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Travolta Extortion Retrial


The John Travolta extortion trial — an ambulance driver and his lawyer tried to extort $25M from the Travolta family in connection with their son Jett’s death — in the Bahamas lasted a month and went to jury deliberations yesterday.  Shortly afterwards, the judge called a mistrial alleging possible juror misconduct.  Apparently, a local politician made a televised speech in which he said the defendants had been acquitted.  This isn’t good.

So, new trial.  Everyone will have to go through the pain and anguish of testifying again in hopes of attaining justice.

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  • Love JT – hate that creepy hairstyle, facial thing. Hope it’s for a movie role. Cannot imagine their grief.

  • I really admire Travolta for following through with the charges and going through this whole thing. You know, twice.

  • i feel terrible for them. i can’t even imagine the amount of pain and guilt they must have felt to loose their son, but to be fucking blackmailed and put through the courts and trials and it all being public….it is just tragic to me…i wish them the best of luck…