the way this country was founded by people who wanted to keep CHURCH AND STATE SEPARATE. I love how people are so willing to admit how much of a complete DOUCHE NOZZLE they are. Good job!

  • Carrie is a liar, she said that the topless photos which should have eliminated her from even entering the pageant, were taken when she was 17 to try to get them taken down from the web. She lied about her appearances and would only show up when and where she wanted to show up. You don’t coordinate the schedule, the pageant owners do. She lied about cooperating with the pageant director and Trump and said she would do her appearances and again wouldn’t show up.

    Her agenda is a religious one, and the pageant isn’t a Christian pageant, not everyone is Christian and most people aren’t that right wingy, intolerant, and using God and church to further a political agenda was stupid, and the pageant shouldn’t have been used that way. It’s just a matter of time before people of the same sex will be able to marry, we will see it in our lifetime – and all the lying topless models with fake boobs and veneers in the world won’t stop that either. I do hope that because she has such a loose relationship with the truth she is not honored as a voice for anyone, although she will make a great punching bag due to her inability to tell the truth.

    Her opinion wasn’t the problem but it did expose what an ugly person she really is inside and that’s why this ended up being a much bigger story than it ever would have been. I don’t think she ever planned to honor that title or do the job, she knew she would be in the first elimination round of the Miss USA pageant, so she was done. This has always been about money.

  • Thank God that’s over with.

    I am sold on the confidence that pageants build in young women. I believe that pageantry has so many hidden benefits not to mention scholarship money. But this thing was out of hand