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Cute New Couple!


A few months ago, there was this nasty little rumor floating around that True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard was dating Evan Rachel Wood.  Rabid True Blood fans flooded my mailbox with inquiries about it, begging me to tell them it wasn’t true.  I wasn’t sure one way or the other, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s back with Marilyn Manson even though he thinks of smashing her head with a sledgehammer every day.

Saturday night Skarsgard won Best Villan at the 2009 Scream Awards and was given his statue by Kate Bosworth.  Based on their body language as well as being seen together later in the evening, I’d call this a “dating confirmation.”  The media is calling this a brand new relationship, but I found photos of them (apart, not together) at LAX on the same day at the same time taken back on August 3rd.  Could it be that these two found a way to fly under the radar in the early days of getting to know one another?  Russell Brand and Katy Perry:  Take note!

I like these two together!

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  • My initial thought when I read that:


    Not even kidding. Ugh, some people you just always want to stay single so you can dream one day you’ll bump into them randomly, it’ll be love at first sight, and you’ll run off together to live happily ever after and bump happy parts.

    I now want to cut off Kate Bosworth’s arm with a dull machete.

  • I’m not happy with the pairing. I would have rather had him with Evan Rachel Wood. Kate Bosworth is a little too anorexicky (ya I just made it up) for him.

    I’m totes jealous.

  • Really? This embrace looks sooooo veeery awkward. There’s no full body contact like you generally see with intimate relationships; he’s actually bending in at the waist so only his upper body is touching hers.
    Of course, that look in her eyes is rather doting….

    • that is precisely what i was thinking. i have hated kate bosworth ever since i was 13 years old and in love with orlando bloom.

      p.s. has kate bosworth even been relevant to pop culture in the seven or so years since blue crush?